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Hallo, thank you for clicking on this mod. if it's out of curiosity or if you're clicking all addons, ty :)

*Terrible Tom, Kenny, Scoot, and Opila Bird contain swearing. Polandball also has profanities in their respective language

















DUCKBUNNY: It's a DUCKBUNNY from Plant Brawl 5! What's a DUCKBUNNY? well it's a bunny that's sorta like a duck. They tend to quack often and are general nuisances. Remember, deal with them via explosives.

Polandball: It's the funny polish ball thing (or Indonesia if you feel like it). He is slightly lighter and has a slightly lower top speed than average but that won't get in the way of him racing into space! Can polan into first place?

Nepalrawr: RAWR!!!!!! Nepal's high speed should be enough for him to roar fear into those who dare race against him. Also please understand his slow drifting, he has to use his mouth for crying out loud.

Reichtangle: Guten tag........ Beware of Reichtangle when racing, he will anschluss the competition.


Twitch Chat: The supposed creator of everything (even this mod). They think that they know more than everyone else but in reality, they're basement dwelling gremlins. They also shout in MK64 toad quotes except for when they lose that's when they make the sound of a grown man crying.

Terrible Tom*: This foulmouth turkey is sick with thanksgiving so he's taking road to kick ass! He will curse every chance he gets so beware CHILDREN and those at WORK and also THE EASILY OFFENDED (not really).
*actually the joke book turkey


Homestar Runner: Homestar!!!! wunner! homestarrunner. everyone loves him, he's a pretty fast runner and a decent driver. finally, he's joined SRB2 Kart. And of course, he's a max speedster.

The Cheat: Strong Bad's 2nd hand man. He may be small but he always has a trick up his sleeve, cheating maybe.

TROGDOR THE BURNINATOR: THE BURINATOR IS HERE AND HE COMES IN THE NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wheel Chair: Yes a wheelchair, specifically the one from sweet cuppin cakes. Will his quest to finally get Eh Steve finally come true? probably not.

where's strong bad? uhhh.......


Fredbear Plush: A small, omnipresent, little friend. Tell him everything about yourself and take him for a ride.

Springtrap: Did you ever want to race as a child killer? Well, now you can! With Springtrap, just beware of touching water, you don't want those springlocks to become even more tight.


Mordecai & Rigby: Those slackers? YEA YEAHHHh!!!! With the power they can practically win every race. Well actually no, I'm pretty sure karting in their universe will cause a supernova or something.

Redditor: Oh no, it's the two natural evils. Reddit and twitter, will their conquest for unlimited QRTs and Reddit golds be enough to sustain their reign. Who knows....

Kenny McCormick: The 4th of the boys, known mostly for being poor and dying a lot. And well, in this type of game, you're going to be dying a lot, both literally and mentally.

Nanako Dojima: Another primary school racer? Of course, Nanako's finally racing onto SRB2Kart (training wheels still intact), will she win and impress big bro?

Mort The Chicken: Special Guest: Mort The Chicken. He might be a chicken but he's a hero, saving the lives of many, and even saving the world! Now he resides on a humble farm, racing.

Odie: You're going into orbit. You stupid mutt.

Chowder: You take the moon and you take the sun, then you're going to have lots of fun on the racing field. Remember Chowder, ultimate thrice cream is on the line!

Garfielf: We're did the sneakers go? I ate those food. Where did the jaws go? I ate those food. And the invincibility? *BRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP*

Chibi Naoto: It's the Detective Prince but in cheeb form! Dance the way toward the finishline in style and remember, stay with me!!!!

Red Guy: This character sounds really boring. And you'll be right!

The Vigilante: Outlaws beware... It's the vigilante! Featuring, that stupid ass egotistical cocky horse that can go die for all I care.

Scoot: SCOOT THE BURBS, EAT A - in all seriousness, this is version of scoot is based of vinesauce (explaining his dying duck noises) if you want to edit scoot to have his regular wholesome voice, be my guest

Ruby Rose: IT'S RUBY!!!!! AS IN,,,,, THE R IN RWBY!!!!!!!!!! (commission for toast, ty toast :>)

BUNNY: Robot rabbit, what's not to love! (from ultimate chicken horse FYI) Also bunnys are notorious for being low weights, so lets change that :>

Dedf1sh: Dead fish a sploon character, yea! anoher ocmmison, thanks!


Toaster Aigis: The april first character! The toaster herself. You know what they say. All toasters toast to- NO THEY DO NOT!!! THEY TOAST BREAD!!!!!

Opila Bird: yipee!

Sam: Max has been in kart for a while, so why can't the 2nd half of the freelance police also join in? Marking the 2nd 3RD! sam and max rep! jurgen took the 2nd spot lmao.

GLaDOS: Finally, it has been a long time, but finally we can test.

Withered Bonnie: ok! time to make up face puns... uhhhh, why the long face. face off! face this! lets settle this face to face. I'm gonna face you!!!! I'm facing!!! IM GONNA FACE!!!!!!!!!

Tenshi: From toehoe, she has peaches on her hat, that's neat. (nvjr comm)

Stinger Flynn: WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO PEak!!!!!!!!!! yeah now where talking. but fr tho stinger flynn can kick any other characters ass, even jumbo joshes

Kunehop: The Bunny girl with the salakot thingy. Why is there a giant golden spike you may ask? Simple, to store bratwursts.

Who reads this?

Any suggestions or recommendations would be greatly appreciated, thanks for looking!
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Although I'm not the biggest fan of how some characters are drawn here, I feel this is a case of quantity over quality, having a massive roster which is purely created out of passion and love for each respective representative featured here, or just having fun with the whole pack and not really care to much about looks. I will say that am a fan of the multiple custom karts that are featured here, I don't see those often, so it's a nice addition to this pack. Overall, pretty great work.
Thanks ArtoMeister! Yea I've noticed that this is more of a quantity over quality pack; I was kinda late in the srb2k modding scene so I felt like I had to catch up somehow. And this led to some of the characters overall looking, a bit odd. (Personally, the non qualitypack characters are kinda bad lol and I WILL remake most of them in the near future) as for the quality ones you're not a fan of I'm not specially sure which ones u mean. Maybe giving me a list of which ones to tidy up (kenny sprites are kinda ugly aswell) either that or my art style just doesn't mesh with ya /shrug
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a good mix between humor and quality. while there are some flaws like some of the character voice volumes being a bit inconsistent and kartmaker vs. asymmetrical sprites, its still very epic and you will have fun :))
Glad you like my char pack pulsyrup! I do admit that the voice mixing for some of the characters is kinda bad lmao. And I will soon enough look into it. For the few asymmetrical characters i'm too lazy to fix them ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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