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Making FNaF in SRB2Kart for FNaF's 10th anniversary (Progress)


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Greetings, I am the Meister of Arto, and this time I'm making a thread for my next SRB2Kart addon.

Ever since I joined SRB2Kart modding around 2022, I've gotten a much better understanding of how to modify kart as a whole with pk3s through my various submissions. So, I'm making my next kart addon with much higher ambitions than any of the others I've done so far.

I've been a FNaF fan for quite a few years and have always wanted to do some kind of big project with its characters, and with the upcoming 10th anniversary of the franchise, I'd figure this would be a great opportunity for that.
This is why I've decided to test my skills this year and see if I can put FNaF in kart with two goals/addons.

Firstly, as I usually do for Kart, I'll be making a character pack that has almost every character from the first game all to the fourth, which means the Classics Animatronics all the way to the Nightmares are being put into SRB2Kart.
I wanna keep it limited to make sure I can reach the goal in time before August, plus, something about the original four games always stuck with me.

Secondly, I'll be doing a resource pack, if you wanna call it that, that replaces multiple sounds, music, graphics (UI and HUD), and even items from SRB2Kart with FNaF-themed ones instead, to truly immerse yourself when playing as the many animatronics from Freddy's.

I'll be dropping teasers across various SRB2kart discord servers, but I'll also be showcasing some progress here every now and then. The release date for both addons is intended to be early August, before or during the 8th of that month since that is when the anniversary will happen.

For now, I have only to show some basic stuff:

We've obviously got the main attraction himself all prepared for this occasion, Freddy Fazbear! With his iconic top hat and bowtie, as well as a custom kart, which will be used by all the animatronics moving forward with this project.


** (Main Attraction)

I also went ahead and started modifying the items, I changed the sprites of the sneaker item so that it becomes a cupcake instead. Though I'm unsure if I can change the text itself, nevertheless, I'm enjoying this.


(OG in the left, Modified on the right)

And in case you missed it in the previous screenshots, the entire font was changed, utilizing the font "LCD Solid", which is one of the fonts used in FNaF, you might see it in the camera system of the games. The hand cursor was also changed to a pizza instead.


(OG in the left, Modified on the right)

And that's it for now, this has been my first showcase of what's to come for this FNaF in Kart project. See you folks later.

Greetings again, I've made more progress, so it's time for another showcase of some FNaF SRB2Kart content.

Firstly, both Bonnie and Chica have been finished, the original band is here! (Except for Foxy, of course, just getting started with him.)
Freddy's pals have joined him in SRB2Kart and are all ready to share their friendship with you!

They get a bit quirky, but nothing a few bandages can't fix. Did my best to make sure they were all two-toned, allowing them to be portrayed with cool color combinations, similar to Freddy in the previous post.​


** (Guitarist and Backup Singer)

After I finished the trio, I decided to change the bold text that can be found in the options. In their place is the font "Overmuch", which is the same font used for Chica's bib.​



(OG in the top, Modified on the bottom)

I also added Helpy as the sliders and noticed that everything was blue with a lighter yellow in the original, so I changed to a more purple/magenta color with a saturated yellow, something about that color combination felt more FNaF-like, you know.

Lastly, I've been replacing a few sound effects and music tracks with FNaF ones in SRB2Kart. Will show them off in a video in the next showcase, just wanna test to see how many I can replace.

Well, that's all the stuff I've got for now, expect more characters, HUD replacements, and some more item replacements as well.
Here's a lil' Helpy dance, see you later.

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I'm back, gonna keep it simple this time, just finished the fourth member, Foxy the Pirate. Still figuring out which sound effects are which so that I can do a better showcase of the FNaF sound replacements.


** (Pirate Entertainer)

One last thing, replace the badges with faz tokens. Just to motivate you. :)


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