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SRB2 Battle! Multiplayer Gameplay Mod (V7.9)
Version: 7.9, by CobaltBW (Community Noise Maker) CobaltBW is offline
Developer Last Online: Aug 2020

Version: SRB2 Rating: (10 votes - 4.10 average)
Released: 02-11-2020 Last Update: 07-14-2020 Favourites: 16
Multiplayer Levels SOCs Scripts Sprites/Graphics

SRB2 Battle!
Also known as "BattleMod"

SRB2 Battle is a gameplay modification which radically transforms multiplayer versus into an all-out brawl!
Spoiler: Previews

  • New mechanics for PvP game modes
  • Ring-consuming special abilities for each character
  • Arena, a deathmatch game mode focused around small stages and close combat
  • Survival, to see who can be the last person standing!
  • Control Point, where players compete for dominance on one of several capture zones on the stage
  • Diamond in the Rough, a mad rush to steal a single diamond on the map
  • Egg Robo Tag, a twist on the hunter vs hunted game mode.
  • Battle CTF, a version of CTF that utilizes the new battle mechanics
  • Twelve maps, all designed with Arena and Survival gameplay in mind
  • User config included, allowing players to customize their buttons for Battle-specific abilities.
  • Modder accessibility, allowing scripters to create their own special abilities and interact with Battle's melee system

Download V7.9 (8/3/2020)

Gameplay and Console Manual

Mapper's Manual

Scripter's Manual

Spoiler: Special thanks

Many of the folks in SRB2 Discord #scripting for advice and troubleshooting support throughout Battle's development
Everyone on the Master Server who helped to test this and provide feedback while it was in beta
Krabs, for his tireless work on the Arena map visuals and design
FlareBlade93, for contributing his excellent Pumpkin Peak stage to the Arena rotation
Kays, for beta testing and helping to provide screenshots for the gameplay manual
SMSAlfredo, for his "guard" script which served as the foundation for parrying
Everyone here, for playing and supporting the mod with their creative content

Please receive permission and give credit to the below users before reusing the following content:
DirkTheHusky: Instashield graphics (from Insta Shield)
SMS Alfredo: Sonic Battle "shield" graphics, guard scripting: Sonic Battle Collection
Flame: 2D Dynamic Camera (from Smash Cam)
TehRealSalt: Fang targeting and shooting systems (from Simple character rebalancing)
  • Any lua scripting not listed above may be freely reused.
  • All music included with BattleMod may be freely reused.
  • HUD graphical assets not listed above may be freely reused.

Full Credits

Patch Notes

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Old 3 Weeks Ago   #122
Maple's Avatar
Default fightymod seven

Overall I would say I am pleased with the new direction you have taken with Battlemod since the last few major content versions prior. My past experiences with it dealt with the reliance on rings for interactions and the momentum of thrusting characters taking too much of a presence on the battlefield. The parry addition changes up the way you defend against someone approaching and makes the hit & run actions of players feel less impactful which is GREAT, though I will get to an exception to this later.

First up on the plate is the addition of 2D arena stages. The layout of the provided 2D stage holds itself pretty well but the push-able ball definitely lends itself more use to characters with a thrust or spin attack. The ball more or less feels like it is in the way if you are using a non-spin character, since there is not much room for them to get to speed, as in to impact it hard enough to catch someone off guard. The 2D arenas that I have tried community-wise are much too simple, but lets player interactions shine and gives me a good idea in how the rebalancing of characters has shaped up to be. This follows further into:

The introduction of new stock arena stages for battlemod. Most of these I find are absolutely a good change of pace and better than trying to use ringslinger match stages for duking it out. No more chasing someone through half the map, now you are chasing them in an arena with very little escape. This kind of forced enclosed space is exactly what was needed to pair with a deathmatch style of play. Shield item quantity and frequency may have to be tweaked in some stages but what is already provided is much better to me than the monitors. The clocktower themed stage however felt a tad too small, perhaps it could do with a little bit more girth.

Speaking of shields, the attraction shield is absolutely bonkers. I don't quite know if its homing attraction attack even has a limit, for it to 180 and go after someone running all across the map feels a bit excessive. If there is a way to put decay on the amount of time the attraction shield can home onto someone it would be welcome. The armageddon shield also has quite a bit of range on it for small stages. It may be rare, but it could still stand to not interrupt nearly the entire map in some situations. With those out of the way, the focus on themed shields is a nice touch for the snow map and the water map, so I hope Lighting can find a continuation of this probably in the form of shock hazards.

