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SRB2Kart v1.1 (Final Beta) Details »»
SRB2Kart v1.1 (Final Beta)
Version: v1.1, by VelocitOni (KartKrew Dev) VelocitOni is offline
Developer Last Online: Feb 2020

Version: SRB2 Kart Rating: (26 votes - 4.92 average)
Released: 11-16-2018 Last Update: Never Installs: 22
Characters Single Player Levels Multiplayer Levels Code Changes Models Sprites/Graphics Is in Beta Stage

Kart Krew™ Discord:

SeventhSentinel--err I mean, Sonic explains the v1.1 patch update


Spoiler: An important note

This game has absolutely no single player content outside of time attack. There are no CPU players. To get the full experience, you have to rely on either splitscreen or online multiplayer. As with most games, hosting games will require port forwarding. The port to forward here is 5029, UDP.

It should be noted that this game has absolutely no clientside prediction whatsoever, and runs on a fairly antiquated client/server networking model. It's extremely likely that you will experience latency in some form. Make sure you join servers that you have a low ping to, even if another server has more players. This will help create a better experience for players across many different regions.

Now without further ado, in Sryder's own words...

SRB2Kart is a classic styled kart racer, complete with beautiful courses, and wacky items. Of course, because it’s SRB2Kart, it has a Sonic twist that really shows the classic charm that a lot of us know and love from the good old days™.

We have 100 jam-packed maps for you to bump, explode, and sparkle your way through, from luscious beaches, to Eggman’s dance floor, to England on a good day. All lovingly crafted by many different people. You’ll notice almost every aspect of the game has an immense love and inspiration from the classic sonic games. From the items such as Ballhog, which literally throws bouncey explodey balls at people, to the maps which are bursting with that Sonic feel.

Of course, you'll only start off with a few cups available, but you can unlock more by playing offline/online matches. Alternatively, you can immediately jump into challenging yourself and race us personally in Staff Attack mode! Don't worry, we'll go easy on you.

Game Modes
We have 2 game modes for you to choose from: Race, and Battle.
Race mode is the normal: Race through the track to beat your opponents, use your items and skill to swooce past the competition, Oh my God what is that following behind me HELP! You know, the usual.

Battle mode asks you to violently throw spikeballs at your friends until they have no bumpers and you have some. But watch out, they can come back with a vengeance and chase you to the ends of the earth afterwards! Or maybe if they’re feeling nice they might help you with a powered up item

Spoiler: Characters

As you’ll find, we have 5 characters in the base game to enjoy, all with very distinct stats. Before we go into them individually, I’ll explain how our stats work. We have separate variables that effect the way a character plays. Speed, and Weight. Higher speed gives you a greater top speed, but sacrifices your ability to accelerate, higher weight reduces your control over your drifting, but you bump players that you are heavier than more violently. Your combination of speed & weight decide how fast you earn drift sparks. We have this shown clearly on a handy dandy grid on the character selection screen in the main menu, pick the character that aligns with your desires most!


Sonic is just what you’d expect from our favorite blue hero! Pretty fast and agile! He’s got some good speed, and can control his drifts pretty well, just make sure you get the drift boosts because otherwise you’ll fall behind!


Our cute fox boy Tails! Tails has slow speed, but can really get going quickly, he can also take incredibly tight turns all the time, get close to those corners for him to really slip past people!


Here he comes, tougher than the rest of them. Knuckles is average in both stats, he’s very balanced, and likely a good pick if you don’t know who to try first!

Dr. Eggman

Ohohohohoho! Eggman has come along to steal the competition! He’s quite slow though, so take advantage of his fast drift-spark rate and his immense weight to stop others from overtaking!

Metal Sonic

*Loud Angry Robot Noises* Metal Sonic is fast, and heavy. He’ll fly through the courses if given the chance, but his cornering leaves much to be desired…

Bonus Ducks Characters
Included with the main download is bonuschars.kart. We don’t add it by default, but you can easily do so from the add-ons menu for many more characters to play with! A slew of extras, by a trio of our other devs in their free-time, as well as a few Community artists!

The Various Other Things
-Make sure to check out the in-game manual by pressing F1 or using the menu if you need some help or tips!
-We’ve added some extra Quality of Life features from the vanilla game to help out, such as multi-admin and a chat system that is readable!
-There’s a slight lack of documentation for modding currently, we’ll try and get on that as soon as we can.

We plan to redo the crediting in some fashion eventually so all the track sources can be included in-game, but until then they'll all just be right here for very easy viewing!

