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The modular custom item library​

xItemLib is a packageable library, allowing for easier creation of custom kart items.
A functional custom item can be made in minutes, thanks to the easy to understand "event" system.
The library takes care of all complex logic related to item distribution, so the creator only has to worry about making the item itself.


The library also comes with small quality of life improvements to regular gameplay, seen through console commands:
  • listxitem lists all loaded items,
  • xitemdebugitem (server OP command), the replacement for kartdebugitem, features an improved interface, as well as both name and internal name searching in addition to standard numerical selection,
  • xitemdebugamount (server OP command), which replaces kartdebugamount, is fully uncapped and can give item amounts past 255,
  • xitemdebugdistributions (server OP command), shows a graphical distribution debugger when turned on,
  • togglexitem (server OP command), which replaces vanilla item toggles, use this to disable items from showing up in the roulette,
  • xitemroulette on/off toggles an improved client sided item roulette which only displays obtainable items at any given time, inspired by a similar feature in CTGP-7,
  • xitemrouletteanim on/off toggles a less static item roulette animation.

To showcase what the library can do, a sampler pack containing various custom items is also available.
(+ Orbinaut)
A jar containing a strange yellow fluid. Throw it at your opponents to soak them in Jarate! Sodden opponents take Mini-Crits when hit or bumped.
Follow up with the included Orbinaut!
Throw Ahead
Drop Behind​
A warp pipe taken straight from the Mushroom Kingdom.
The magic required for them to function may not exist in the numerous worlds you'll be racing in, so using one as a solid obstacle will do just fine.
Drop Behind​
Mine Cannon
A dangerous cannon fueled by red-hot coals!
Will slowly shoot primed Mines for a set period of time.
Spiny Shell
You're first and doing so well
But here comes the Spiny Shell!

Immediately chases first place when used, passing by every other racer on it's way. Taking on it's latest incarnation, the Spiny Shell won't land until it has fully locked on to First Place.
Throw Ahead​
DKR Reverse Magnet
A magnet so strong, no kart is safe from it's attraction! Hold the Item button to lock on to a target, and release to make them fly towards you! Be careful, as using it with no target nearby will consume the magnet.
Pot of Greed
"Draw two cards."
Use this magical card to draw two Exodia pieces. Summon Exodia when 5 are collected, and hit everyone ahead! Racers further ahead get hit harder.
Eggman Microphone
Use this powerful microphone to play a famous quote from Eggman himself! The power of his announcement spins out anyone ahead of you holding onto an item! If you're being targeted by the Eggman Microphone, use your item before the countdown ends!
Stone Axe
When in main hand:
0.8 Attack Speed
9 Attack Damage
This blocky yet powerful melee weapon is enchanted with Cleaving III, an experimental enchantment that prevents the use of a target's items on hit! Don't forget about critical and sprint attacks!

To learn how to get started creating your own items, see the document linked in "More Information."


by minenice​
DKR Reverse Magnet custom item​
by yoshimo
Jarate item icon, "Mini-Crit!!" text, Pipe item icon​
Item distribution logic is a lua adaptation of Kart Krew's original code.​
[1.1.0] 2022-06-10​
xItemLib Core
  • xItem Extensions, to further extend and customize the functionality of xItemLib. (documentation coming in the future)
  • Minecraft-styled item cooldown, for use in custom items and extension functions to temporarily disable the use of items.
  • Added a 16-player cap to item odds distance calculation, in case xItemLib is used in games with more than 16 players.
  • Various fixes and enhancements across the board.
xItemLib Sampler Pack
  • Introducing the Stone Axe! The blocky yet powerful melee weapon is enchanted with Cleaving III, an experimental enchantment that prevents the use of a target's items on hit! Don't forget about critical and sprint attacks!
  • Mine Cannon Mines no longer hit the user.
  • Mine Cannon explosions use a new visual effect, different from normal Mines.
  • Mine Cannon fires ~66% faster.
  • Mine Cannon no longer has the XIF_POWERITEM flag.
  • Eggman Microphone's HUD elements are tweaked to better convey the effects.
  • Blue Shell tracking auto-switch now happens one second sooner.
  • Portable Pipe comes out of the ground twice as fast, and closer to the user regardless of speed.
  • Pot of Greed can no longer be rolled if someone has already finished the race.
  • Adjusted odds of the Mine Cannon, Eggman Microphone and Pot of Greed
  • Issues with Pot of Greed's Exodia sequence causing lua errors have been fixed.
  • Introducing xItem MultiSlot, a sample xItem Extension that gives players more item slots!
  • multislot_amount sets the amount of additional items slots players can have. Set to one extra slot to feel like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, or two to feel like Mario Kart Tour! Set to 1 by default.
  • multislot_eggbox enables a check against Eggman Monitors giving items in the extra slots. On by default.
  • multislot_powercooldown makes the cooldown for power items (items with the XIF_POWERITEM flag) longer when transferred to the main item slot. On by default.
  • A compatibility extension for Battle Plus is provided with this release, to fix issues with interoperability between xItemLib and Battle Plus. (Note: both xItemLib and dependants, including this compatibility script, must be loaded after Battle Plus for the extension to properly function.)
[1.0.5] 2021-09-13​
  • Added a graphical distribution debugger, can be enabled with xitemdebugdistributions
  • Implemented kart-next's 0th place bug fix​
  • Re-added vanilla item toggle support​
  • Added Pot of Greed to the Sampler Pack. Use to draw two Exodia Pieces. Collect 5 to summon Exodia the Forbidden One​
  • Added the Eggman Microphone to the Sampler Pack. Use to play back a famous quip, and spin out all opponents ahead of you holding an item!​
  • Added Hitfeed support for the following: Jarate, DKR Reverse Magnet, Pot of Greed, Eggman Microphone​
  • Fixed the XIF_UNIQUE item flag not working
[1.0.4-b] 2021-08-23​
  • Fixed more issues related to jarate effects​
[1.0.4-a] 2021-08-19​
  • Fixes issues related to team support with blue shell and jarate effects introduced during Sampler Pack 1.0.4​
[1.0.4] 2021-08-14​
  • Jarate throw now properly scales the momentum of the thrown jar according to mobjscale​
[1.0.3-a] 2021-08-06​
  • Fixed the Mine Launcher not appearing in the roulette​
[1.0.3] 2021-08-05​
  • Temporarily disabled compatibility with vanilla console variables as synch issues would happen otherwise​
[1.0.2] [YANKED] 2021-07-22​
  • Vanilla items can now be toggled via the base game's item toggle hud​
  • Critical bugfix to the item toggle system

[1.0.1] 2021-07-21​
  • Items can now be toggled via togglexitem. When disabled, they won't show up in the item roulette.​
[1.0.0] 2021-07-20​
  • Release
First release
Last update
4.50 star(s) 2 ratings

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Really good, works quite well. Easy way for others, to make more content for the game.
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Welcome to releases! The tech here is incredible, and I'm glad to see this as a cool resource for others to potentially use, but I'm not sure if the mine thrower lasting this long is such a good idea outside of Mario Kart Tour, and the blue shell... was absolutely something I didn't want to see return, but I appreciate the items being present as a showcase, and I was surprised when holding multiple Mine Launchers deplyed them all at once like they do in Tour! Sadly, I can't personally test how the item pool distributation works in a large netgame, so I can't in full faith judge that part.
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