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"After 9 years in development, hopefully, it was worth the wait" (because I am still slow)... Here it is, my own character pack! Which currently has 6 racers, which are:

- Mac Tonight
- Super Hang-On
- The Bonanza Bros
- Spy (Team Fortress 2)
- G. Ceara (Super Monaco GP)

I did my best for all those characters to look the best I could, I hope you enjoy playing with them as much as I liked working on the pack.



- AozoraJustin/SuperJustinBros: Bonanza Bros and Spy (original) kart templates, SEGA's big asymmetrical template, and feedback.
- Namolos: Custom Engine Sounds Lua
- The Kart Krew Discord: Feedback and tips.
- SRB2 Brasil Discord: For keeping the pack active on the server for so long.
- Creators.TF Discord: Brief Feedback on Spy.
- Grupo de Imunizados 2021 (I love you guys).
- HattyBoyo (Probably still knows why...?).
- SEGA: For the original games represented in the pack.
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B. Comet
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Alright, so, I literally just made an account for these forums a few mins ago so I could thank you for adding mac tonight

So, yeah, thank you.
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Gotta say, this is a pretty cool roster of characters, with a good portion of them having their own custom karts. Pretty awesome work.
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a great lineup of characters, i highly recommend getting these guys when you have the chance! After all, who doesn't want to drive a f1 or as the SEGA logo?
B. Comet
B. Comet
Oh, thanks for the rating!
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