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Content advisory warning: Some of the source material referenced in this character pack contains disturbing content that may not be suitable for some viewers. If you wish to view the aforementioned source material yourself, viewer discretion is advised.

Currently featuring 36 characters with custom engine sounds. Included in the Individual Characters zip are templates if you want to use their karts as well.
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ENTRY_001: Alice Cartlet
The British exchange student continues her exploration of western sports by entering the races!

A small girl of British origin who went to a high school in Japan to reunite with Shinobu Oomiya, the girl who once did a homestay in Alice's house. The two girls have been inseparable ever since, which another friend of theirs, Aya Komichi, suspects may be more than just friendship...
The kart has a story: similar to how Kinmoza was inspired by a homestay at a European house, Alice's kart is based on a car that I have seen in person.

She handles just like Arle at 4 speed and 3 weight, making her a solid character overall.
The original version of this character (my first ever Kart character) was hilariously bad and will be staying in the separate characters zip for archiving purposes.
ENTRY_002: Chino Kafuu
What's this barista heiress doing on the track? Promoting her family's cafe, of course!

A quiet, soft-spoken girl whose familial past is shrouded in mystery. It's rare to see her without her rabbit, Tippy, sitting on her head. Ever since Cocoa Hoto came to live and work in her family's cafe, her life has been an emotional rollercoaster filled with blooming friendships and happy memories.
She's driving the Streamliner from Mario Kart DS.

Her stats are 5 speed and 2 weight, making her an all-rounded but light character.
ENTRY_004: Aya Komichi
Against her better judgement, Aya Komichi hits the road after receiving a unique, specially made kart from a mysterious benefactor. Maybe she's trying to impress Yoko?

The "leader", in a sense, of Alice's group of friends. She's been taking care of Yoko and Shinobu ever since she met them, making sure that they stay on the right path to success. Although her embarrassment and frustration often get the better of her sometimes, she truly does care deeply for her friends.
Only the best girl deserves the best ride! That's why Aya is driving one of my favorite RL cars, the Saleen S7! Easily my best-looking scratch-made custom kart by far.

She hurls herself through the track at 9 speed and 7 weight.
ENTRY_005: Rize Tedeza
Chino Kafuu's coworker now also infiltrates the circuit as a security detail. But who's to say that she can't have fun too?

I had always planned to add Rize to my roster of characters at some point (she was one of the first I wanted to make) and since she and Aya both look nearly identical I decided to recycle her sprites into Rize! Yeah, I know, lazy, but at least their designs aren't 1:1.
Case in point: different karts. Rize brings the mighty Dry Bomber into play. This incarnation of it is an old soap box racer that she retrofitted and motorized for kart racing.

She clocks in at a modest 5 speed, but the highest weight possible at 9, meaning she'll be bossing you around, not vice versa (her family has military ties, dude!).
Technical tracks are her specialty. Rise, RISE to the occasion!
ENTRY_006: Youko Inokuma
Hot on Aya's heels and eager to join in on the fun, the energetic redhead dashes into the fray!

I'm not too crazy about how out of place she looks on her kart (the steering wheel is meant to be on the dash), but she looks pretty good.
She's driving the Phoenix from Midnight Club: Street Racing.

Already an exceptional track star on her feet, Youko has no issues blazing past her opponents with a speed of 9 and a weight of 5.
ENTRY_007: Shinobu Oomiya
Shinobu reunites with her beloved Alice on the road! Although being separate racers could become a problem...

You can't have Alice Cartlet without her (girl?) friend-for-life, Shinobu Oomiya! And thus, it came to be.
Like Alice and Aya, she is driving a real-life car. In a mirroring contrast to Alice's kart being of Asian descent, Shino is driving a European classic, the Lotus Elise.

And like Alice, she's pretty quick on the track at a speed of 6 and a weight of 3.
ENTRY_009: Cocoa Hoto
The third and final employee of Rabbit House, Cocoa Hoto, reunites with her beloved companions!

Cocoa competes in the race on two wheels! Because she does canonically ride a bike at least once. Credit to Leonguy for the MKWII Standard bike template, which you can find in his character pack:

Cocoa handles about the same as Sonic but is a little heavier, and she comes with RetroStation's BikeMod lua, giving her much tighter drift handling at the cost of not being able to use rainbow sparks.
ENTRY_010: Jouga Maya
Chino's reinforcements have arrived! Energetic and athletic Jouga Maya is ready to roll!