Spoiler: Miscellaneous Music Sources

Title Screen | Fluvial Beat Deposits - Simon Stålenhag
Voting Screen | Chaotic World - Knuckles' Chaotix
Voting Screen End | Decision - Knuckles' Chaotix
Invincibility | Invincibility - Sonic the Hedgehog 3
Grow | Surging Power - Knuckles' Chaotix
Race Intermission (Win) | Practice - sora: SUGURI II (DEKU)
Race Intermission (Lose) | Hit Em Up (Instrumental) - 2Pac
Race Intermission (NO CONTEST) | Results - F-Zero
Battle Finish Jingles | Bomberman Tournament (Game Boy)
Battle Intermission/Staff Attack | Menu - Metropolis Street Racer
Waiting to Join | Race Results - Sonic the Hedgehog 3
New Challenger | Minor Boss - Sonic the Hedgehog 3 - MarkeyJester (Dual PCM)
Credits | Chomp - Moot Booxle

If you don't have the game, then you want the Full Install. If you already have v1.0.3 or higher, then you might want to use the Patch to save on download size, but it is otherwise functionally identical to using the full installer on the same folder.

Full Install (Windows 32-bit)
Patch (Windows 32-bit) (Extract and replace files toward root SRB2Kart folder)

Full Install (Windows 64-bit)
Patch (Windows 64-bit) (Extract and replace files toward root SRB2Kart folder)

Full Install (Mac)

Spoiler: Linux Installation Instructions

SRB2Kart now uses an APT repository via Launchpad for handling Linux editions. Your add-ons and data will be saved in your home folder (~/.srb2kart). To view information about each install package, visit our Launchpad PPA page:

Debian users will first need to use these commands to retrieve the repository public key:
$ sudo apt-get install dirmngr
$ sudo apt-key adv --keyserver hkp:// --recv-keys BC359FFF5A04B56C41DBC134289CABAB043F53A7
Next, Debian & Ubuntu users can run these commands to install the game.
$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kartkrew/srb2kart
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install srb2kart
If Terminal does not have a "add-apt-repository" command, then also enter:
$ sudo apt-get install software-properties-common
These instructions are largely identical to base SRB2's, just switched out repo & package names. For more detailed information, visit this page:

The changelogs for every single update can be found here:

MANUAL (F1 in-game)

The non-Windows builds are experimental and haven't been tested nearly as much; if you have issues, you can always attempt to compile it for yourself on your own computer:

Download Now

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Name:	kart0188.gif
Views:	6060
Size:	6.17 MB
ID:	13693   Click image for larger version

Name:	kart0190.gif
Views:	4751
Size:	5.96 MB
ID:	13694  

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Old 02-27-2019   #102
Red The Pyrohog
*Smells like Takis.
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Darn good modding! In fact this 'mod' is just a fan game on its own!

... How do you extract sprites from .kart files? I'd like to use the default sprites for some wads.
Check out my deviantART here:

Oh yeah, and link to my first WAD on this board:
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Old 03-01-2019   #103
'That brit'
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Originally Posted by ThePuzzledBoy View Post
Not much else to say, but there's a slight problem when running this on Linux, or at least on Ubuntu 18.04. I can't access bonuschars.kart under normal circumstances. I have to move the file to ~/.srb2kart and enable it from the addons menu just to access it.
Not a massive amount we can do about that just due to where the add-ons menu looks and where things get installed, I think. You can still add the file without moving it by just using "addfile bonuschars.kart" in the console since it'll look at the path it installed it to by default as well.
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Old 03-18-2019   #104
KartKrew Dev
VelocitOni's Avatar

Version 1.0.4's been out since 4am! Oops!
Kart Krew Workshop Thread
SRB2 Top Down & SRB2 Kart
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Old 03-29-2019   #105
Also known as TemporaryAl
gregory_house's Avatar

Whenever I try checking for player.splitscreenplayer in a splitscreen game, I only get nil for all players, can anyone else confirm that?
My friends are my strength. - Discord: TemporaryAl#4689
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Old 04-05-2019   #106
FelipeO_O's Avatar

I heard this is more popular than Srb2 vanilla heh
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Old 04-05-2019   #107
SteelT's Avatar

Originally Posted by gregory_house View Post
Whenever I try checking for player.splitscreenplayer in a splitscreen game, I only get nil for all players, can anyone else confirm that?
The changelog is wrong, it's not player.splitscreenplayer, but actually player.splitscreenindex

Last edited by SteelT; 04-05-2019 at 03:05 AM.
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Old 05-29-2019   #108
Worst Ranked 'Kart Player
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There's a lot of changes to go over, so for the changelog, check here:
The least skilled player on the Kart Krew dev team, but I try my best. Maybe someday...