Moving on to characters:
  • I feel like with the addition of parry, Sonic went from having outrageous presence to now having to be a bit more methodical, sometimes! You still very much can turn the brain off to go for a ground-pound against someone busy and that's perfectly fine, though I am not sure how I feel about them being able to do it multiple times before landing. That never quite sat well with me.
  • Tails feels like they actually have a fighting chance against the crazy abilities of other fighters with their new RC bots in... 2D mode. In 3D stages you will feel rather passive and weak, so Tails unfortunately hasn't risen in ranks. They are more useful in not engaging the enemy at all, which does not promote player interaction.
  • Knuckles having the frontal defense removed is overwhelmingly welcome, but they aren't off scott-free just yet. For how determined a knuckles player can be in glide chasing, they can also decide to stall at any point they desire. The amount of time you can stay in the ground is quite lengthy, and I find sometimes that both knuckles players are underground while another player simply can't.. approach that situation. They have to wait for it to play out. I think it would do him good to receive a harsher scaling for amount of time spent underground.
  • Amy received a welcome vertical tool to their arsenal in exchange for removing the charm beam of every sonic player's nightmares. I feel like with their tornado tweaked after its inception, Amy is in a rather balanced spot 3D-wise. Ultimately my favorite one to use of the bunch. 2D-wise they might slightly step over that balance with what they clash against but I have not felt it to be overpowered in the least compared to the mobility of other characters.
  • Fang is... the issue I needed to get back to from the beginning involving parry since they are the only character that makes me dissatisfied with the change. Their consequence for missing a shot has mostly vanished since they can parry at any moment of popgun downtime. Fang is free to fire away and react to any incoming offenders without having to move their position at all, this usually entices the entire room to go after you and for good reason. Fang can also gently place a bomb at their position to trap any incoming offenders so that is adding to their use in staying as still as they feel like to rack up popgun hits. Fang has no need to fear being hit. Fang is a sentry tower, and everyone wants a piece of him. Unless you are underwater in which case.. absolutely no one wants to be close to Fang. The range of attack nerf on their popgun is an appreciated decision for 2D mode. Perhaps slapping Fang with a bit of a longer lag period than other characters after a parry attempt would open up the opportunity for a counterattack, since Fang is likely to reach back for their popgun with you making a beeline right for Fang. They are rather hard to think about compared to other characters but I hope it is not impossible to give them a closer examination.
  • Metal is a rather curious character to think about for battlemod now. Having the auto-aim removed from the quick use of the beam charge attack is welcome, and I often find myself like a deer in headlights looking at their full grid blast. The character is definitely still ring thirsty, but I find myself mostly just running around in a circle on the oasis and hoping I just dash mode right into someone. Rather fun for something so ineffectual. Metal is a threat to behold in 2D stages so a careful finger on parry is needed around them.

I would love to go back and dive into the modes that were previously the focus of battlemod like control point and eggrobo tag but cannot stomach the frames that result in being a client opposed to the host in battlemod 7.0 and later. (A problem you are likely already aware of) Most of my time was spent looking at the new arena and survival mode so in the future I hope I can revisit this with some further sessions and analysis. Battlemod is the most fun I have ever had with srb2 player vs player without a doubt.
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Old 3 Weeks Ago   #123
sheep demon elf thing
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Default wall

Been meaning to write up a post for this for awhile but it's proven to be a bit difficult to organize all of what I want to say, and the very rapid updates and overhauls only serve to make that harder. I've played this pretty consistently with a group of friends so I'm more than aware of all of the forms this has taken over the months. Before getting to the fuckhuge wall of thoughts I want to preface this by saying that I genuinely really like this mod and it has massive potential, but a lot of battle's problems come from fundamental issues present in vanilla SRB2.

So first off, what are you aiming for with this mod? With the frequent updates that change character's properties and abilities, it seems as though you want to balance it for a competitive environment. But even then, characters have been consistently stronger (Sonic, Knuckles) and weaker (Tails, Metal) as the mod has progressed. What mode is the mod being balanced around? As far as teams is concerned, there's almost no reason to ever not use Knuckles, Amy, or Fang because of how obsolete they make the other 3 characters. Let me run down my thoughts on them.

Characters that can spin/have spin jumps are naturally pretty decent given that they can turn themselves into a moving hitbox at any time. All of the characters moving super fast with tiny hitboxes and a lack of moves with bigger hitboxes makes a lot of the action feel like a crapshoot most of the time. This is mostly what I mean by "fundamental issues." Parrying is also a welcome addition but

why is this allowed. It's made even worse given that I was just mashing there (which eventually ended up being my downfall), but the point is that you shouldn't be able to parry those at all and that parrying itself is a bit more lenient than it should be. It should also probably freeze the opponent on contact for a second rather than knocking them back.