And now for perhaps my favorite Gochiusa character, the beloved tomboy munchkin.
She is driving the Jones J450 from Midnight Club: Street Racing. It's pretty quick with decent overall handling, all while giving her plenty of storage space to haul her belongings.

At 7 speed and 5 weight, she's a bit slower than Yoko, but handles corners better.
ENTRY_011: Megumi Natsu
Chino's reinforcements have arrived! Aloof but mannered Megumi Natsu dances past the competetion!

Can't forget Maya's childhood friend. The daughter of a ballet dance teacher, Megu has the elegance and movement you'd expect, but can sometimes be a bit shy.
Not one to cause problems for people, Megu has elected to drive something that can clean the track up and has loaned Luigi's old Poltergust 4000. Its performance turned out to be a bit crazier than she anticipated!

Megu's stats are 7 speed and 1 weight, making her ride feel quite authentic to Mario Kart DS...and useful!
ENTRY_013: Karen Kujo
The iconic "face" of Kiniro Mosaic is here!

Everyone recognizes Karen Kujo even if they haven't seen the anime or read the manga. The fan-favorite happy-go-lucky girl whose unpredictable no-bucks-given personality often sends her hurtling into trouble, though none of it is often her intention.
Don't worry, she's not driving her parents' Mini (they'd probably never allow it.), but a custom Mini cooper kart that she nicknamed Sly. (get it?)

Karen flies across the track at 6 speed and 2 weight, mimicking how she behaves canonically. She'll fly through the course without much trouble, but her low weight brings about trouble with the heavier racers.
ENTRY_014: Syaro Kirima
Syaro takes off after her beloved senpai...straight into a kart race with all her friends!

Rize Tedeza has many kouhai that share a great amount of respect for her, but none more so than this girl. After being "rescued" in an alley by Rize one day she has been practically head-over-heels for her older classmate, but she's constantly troubled daily via a myriad of, shall we say, less than usual problems.
Syaro drives Daisy's kart from Mario Kart DS, the Power Flower.

Her admiration for Rize shows in her quite similar stats of 5 speed and 7 weight.
ENTRY_015: Kaho Hinata
Kaho heard tales of fellow otaku gamer girls entering the SRB2Kart competition and has decided to sneak herself into the fun-er, fray.

This isn't the first Blend S character to hit the message board, (that honor goes to Maika) but it is the first non-bonus character I made that isn't from Kinmoza or Gochiusa.
She's driving one of my best-looking custom karts so far, the Le Chaux from Crash Tag Team Racing as it appears in Nitro Fueled.

Swift and agile is Kaho's game at 7 speed and 8 weight, making her ideal for earning gold medals.
ENTRY 017: Chiya Uljimatsu
Chiya has brought a snazzy looking ride with her to explore strange new lands with her friends! Oh, and to promote Ama Usa An of course.

The heiress to Rabbit House's rival cafe, Chiya has been Syaro's friend since childhood. But after Cocoa becomes her classmate, Chiya slowly finds herself in a slightly more interesting relationship.
Chiya drives the Cucumber from Mario Kart DS, an old antique F1 racer that trades flat-out speed for good handling.

Chiya is an excellent choice for learning the tracks at 6 speed and 6 weight.
ENTRY 019: Honoka Matsubara
Honoka chases her beloved friend Karen Kujo into SRB2Kart and she's bringing some pretty heavy machinery with her! Who gave her forklift certification?!

A tennis prodigy with some solid gymnastics under her belt, Honoka is as addicted to blonde hair as Shinobu is, and it all started when Alice was followed to Japan by her childhood friend Karen, who Honoka was head over heels for since.
Somehow, Honoka got her hands on the Gold Mantis from Mario Kart DS, seemingly unaware that it is not actually made out of gold (although it does have the weight to match). The sprites were originally made by Puncle for his Waluigi, and I didn't see a template for it on the download page, so I made my own template for the kart by cropping Waluigi out of the sprites. (Which were marked as reusable, don't worry.)

