Whisper the Wolf

Whisper the Wolf 1.2.1


Mostly a bugfix update, but following patchnotes

-Fixed a problem with Whisper firing her gun when SRB2infinitey is loaded
-Whisper's lasers now penetrate ATZ Crystal Switches and still activate them
-Gun Overlay no longer flickers when framerate is too high
-whisperfpshud command is no longer tied to every player in the server
-whispers hammer is now able to power spring and break floors properly again
-Whisper can now be paired up with Tangle! (Use Custom1 to switch!)
-SRB2P bugfixes
Fixed cooldowns being broken by mistake
There was a big desync issue in the last Persona patch when playing online, this patch hopes to fix the desyncs and such, while also tweaking some of her balance. Please download this if you play Whisper online!

- Fixed Whisper's wisp switch mechanic causing desyncs
- Altered Zen Mindset. Rocket attacks now remain as Fire even after Zen Mindset, but gain extra power.
- Whisper's only regular melee attack will be Laser's until further notice, until we can find a viable solution to avoid changing charStats.
- Fixed Whisper's stats not updating properly after battle if she was the last to move.
- Fixed Devastate not properly restoring affinities.
- Nerfed Recoil's damage return.
- Recoil can no longer kill you.
- Fixed several mobj.valid bugs.
- Whisper's table of wisps can now be changed out using mo.w_wispset
- Fixed wisp skills not updating properly when switching sub-personas
- Spikes no longer applies when its move misses, gets blocked, or gets drained.
A new update for Whisper! We've got bug fixes aplenty! Some new features and of course, the big ol' Persona Support!




Whisper joins SRB2P with her own Wispon system, unleash powerful wispon abilities!

New features are as follows
- Of course the big ol Persona support! Complete with her own Wisp system!
- Added the console command "whisperaim" which when toggled on, disallows Whisper from aiming up and down (for those who prefer to aim their camera than aim their gun)
- Partial Battlemod support
- The ability to fire the wispon with the Fire Normal key in ringslinger based modes, now you can jump n' shoot!​

Bugs fixed are as follows
- Lasers bouncing off of the skybox (if it still does it in certain areas that's just SRB2 jank at that point)
- Lasers hitting the floor at a certain angle will no longer zip straight north
- TNT not being blown up by rocket
- Players jump getting stuck if they landed with hover within a certain frame window
- Players drown timers being reset if cubified underwater in pvp or friendlyfire on settings
- Hovering past the endgoal while hovering and super freezing your hover frames in place
- Hovering into springs at a certain velocity getting you stuck in hover frames
- Hammering into slopes sending you into extreme speeds (bye bye Super Cube Jump)
- Transforming while holding jump hovering strangely
- Rocket being unable to hurt players correctly unless "friendlyfire on" was on in pvp modes
- Being able to spawn rings in Ultimate mode using cube (sorry! no easy mode for you!)
- Various console lua issues
- Models should now rotate correctly in NiGHTs mode
- Various other minor issues​

Thanks to Alfredo for the majority of bugfixing, thank you to Lach for getting a proper SPRITEINFO in place for fellow modders, and a big thanks to Wood Man (AKA GlitchedPhoenix) for implementing Whispers entire Persona support, superb work!​


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