Can't speak a whole lot for the latest iteration but he's always been the strongest in 1v1 scenarios solely because of the thok. The only things that felt like it could really stand against him were Knuckles due to the glide and Amy due to the twinspin, the latter having to put in much more work to by comparison. His super jump ability is pretty nice, I feel as though abilities in this mode are at their best when they provide maneuverability in addition to some form of offense. The ground splash is incredibly good too, not much else to really say.

This poor kid has suffered in pretty much every iteration. The only niche he had was being able to reach control panels/points better than every other character due to flying. Just about every variant of his ability has been bad compared to the rest of the cast. One thing I've been meaning to suggest for an ability is letting Tails pick up and throw his opponents ala Sonic The Fighters, the focus on his mechanical prowess over the usage of his namesake is probably one of the reasons none of his abilities ever end up being all that good.

Probably the best character overall. I haven't noticed if he still has it but his auto-block was actually stupid lmao. Being able to fly around in circles with his above average priority glide and strong dig + rockblast for easy camping and area control makes him pretty solid for seemingly every scenario.

I think she's the only character that's been balanced well(excluding her initial 7.0 form, what the fuck was that), but she also has to put in more work than everyone else to even be decent. Charm Beam was a perfectly fine ability, and my only gripe with it was that it awarded you as many points as hitting someone normally when it should've been less (or none at all, given how easy it was to land).

Never really known how to feel about this guy. He definitely isn't as strong as Sonic or Knuckles but he doesn't feel as weak as Tails or Metal. He definitely excels in teams like Amy. Maple explained it better than I ever could, as I typically avoid playing as the character.

Metal Sonic
More or less similar thoughts as Tails but infinitely more fun because his abilities are actually somewhat useful. There's a huge conveyance issue in 7.0 though as his instructions on the UI for using abilities hasn't been updated to reflect how they're actually used now. The energy blast has been seemingly nerfed every time metal receives changes, and dash mode has only ever been reasonable in wide maps (which seem to be discouraged now given the new maps with 7.0). And on the subject of maps...

This is another reason why I asked exactly what you're going for earlier. These small arenas are nice for keeping everyone constantly in the action, but it makes characters with strong area control abilities (Knuckles, Amy, Fang?) blatantly better than the others. Poor Metal can't even utilize dashmode in these, not that it's ever been particularly good.

Items are a much needed addition but unfortunately a few of them end up feeling useless like the Thunder Shield and Whirlwind Shield. On the other hand, you have things like the Armageddon Shield and Attraction Shield which are absolutely insane. While I think the way shields and rings are handled as health is probably the best it's been, I'm not really sure how to feel about rings being restricted to item bubbles now. That isn't even mentioning the really bad framedrops whenever item bubbles tend to start spawning. The bubbles are pretty bad but outside of the battle maps is somehow worse, I pretty much always get 2FPS when joining while my friends are just waiting in GFZ1. This only seems to be an issue in netgames as well, though going through those maps solo also lead to reduced frames.

I think that's about all that's on my mind right now for this. I didn't even go into 2D mode, which I think fixes a lot of battle's issues alone just by limiting the space and making certain moves and characters (Tails in particular) actually viable. I can elaborate even further on any of this should anyone want to pick out some of what I said but tl;dr
-There's no need to release updates and revamps so frequently. Keep it in the back and test for every scenario you can imagine and really ask yourself what you want to do with this project as far as gameplay.
-Rethink some of the fundamentals. This could go a long way. It doesn't need to be it's own major thing like Kart (though I don't think anyone would complain) but please consider ditching anything from vanilla that muddles the experience. Don't be afraid to alter the controls, alter core character abilities, etc. So long as it's fun, that's all that really matters.
-Focus some on establishing some sort of consistency between characters. While variety is a good thing, a few of them feel like they flat out don't have tools to deal with others (Amy vs. Fang feels like this). This has already been slightly remedied with the addition of the parry, but it's still something to keep in mind.
And last but far from least, please fix the framerate!