At 3 speed and 9 weight, the Gold Mantis might not have the speed to be a successful racer, but it certainly has the brawn.
ENTRY 020: Isami Oomiya
Isami slides into SRB2kart to help her little sister and definitely not for her own personal benefits!

...Although kart racing will certainly assist her popularity, given that she is a successful model.
Like her sister, Isami is kart racing in the power of British Engineering, although hers is considerably more modern and higher tech in the form of the mighty Aston Martin Vulcan!

At 8 speed and 7 weight, Isami is a well-rounded choice for many tracks.
ENTRY 021: Sakura Karasuma
One of the teachers at the high school where Shinobu and company studied during Alice's homestay, here on vacation to reunite with the students she befriended.

Made her on a whim after remembering that I had plans to import her ride, the Hurricane from MKDS. She won't exactly "fly" through the course with it but she's certainly no slouch either.

Karasuma is a beginner-friendly all-rounder at 5 speed and 4 weight. Hey, that sounds familiar...
ENTRY 022: Kamuri Sengoku
Who let this sleepy child into the races?! She's surprisingly quick on her feet once she gets going...

For a change of pace, we have a character from the manga Slow Start. Kamuri was among some of my earliest ideas for Kart characters.

She's the same stats as Blaze at 7 speed and 3 weight.
I don't currently have access to her actual voice lines, so she's using Chino's as a placeholder.
ENTRY 023: Sonya
The legendary assassin has come at last...to brush up on her driving skills. An effective getaway is key to a successful mission, after all.

Sonya was planned to be added very early into my character pack's life cycle (her kart was among some of the earliest templates), but ideas overcame me, and her creation kept getting delayed...until now.

With a speed of 9 and a weight of 2, she cuts through the track with ease, but has problems on the recovery front.
ENTRY 028: Akari Kuzehashi
Karasuma's coworker and best friend, tagging along for the same vacation. Said something about keeping Karen Kujo in check...'nuff said.

My second character so far with asymmetric sprites, due to the way she ties up her hair.
Kuze's ride is noticeably more retro than most of the other rides; it's Max Revenge from Need for Madness! Veltalis will have something to smile about.

She's taking a more cautious approach to these races with a stat block of 4 speed and 6 weight.
ENTRY 027: Enami Kiyose
Oh look, yet another runaway schoolteacher! This one is rumored to be surprisingly close with one of her students...

The other character from Slow Start that everyone remembers and adores, arriving in a car from something quite a bit more mature.
She's driving the Stalker, a car driven by the Sentinels in Midway's little-known car combat game, Roadkill. It's tied with the Fang for my favorite car in that game. Be mindful not to play Roadkill in a public setting; it's a little explicit.

She handles just like Aigis at 6 speed and 4 weight.
I don't currently have access to her actual voice lines, so she's using Blaze's as a placeholder.
ENTRY 025: Yasuna Oribe
The clumsy oaf girl that's always pestering Sonya, often leading to her becoming the target of slapstick comedy.

Her kart is designed after one of the fastest cars in the world, the Mclaren F1!

Ironically, despite initially appearing to not be very smart, Yasuna is surprisingly good at avoiding Sonya's wrath, knows several different languages (or at least how to say "hello" in those languages) and is surprisingly flexible, never being discouraged or affected by her frequent battering for long (and sometimes she's barely even fazed by them). This is reflected in her 9,1 stat block (the same as Flicky); Yasuna is an incredibly tricky character to play as, but rewards those who play her successfully with incredible speed and handling.
ENTRY_029: Eiko Tokura
Another Slow Start character. Eiko Tokura is notorious in her school for hitting on all of her classmates, which inevitably led to her trying to hit on her teacher, Enami Kiyose.

She is driving the Pirahna PDQ from Midnight Club: Street Racing. Insert obvious joke about how her name rhymes with the name of the PDQ's original driver here.

She shares NIGHTS's stats of 7 speed and 4 weight, making her a mix of Kamuri and Kiyose's playstyles.
I don't currently have access to her actual voice lines, so she's using Ulala's as a placeholder.
ENTRY_030: Agiri Goshiki
The third and final member of the Kill Me Baby trio is here for you.

The mysterious "organization" that she and Sonya are a part of has supplied her with a fine specimen of British engineering, the Jaguar XJ220!

