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[Reusable] Lianvee's HUD graphics v1

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Going off of SonicX8000's HUDs & Fonts - from shiny HUD specifically out of the bunch - as the foundation and earning inspiration from Plume's 'Yet Another HUD Mod' for what style to go for and the charm to add, gave life to this HUD which has a name that is not stylish nor charming at all.
Can't say that I like SRB2's vanilla HUD that much (and could have their own instead of borrowing from the classic games), thus I spent a good time using a custom one. Through time, I'd have the idea of having my own that wasn't done via scripting, so with a clear base to work from and a big inspiration, and using what creativity I have to use the base game's assets, turned out with nice results for me.

As this is a simple graphics replacement, your game will not be tagged as modified. This means you can load it and still play as normal in singleplayer/multiplayer!


Version log
• (v1)
> MB and initial release.

When loaded, the following is changed:
HUD of Score/Time/Rings
Font of numbers
'X' graphic used for the Lives HUD
All headers for intermission
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Simple but cute HUD. Pretty clean to look at.
Look especially great combined with SonicX8000's shiny fonts.
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Welcome to releases!
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