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Old 2 Weeks Ago   #124
Krabs's Avatar

Would be really nice to have a "wanted" system where high-scoring players reward more points to those who attack them (in arena) since it can feel insurmountable once one player gets a lead.
Krabs's 24/7 BattleMod:
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Old 2 Weeks Ago   #125
Community Noise Maker
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Version 7.4
  • Optimized code that was causing severe performance issues for some users
  • Tails Doll is back (Sprites by Phanthonas and FlyingNosaj)
  • Gameplay adjustments to Sonic's specials (altered movement to super spin jump and ground pound)
  • Gameplay adjustments to Tails's specials (can now be controlled with the directional keys)
  • Various balance tweaks and bug fixes


	Optimized lua hooks that were responsible for severe performance issues
	Respawn time can no longer be bypassed by changing teams
	Reset player "revenge" state for all gametypes
	Applied drop shadows to various items
	Modified chess piece sprite offsets to be closer to the ground
	Fixed certain characters' specials not being interrupted by enemy parry
	Fixed RC missiles knocking colliding players into the wrong direction
	Removed startrings from GFZ3 header
	Prevented pinch/overtime from triggering during "game set!"
	Prevented level bgm from triggering twice on map change
	Spectator controls HUD will disappear after 10 seconds of spectating
	Fixed players being taken out of revenge state if they score a hit while dead
	Reinstated Tails Doll as the training dummy (sprites by FlyingNosaj and Phanthonas)
	Battle respawn time reduced (7s -> 6s)
	Battle CTF respawn time reduced (10s -> 6s)
	Increased respawn time for survival fighters who have received a game over (3s -> 10s)
		Players can guard while in skid recoil state
	Projectiles launch all bashable objects at a fixed thrust amount on hit (4 fracunits / bashable weight)
	Shield abilities
		Unset homing state on attraction shield after 10 tics

	Added "battle_respawntime"
		Modifies the respawn time for non-survival battle gametypes

		Reduced weight (95 -> 90)
		Super Spin Jump
			Increased the vertical speed of super spin jump, allowing it to reach its max height faster
		Ground Pound
			Added a stage to the attack in which Sonic initially rises before accelerating downward
				Rising stage has 1 atk, 2 def
		RC Missiles
			Missiles carrying an ally will slowly fall after 16 seconds of flight time
			Direction is now controlled with the movement keys
			Reduced speed (30 -> 20)
			Adjusted speed scaling in 2D areas
		Player is resistant to knockback while climbing
		Piko Tornado
			Increased tornado speed (5 -> 10)
			Adjusted speed scaling in underwater and 2D areas
	Metal Sonic
		Dash Slicer
			Adjusted speed scaling in underwater and 2D areas

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Old 2 Weeks Ago   #126

I found a bug in egg robo tag: if you suicide (suicide in console as a hider) before the game starts, you don't respawn as IT.
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Old 2 Weeks Ago   #127

Originally Posted by Simon100yt View Post
I found a bug in egg robo tag: if you suicide (suicide in console as a hider) before the game starts, you don't respawn as IT.
I believe this is part of the vanilla SRB2 mechanics, and is inentional. Dying before hidetime is up doesn't make you IT.
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Old 2 Weeks Ago   #128
Community Noise Maker
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Version 7.5

Sorry, quick fix to something before I call it a night.


	Set hard v-speed limits to characters grabbing the flag while using specials

		Adjusted speed scaling of Sonic's ground pound while underwater

I anticipate this will be the last update for a while unless something pressing comes up. Any updates in the foreseeable future will be focused on stability and bugfixes. Updated screenshots and documentation will be out hopefully later this weekend.

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Old 2 Weeks Ago   #129
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Version 7.6

Today's update includes:
  • An internal reworking of Fang's popgun (originating from TehRealSalt's "Simple Character Rebalancing"), allowing Fang to fire while moving and preventing the popgun from targetting teammates
  • Maintenance, including various bug fixes and balance tweaks

	Fixed sprite display error when Amy attempts to use a special out of hammer thrust
	Fixed Amy's Piko Tornado cooldown being applied too early
	Guarding while performing a special move now correctly resets actionstate
	Reviving from revenge jettysyn state correctly resets actionstate
	Collecting the diamond correctly resets all characters' abilities
	Characters cannot collect diamond while "toss flag" command is on cooldown
	Doubled the height of diamond object (16 -> 32)
	Fixed Tails being able to control RC missiles in situations where specials are not allowed (e.g. holding flag/diamond)
	Disabled excess/nonfunctional RC missile hooks
	Fixed bug that allows Fang to jump and use popgun at same time
	Fixed popgun targeting teammates in Battle gametypes
	Fixed a lua error when a player attempts to join teams before variables have initialized
	Fixed Metal Sonic being unable to maintain dashmode in 2D
	Fixed Metal Sonic being unable to maintain dashmode after being revived from revenge state
	Disallowed guarding as Sonic triggers super spin jump
	Various mechanical adjustments to Amy's tornado hitbox scaling
Game Modes
		Restricted spindash max speeds to half of normal maximum
		Respawn time becomes longer for each successive game over during a match
		Fixed "Game Over" text appearing late when cvar "survival_revenge" is set to 0