At 5 speed and 3 weight, she may not be the fastest character on the roster, but she handles well.
On an unrelated note, does anybody else get the impression that she sounds like she's high/drunk?
ENTRY_031: Hideri Kanzaki
The "trap" archetype of Cafe de stile, here to boost his popularity as an up-and-coming idol. Yes, this particular person is in fact a guy and not a girl. What of it?

My second Blend S character so far, Hideri is perhaps one of the most bizarre characters from that manga and has the honor of being one of the very first of many anime characters disguised as the opposite gender.
I don't know if the roar of the Faasuto GT's engine counts as something you'd see on a list of the most nostalgic PlayStation game sounds ever made, but it's certainly high up there for me, and I love how it's sprites came out looking!

At 9 speed and 4 weight, he's incredibly fast but a little hard to control.
ENTRY_033: Akizuki Koyo
The sensible one of Cafe de Stile has entered the races to reunite with his coworker and object of affection, Kaho Hinata.
He sails through the courses in style with the Magnifico from Midnight Club: Street racing!

At 4 speed and 8 weight, he's pretty slow and heavy, but handles well.
Uses Leon's voice lines from the Kingdom Hearts franchise.
ENTRY_034: Fuiba Fuyu
A friend Chino Kafuu made during her trip to the city, who would go on to work at the Bright Bunny Cafe in Chino's town. She's competing both to promote her company and to reconcile.

Fuyu manufactured her Porsche Carrera GT kart using the proceeds she acquired over the years at work.

At 7 speed and 2 weight, she handles about the same as Sonic, but a little slower.
Uses Kairi's voice lines from Kingdom Hearts 3 as a placeholder.
ENTRY_035: Wakaba Kohashi
From the creator of Kiniro Mosaic comes a little-known manga about a carefree girl who's considerably more brawn than brains, leading to amusing antics with her friends. It never caught on like its sister show did, however, and even with its characters getting into Kirara Fantasia it has remained quite obscure.
Wakaba's ride of choice is a CLK-GTR race car! I always liked how it sounds in Hot Pursuit 2.

She handles the same as AiAi at 8 speed and 6 weight.
Uses Megumi's voice lines from Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled as a placeholder.
ENTRY_049: Kana Higurashi
Honoka's childhood friend joins the fun, not intent of being left out.

A Kiniro Mosaic character you may not be familiar with if you haven't read the manga. Kana sadly didn't get to have much in the way of development in the anime adaptations, being reduced to a simple side character. But in the manga, there's an interesting lore development where her sister is a fan of magical girls, and after taking her to a magical girl movie, Kana herself becomes addicted, leaving her very conscious about how she gets seen in public. Fortunately for her, the other girls were understanding.
Her ride may also seem unfamiliar. It's a kart seen only in the PSP version of Crash Tag Team Racing, the Tweenage Wasteland kart. I liked the way it looks and decided to make a template of it for Kart.

At 3 speed and 8 weight, Kana's handling is about the same as her friend Honoka, but slightly lighter.
Uses Yuffie's voice lines from the Kingdom Hearts franchise.
ENTRY_038: Kota & Mitsuki Inokuma
It's Kota and Mitsuki's kart-racing debut!

Yoko Inokuma's little twin siblings are won't to be mischievous! It probably hails from Yoko's bad habit of accidentally making their life difficult. They're awfully quiet and mature for their age, seemingly already capable of fending for themselves if need be. The anime adaptations depict their behavior as though they're the same person, but in the manga, they have separate personalities and sometimes even operate independent of each other.
They are driving the Ferrini from The Simpsons: Hit and Run. This particular model, known for the #2 insignia on the side, is known as "Número Dos", for the fact that it has two drivers: a pilot and copilot. The template version of the kart does away with the insignia and strictly red color scheme, allowing you some more creativity.

At 4 speed and 2 weight, they're pretty fast but pretty light.
They voice lines are a mix of Tidus and Selphie's from the first Kingdom Hearts game.
ENTRY_039: Natsume & Eru Jinja
The twin heiresses to Bright Bunny have arrived in Kart!

