This wad has nothing to do with Gaga Hax's srb2hub, its only inspired by it, also keep in mind this features spoilers for the entirety of srb2


Originally inspired by srb2hub, Srb2 Stations offers modders alike a place to test out interactions with the majority of gimmicks and enemies from vanilla srb2, without having to do the tedious process of loading the stage and finding the thing to test your char/lua on.

What it currently features
- Most of srb2's gimmicks (except polyobjects) organized by the zone they appear in.

- A big open space for you to run on.

- A simple challenge of finding all of the hidden chaos emeralds, i wonder what they unlock...

V1.2.2 - Fang can now get first emerald by hitting the boosters, not alot on this one.
V1.2.1 - Open space no longer has antigrav bcause why did it have it in the first place, fixed some death pits, prob optimized something idk
V1.2 - Added 2d section close to the void, lazily pasted in some rope hangers, added some slopes in the open space and some wall spikes in the ACZ section
v1.1 - Completely removed teleporters to avoid sigsegvs, restructured the void room entrance for it, other teleporters have been replaced with death pits, also one of the emeralds is easier to access
v1.0.1 - Fixed a red texture and the csay text
v1 - Initial release

- The srb2 wiki for being great at explaining how to setup every object and gimmick.

- Larz T.#2923 On discord for pointing me to some linedef executors i needed and also recommending some music choices that i didnt end up using sorreh ;c

- Everyone on the srb2 discord for helping me out when i needed it.

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