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Hello everyone! This is my first mod ever, and I'm very excited to share it with you all. Me and my friends got into this game a while ago, and over my winter break I decided to learn how to program the game and make us a custom build. I felt like the game was lacking catch-up items, so i came up with this!

Using the teleporter moves you to the racer in the place ahead of you. Depending on how far back you are, this can be huge or almost useless! It's a fun item that you really hope you get after you've been karted.

If you have been lapped, or you're in first place, the item won't work. This is to stop people from getting a teleporter and just sitting back the entire race.

Please contact me with any bugs that come up and I will fix them!

Thank you to minenice for making xitemlib, as well as answering some questions I had during the process of developing this mod. xItem is such an awesome tool that makes adding custom items a breeze. If you have even a little programming knowledge I recommend trying it out!

Check it out here:

sprite is by blick blanks on deviantart! all credit to them :)
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