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Hey hey, just made a character pack with TOO MANY characters to be in a single character pack, so i will be making a second wave of it !

Moomin from Moominvalley
5 Speed - 7 Weight

The very famous finnish character that is really popular in northern Europe.
moomin 2x.gif

Cacodemon from Doom (1993)
4 Speed - 2 Weight

One of the most iconic Doom enemy, somehow cute.
caco 2x.gif

Cobra car/Monk from Age Of Empire 2
9 Speed
- 3 Weight
Lua version contain a script which change opponent color on bump. (Thank you JugardorXEI for it !)
aoemonk 2x.gif

Rat from Microsoft Movie Maker
5 Speed - 1 Weight

(With voices from the Rat Movies)
Who don't love those mischievous rats who are trying their best to not miss the birthday party?
Rat x2.gif

Pyro from Team Fortress 2
6 Speed - 5 Weight

With the Pyro's Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed Car, Mhmhmhm!
(I almost put SASRT voicelines instead of the original)

Super Skullcat from Super Animal Royale
7 Speed - 2 Weight

A cat trying their best to get to the top of the food chain !

Berdly from Deltarune
6 Speed - 4 Weight

Gamer bird with attitude get into the race !

Acrid from Risk of Rain
8 Speed - 6 Weight

Alien addicted to gasoline.

Max Damage (Red Eagle) from Carmageddon
6 Speed - 9 Weight

"Members of the public, you now have 1-minute to reach minimum safe distance!"
Design is mostly an hybrid to the first and last Carmageddon game.

Wave two characters:
(They are only downloadable with separate character for now)
Yoku from Yoku's Island Express
3 Speed - 7 Weight

This beetle push their "Silver"ball to the race, include a secondcolor version for the ball.

Yoku 2x.gif

Jonesy from Fortnite
5 Speed - 3 Weight

Intended as an april fool joke character, but many told i put way to much effort into Blender for that.
Jonesy try to get his number one victory royal, riding a... Llama?


Riptor from Killer Instinct (2013)
8 Speed - 3 Weight

She is fast, she is dangerous, and an Ultra Tech weapon !


Gui the Rooster (OC)
8 Speed - 9 Weight
Hey look everyone, it's me, Gui, i'm a chicken and- (Character only included as separate download)

Crow the Crow (YoshiEmblem's OC)
Speed 3 - Weight 2
It's that mischievous Crow racing to get last place on SRB2Kart! :V (Available as separate download only)
MK64 Pipeframe template by Mitsame
Have secondcolor support.

Ratapoper the Ratigator (Poptevin's OC)
5 Speed - 7 Weight
A ratgator that ride his scooter and swear ! (Character only included as separate download, 3D model not yet included)

Also, more to come?!


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This is quite the set of some really cool characters!! I really like art a lot an the little unique vehicles for the ones who have them.

...I also started playing this game recently and remembered a long time ago seeing someone post a Super Skullcat racer in a go-kart in the SAR discord server a long time ago and stumbling across that skullcat again legit put a smile on my face. :)
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Rats! We're Rats! We're The Rats!
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Finally! A Kart character-pack that fits for me!
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Great art! And great choice in characters to add to the game!
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Welcome to releases!
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