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Old 05-29-2019   #109
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MD4 when?⠀
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Old 05-29-2019   #110
Social Media Manager
SeventhSentinel's Avatar

Don't feel like reading the changelog? Here are the highlights of v1.1.
FM synths forever
SoundCloud / Twitch / Twitter

Last edited by SeventhSentinel; 05-30-2019 at 12:24 AM.
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Old 05-29-2019   #111
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Originally Posted by SeventhSentinel View Post
Don't feel like reading the changelog? IFRAME mess here Here are the highlights of v1.1.
Yea, no Iframes here, you have to use the YOUTUBE control
P.S. already edited your post
"remember, hacking SRB2 is a good thing, cracking it's save games is not" - Alam and Logan Arias

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Old 12-08-2019   #112
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Hey there! Please update the repos for Debian/Ubuntu! They're still on 1.0.2 and are missing release series for Eoan and Focal.
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Old 01-04-2020   #113
Waluiida's Avatar
Default My two cents.

Originally Posted by Yacker View Post
Been playing this with friends since it came out, so gonna give my two cents I suppose.

At first, I loathed the controls. It felt so...foreign. But you know, I got used to them. I even think they're pretty fun now. Of course, once I got better at them, I started to loathe all the other aspects.

In time trials, the game is undoubtably fun. In online multiplayer, it honestly just feels like an exercise in futility. If you fall behind at all, it becomes nigh impossible to ever have a chance at first place again. This is due to many reasons, starting with:

the blue shell being changed to just be avoidable if you're fast enough. On paper, this sounds like a good idea: reward players who are skilled enough with avoiding it, right? In practice, this usually just amounts to not making any overt mistakes, which isn't hard if you're front running away from the pack. This is even further compounded by...

The pack honestly feels like it's even worse than in normal Mario Kart games. You seem to have reduced red shells and such, but fake item boxes have received an even more devastating effect, removing your item and causing an explosion around you. First place is unlikely to hit these due to being alone, but people in the pack are very liable to run into them thanks to power item usage and having to navigate other players, and all it does is serve to keep the pack even further behind. Speaking of...

Power items feel a lot less useful here. Partially because turning becomes impossible when using them, and partially due to track design. Very few tracks even have frequent off road, with many even incorporating a lot of "out of bounds" with, or instead of, off road, and the few that do you're likely to just mess up turns due to how different your handling becomes when using them, and bump into people as well. Which brings me to my next point...

Bumping into people in Mario Kart isn't an uncommon occurrence, but little comes from it. Both players are just shoved to the side a bit, nothing that can't be handled. But in Kart, both players tend to get absolutely catapulted away in opposite directions, completely screwing over both players. Compound that with power items making handling hard, and the pack is frequently screwing each other over.

And you know what? Maybe each of these points wouldn't be as bad, if it weren't for what is possibly the worst sin...

Still using SRB2's server side networking. Even for normal SRB2 no one wants to use it, it's just tolerated because there's nothing better. I get that this is definitely a hard one to fix, but it really shows its faults in a twitch based racer like this.

Also this last one is less of a criticism and more of an inconsistency that slightly bothers me: why does the mega mushroom not give you off road abilities when all the other similar speed enhancing items do?

TL;DR: offline play is fantastic, online play is miserable.
This guy brings up a lot of issues in an otherwise great game.

At top speed drifting becomes a major hazard even without the help of speed boosts. My solution would be to add a traction statistic or make it the same across the board. As it is now, drifting has the same effect as hydroplaning in real life. Simply put, you have taken the hovercraft from Diddy Kong Racing and added wheels to it. Tightening the drifting by 50% will make most of the races which are designed for tight cornering much more enjoyable. For example, the Mario Kart courses, Cloud Cradle Zone, that desert canyon race, and any others with hairpin turns.

The collision values also need to be tweaked. Not only between racers, It also needs to be fixed with walls and items. Spin outs caused by items should last half the distance they do now. They should still kill all your speed but not also send you flying into the abyss. As it is between karts, colliding with another player at a dead stop transfers all your speed to said player. Essentially giving said player a free speed boost. Therefore, collisions from the rear should only transfer 25% of your max speed. Collisions with walls have the same effect as colliding with another kart from the side. You shoot away like two magnets of the same polarity. As such, if you as so much tap the wall, all forward momentum is redirected away from said object. Head on collisions are fine as is, with walls, other karts, and projectile items.

I agree that online matches are incredibly punishing. One wrong move and you are limping toward the finish line with the slim chance of actually crossing it. Simply put: online matches are luck based. Solving the issues mentioned above should fix this problem and make it more skill based.

That being said, a 1:1 size ratio of all the Mario Kart tracks are too small for this game. Especially with how all the characters/karts handle as they are now. It is like trying to walk a damaged tightrope, blindfolded, and while applying grease to it as you go. Ergo, a slight size increase of 25% would make them less stress inducing.

Lastly, increase the break power on the karts. Its like stepping on a plum.

Other than that it is a really great game.
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Old 1 Week Ago   #114

Hey guys. I am curious where the save data is stored. I got this on my switch, and I am curious about transferring saves and replay data between the it and the pc version.
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