Another ally Chino and friends made during their city vacation, Natsume and Eru are the daughters of the owner of a highly successful restaurant chain. Their relationship with the other Gochiusa characters didn't quite get off on the right foot, but they soon put their differences aside.
You'd think someone from a rich family would drive something expensive, but the Jinja twins are driving the El Carro Loco from The Simpsons Hit and Run. I even went through the trouble of adding its iconic glowing neon undercarriage! As for the B.B. initials on the side, I didn't remember what the Bright Bunny logo was, so I settled for the initials instead. The template version does away with the glow and the B.B. initials to allow you some more creativity.

At 6 speed and 7 weight, they're surprisingly fast and handle quite well.
Their voice lines are a mixture of Sakura (for Natsume) and Makoto (for Eru)'s from Ultra Street Fighter IV
Entry_003: Tweek the Dragonette
Behold, Tweek driving the Dragonfly kart from MKDS! Your argument is invalid.

The shining star of a little-known gem I loved as a child (and still do now, even decades later), Tweek only had the luxury of a few hours after his birth to spend with his family when they, and the families of the other Fur Fighters, were kidnapped by General Viggo. Their leader Roofus the Hound, having none of that, lead them on an epic action movie-inspired adventure to rescue their families and defeat General Viggo, all while causing utter bedlam and leaving a trail of dead bad guys across their world.
You might be wondering what became of Tweek's legs. An interesting detail about MKDS is that almost all of the character models don't come with legs because they wouldn't be visible in most of the karts in the first place. The dragonfly is not most of the karts, and amusingly makes it look like your character is legless in-game. I decided to play along with this little quirk because I was too lazy to draw the legs and pedals.

At 7 speed and 9 weight. it turns out that tractor's good at mowing down more than just grass...
I am aware that there is supposed to be a clearly visible exhaust near the front of the kart. I wasn't used to using the asymmetrical template at the time this character was created and decided to crop the exhaust out of the sprites because I didn't feel like spending any more time on this character.
ENTRY_008: Miyuki Takara
Miyuki Takara has tracked down some of her closest friends to the SRB2kart races and decided that she wants a piece of the action as well.

She sadly isn't of nearly the same quality as MekaDeka's Konata and Tsukasa or Brian/Evey's Kagami and Patricia, but for those of you who always wanted to play as her, you're welcome.
Fans of Mario Kart Wii will recognize her Daytripper. Miyuki found this old, abandoned chariot while taking a stroll to exercise one day, and decided to motorize it with a cheap, eco-friendly engine. It's pretty, but it's not really meant to partake in the triathlon.

At 3 speed and 5 weight, she serves as a middle ground between both Tails and Eggman. This lack of speed reflects her role in Lucky Star as a humanoid knowledge bank, and her innocent, gentle disposition, in a playstyle that relies more on strategy than strength.
Beautiful and brilliant. Isn't that what we all want in a girl?
The old, early version of this character before Meta Hedge ended up making his own.

I mostly made him because I couldn't stop listening to his FNF song, and really liked his appearance and lore. Unfortunately, he came out looking a bit silly (maybe even more so than my Alice did) due to my (once again) apparent lack of drawing ability, and the fact that he uses Sonic's sprites as a reference.
Fatal Error roars onto the track in the ultimate classic car-catching machine, the legendary Pursuit Murcielago! He must have stolen code from a copy of Hot Pursuit 2 as well. It's not so much that he's "driving" the car per se, but rather that he has, in a sense, "possessed" it.

Fatal Error is a time trial monster at a terrifying 8 speed and 9 weight, meaning he has little to worry about other racers and gold medals alike.
His voice clips were made using https://imrane03.github.io/better-sam/ by the way.
As of version 10 of this character pack, this version of FATAL_ERROR has been depreciated and is no longer part of the main packs. It'll still be available in the separate characters zip for archiving purposes, but you should stick with Meta Hedge's version as it looks MUCH better.
ENTRY_016: PSX-Style Tiny Tiger
Everyone's favorite muscular tiger hits the road with the rest of the N. Sanity Island locals...to CRUSH the competition!

This one is more accurate to the PS1 Crash Bandicoot games than RealMOC's Tiny Tiger.
I couldn't find a template of Plom's CTR kart on the message board, so Tiny's driving the Pipe Frame template by Mitsame, which fits him just fine.

