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For what it's worth, you can use Multiability with Spindash now. CA2_SPINDASH and SF_MULTIABILITY are compatible - for that matter, SF_MULTIABILITY is a flag, like Metal Sonic's SF_DASHMODE and SF_SUPER (and you can use any amount of flags you want, as long as each one after the first is separated by the | character), and not part of CA2 anymore. So, you don't need a script for that functionality anymore.
Really? Sweet, I'll be sure to use this method for the next version. There's virtually no documentation of 2.2's new modding features on the Wiki so thank you for this.

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Oh gosh, you used the very, VERY old Super Sonic drawing. XD XD

Were you missing any drawings to create this? I might have more stuff than what was included in my release pack of artwork. Happy to work with you on this.
The only drawings I couldn't find for the love of me were the other rotations for the teetering animation and the goal post. The ancient Super Sonic drawings I actually had to finish myself (only the two front rotations had shading), though I noticed a couple of drafts for a faster flying pose too. I'm interested in seeing what else you might have in store!
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