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[Reusable] Final Demo HUD 1.0.7

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Final Demo HUD gives you the final SRB2 original HUD before 2.0's release, but instead, the 1.09.4 hud is remade for 2.2.x! The main reason why I decided to make this is because sometimes I "select" SRB2 versions, but instead of doing it, I took a decision which wouldn't need older SRB2 versions: Old HUDs for the ACTUAL SRB2.

Notices: Some reusable scripts were used as reference points. Also, bear in mind that not all characters will include their name on the HUD, but future versions of this addon may come with new compatible characters. Also, the HUD may not look like how it does at the screenshots attached below when playing at non-green resolutions. Green resolutions such as 1280×800, 640×400, etc., are recommended to use this HUD.
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Latest updates

  1. Version 1.0.7

    Final Demo HUD has just been updated to Version 1.0.7. Changelog below. Fixed an issue that...
  2. Version 1.0.6

    Added compatiblity for Blaze and Marine.
  3. Version 1.0.5

    Fixed an issue where the life number was aligned to the right when having 10 lives or more...

Latest reviews

I've always wanted the final demo HUD back and this is even more sicker!
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Very cool hud which brings me back to the olden days (though it was like only 17-20 years ago).
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This is what I've always wanted in 2.2! I love the giant Life Text - it just looks so much better than the small life icon, it also allows for extra customisation that you couldn't do from 2.1 onwards!
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Always want this mod since 2.0, 2.1 & 2.2 100/10
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Using individual hooks for each character is not good scripting form—you should consider calling all of the name-drawing functions in a single hook. I would have liked to have seen character names drawn with the included font as a fallback if they don't have their own name image, but I understand that isn't the easiest thing to code.

The script also does not appear correctly in non-green resolutions:

Works as advertised otherwise, though. Welcome to releases!
Ashley The Fox
Ashley The Fox
The HUD works well if not using non-green resolutions, which is the ones I used to make it. 1280×800 was my resolution when I was working with it.
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