True to the original Crash Team Racing, Tiny boasts powerful stats with the highest speed and weight but suffers heavily on the recovery side due to his poor acceleration. Omega mains rejoice!
As of version 10 of this character pack, this version of FATAL_ERROR has been depreciated and is no longer part of the main packs. It'll still be available in the separate characters zip for archiving purposes, but you should stick with RealMOC1105's version as it looks MUCH better.
ENTRY 018: Rika Furude
Rika arrives in SRB2Kart after hearing tales of her old friend Rena running riot on the track.

This was one of the first characters I had planned for this pack, mainly out of the fact that Higurashi was one of the earliest anime I recall getting into. When I saw that Chengi had made Rena into a character for Kart, I knew what had to be done.
Fans of the Midnight Club series will immediately recognize her ride as the Zender from the first game. True to how it handled there, it's almost unbeatable in speed, but punishes those unprepared for it.

At 8 speed and 1 weight, Rika is a dangerous choice outside of time trial, but once you get the hand of her ultra-sensitive handling, be prepared for some godlike track performance!
ENTRY 024: Ruby Rose
The beloved huntress has decided to take some time off from the day-to-day depravity she often faces to cool down via some casual circuit races.

Another character I'm surprised nobody else created before, given her show's legacy.
Ruby is driving the last car of the arcade game Drive to Survive, the mighty Genesis. Raw, unfiltered speed and power, just like Ruby herself.

She has the same stats as Chengi's Modern Sonic at 9 speed and 3 weight.
ENTRY 026: Minami Iwasaki
That tall, quiet, green-haired girl from Lucky Star, who needs no introduction.

She's driving the 70's Sports Car from The Simpsons: Hit and Run, in my low-quality cartoony art style.

She's the same weight as Yoko and Maya but finds a balance between the two stat blocks at 8 speed, 5 weight.
ENTRY_032: Asahi Koube
In a shocking twist of fate, the son of the Koube family has taken to karting in an attempt to pay for his mother and sister's living expenses.

Just in time for the 2022 Halloween season, here's a character from one of the most infamously creepy shows in recent years. It wasn't exactly messed up in the same way that stuff like Higurashi is messed up, but more so in that it offers some interesting insight into the mind of psychotic, maniacal love.
Asahi's 240z is meant to be a homage to the iconic Devil Z of Initial D/Wangan Midnight fame, a legendary car that is said to drive as though it has been possessed. If you know anything about Asahi's backstory, it kind of makes sense poetically. (TL, DR: one of the lyric verses in Rocking Hardcore sums it up quite well)

Will luck be on your side with his 7,7 stat block (the same as Vector)? He's quite fast with a good drift spark rate, but it may take some time for you to get used to his handling.
He uses voice clips of Riku from the Kingdom Hearts franchise.

This has somewhat ironically wound up being one of my better-looking characters so far.
ENTRY_036: Shuri Komori
A giant of a girl who is all too often relied on by the people around her, which makes her happy. She can't exactly do everything, but that won't stop her from constantly trying out new things...like Kart Racing!

She's driving a Porsche Cayenne, a car my sister once took a liking to.

At 6 speed and 9 weight (haha funni number go brrr) she's nobody's pushover and racks up drift sparks like crazy! You can rely on her to give you a solid overall performance.
Uses NIGHTS's voice lines as a placeholder.
ENTRY_037: Satoko Hojo
The little blond-haired troublemaker from Higurashi is here at last, reuniting with her dearest friends Rika and Rena.

Since I made Rika into a character, I might as well make Satoko into a character. I know there's got to be a considerable margin of people who would be happy to play as her.

At 3 speed and 2 weight, she's not particularly heavy or fast, but has great handling.

MKWii Bike Template by Leonguy, MK64 Pipe Frame template by Mitsame, Gold Mantis Waluigi by Puncle, Custom Kart Engine sound lua by Namolos
Sounds ripped from Miracle Girls Festival, Kirara Fantasia and other sources by the Sounds Resource
Kiniro Mosaic, Gochiusa, Blend S, Wakaba Girl, Lucky Star, Kill me Baby, Slow Start, Higurashi, Happy Sugar Life, Komori-San Can't Decline, RWBY, Crash Bandcoot and Fur FIghters belong to their respective creators.
Fatal Error by AnarackWStudios
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