		RC Missiles
			Raised missile spawns (2 -> 3)
				Missile spawn number in 2D mode remains (2 -> 2)
			Improved the spacing of missile spawns in 2D mode
		Piko Tornado
			Reduced tornado lifetime in 2D mode (5s -> 3s)
			Can be used at any speed and on steep inclines
				Fang has increased friction while firing popgun
			Reduced horizontal targeting range in 2D mode (RINGDIST*2 -> RINGDIST)
			Reduced vertical targeting range in 2D mode (30 degrees -> 20 degrees)
			Added cork trail to improve visibility
	Metal Sonic
		Reduced weight (125 -> 115)
		Dash Slicer
			Improved consistency of ending strike by raising the frequency of claw projectiles (1/2tics -> 1/tic)
			Applied cooldown later in the animation (longer effective cooldown)
		Added "flags" variable (Set to '1' by default)
			1 SKINVARS_GUARD - Allows guarding.
			2 SKINVARS_GUNSLINGER - Uses the custom gunslinger mod (intended for use with Fang's popgun).
		Removed the "canguard" variable (deprecated by SKINVARS_GUARD)

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Version 7.7

This update adds a spectator "auto-camera" feature for idling spectators. It also fixes a few bugs and adds some minor balance tweaks.

Version 7.7

	Fixed Fang being glued to the ground when he bomb-jumps while landing in tailbounce
	Fixed lua script error in Piko Tornado object's collision script
	Fixed Piko Tornado height collision check not being applied properly
	Fixed a broken sync check for joining players (Caused "Game Set!" to stay on player's screens)
	Fixed super colors being completely overridden by the exhaust meter color flashing script
	Fixed bombs colliding with their owners if the source is an enemy/boss

	Added the spectator "auto-camera"
		Idling for 15 seconds causes the camera to automatically shift viewpoints

	Added "battleconfig_autospectator"
		Toggles the spectator auto-camera feature.

	RC Robo Missile
		Increased max speed (20 -> 28)
		Increased z acceleration of air/water missiles (0.01 -> 0.02)
		Reduced burrowed state max duration while on ground (8s -> 6s)
	Rock Blast
		Modified cooldown to always be: # seconds submerged + 3 seconds

Metal Sonic
	Energy Attacks
		Raised move cooldown (3s -> 3.5s)
---------- Post added at 05:24 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:52 PM ----------

Version 7.8

Fixed a glitch which allowed Fang to fire popgun without stopping.

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Old 1 Week Ago   #131
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I've updated the opening post with a scripting manual. This is mainly geared toward custom character support, but it also contains some information regarding custom gametypes and creating bashable objects.

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Old 1 Week Ago   #132
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Version 7.9

Mostly bug fixes and balance tweaks for Tails and Fang. Also some minor performance related stuff and a small speed buff to Metal Sonic's energy blast.

Version 7.9
	Fixed Tails' RC missiles colliding with teammates
	Fixed Fang being able to shoot without stopping by strafing
	Fixed Fang being able to target team monitors on the other team
	Fixed Fang being able to "skid" in the air while firing popgun
	Fixed Fang's bombs being able to destroy team monitors on the other team
	Reduced particle frequency of the player spawn animation
	Reduced particle frequency and increased particle opacity of item spawn animations
	Added visual effect when a parried player's invulnerability time is removed
	Adjusted the knockback properties of the homing attack
	Players whose projectiles are parried will lose their invulnerability time

	RC Missile
		Missiles disperse when touching one another
		Missiles are destroyed on collision with enemy projectiles

		Reduced firing rate based on the speed Fang is moving
		Reduced flinch time on uncurled opponents by 50%
		Increased popgun endlag when Fang is moving at high speeds
		Raised cooldown (0.5s -> 1s)

Metal Sonic
	Energy Blast
		Raised projectile speed (40 -> 48)

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Old 3 Days Ago   #133
Perhaps I play SRB2 to much
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Default Major Bug with Knuckles

Okay, apparently there is a major bug with Knuckles.

Ever since v7.6, Knuckles is able to stay in his digging/invulnerable state.
To achieve this state, simply bind Fire/Special and Parry to the same key, then press that key while on the ground to activate the glitch.

This glitch breaks survival mode because a player can just be invincible throughout the whole game. Also, if 2 or more players use this glitch, a round would last forever.
You can't interact with anything as well.

Here is a GIF for visual understanding.

Click image for larger version

Name:	srb20036.gif
Views:	26
Size:	7.20 MB
ID:	36590
I wonder what will happen in the near future.

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