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-character preview afaf.png

ive finally made more people
- - - - - characters:
Chirp [Peep and the Big Wide World]

-chirp display big b.png

Speed: 4
Weight: 2
Color: Red

-*thumbnail chirp.png

a red robin with a dream to fly

Peep [Peep and the Big Wide World]

-peep display big b.png

Weight: 1
Color: Yellow

-*thumbnail peep.png

a curious chicken with a desire to explore the world

Silque [Fire Emblem]

-silque display big b.png

Speed: 1
Weight: 5
Color: Thunder

-*thumbnail silque.png

a devoted cleric from novis

Kurthnaga [Fire Emblem]

-kurth display big b.png

Speed: 4
Weight: 7
Color: Moss

-*thumbnail kurth.png

a kind and soft spoken dragon

- - - - - changelog:
- added Chirp

- added Silque
- a complete redesign of Chirp's sprites because they were ugly asf
- Chirp's lose quote has been altered

- added Peep
- added Kurthnaga
- revitalized the spritework of Chirp and Silque

- - - - - plans for the future:
i'm basically set with the characters i want to devote myself to

heres a little wip of what i had in mind from a while back. . .


the next characters to be released [perhaps not in the same update]:

- Momoko [Ghost Stories]
- Mordecai [Lackadaisy]
- Cake Goby [Tap Tap Fish]
- Quack [Peep and the Big Wide World]
- Splendid Bird From Paradise [Peep and the Big Wide World]
- Olivia [Fire Emblem]

and yeah, i've finally acheived a pixel art style i'm satisfied with, and because of this, will never touch these four characters ever again. i've endlessly redesigned them with no result i was content with, but having learned about my drawbacks with anti aliasing, i'm quite ready to release future characters with my new knowledge. regardless, thank you to those who have downloaded and appreciated chirp and silque last update.

update sept 25th: lol
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 3 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. -v3: peep and kurthnaga join + heavy respriting

    these two are here now, wave hello changelog: - added Peep and Kurthnaga - heavy...
  2. -v2: silque joins

    after a couple of months of tweaking, abandonment, and perfectionism, Silque is finally here...

Latest reviews

I like this pack, a good example of quality over quantity, it isn't as big when compared to other packs, but its characters are very detailed and overlook like mighty fine, on top of having custom vehicles. Great job!
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The definition of quality over quantity, these sprites kick ass; from the shading to the line work of the bike. The many redesign you said you did and months of making these characters clearly show. Hell, you even made custom art for your pack. pretty rad
Upvote 0
pack has neat spriting and both characters r cute

in conclusion: this is the best thing to ever exist
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