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Whisper the Wolf - Shh!

Whisper the Wolf

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Whisper the Wolf, sneaking in from the Sonic IDW comics, with her Variable Wispon in tow makes it to SRB2!

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Whisper is a very versatile character, with many tools for a variety of situations, perfecting each of her tool allows you to traverse maps with relative ease!
So, lets go through her kit, shall we?

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Man I gotta try this immediately once I get back on the SRB2 grind
oh my god she is the character ever
Every move she has is so well made,
The first person inclusion was amazing,
Light you did so well on this!
Amazing character, but quick question. When you turn super what's the difference for the laser? I know the rest are amplified but the laser part looks the same. Are there any buffs to it?
Amazing character, but quick question. When you turn super what's the difference for the laser? I know the rest are amplified but the laser part looks the same. Are there any buffs to it?

The Laser will automatically home into a nearby enemy if you land your first shot, like this!

I know it's not exactly obvious, but it does get amplified.
Very neat character. I went through the main maps and then sent myself into two Chaos Mode maps, and I found a lot more to say regarding this character from playing Master Difficulty Chaos Mode than the main story. (I sometimes run Chaos Mode to see how a character fares against an army of Badniks)
I'll start with the overall moveset. It's quite fun! Being able to just snipe enemies with lasers is cool, and having a slow-yet-powerful explosive is always fun to mess around with. It blowing up the Arid Canyon minecart doors is always a plus.
But wow, having to frantically shake off enemies in Chaos Mode in Master Difficulty was just a bit more annoying than I feel it should be. And quite a few of my issues regard trying to aim the lasers at things.

First off, aiming just slightly downwards (and I mean slightly) makes it bounce... strangely. For some reason, it stops going forward, and bounces... north? I think? It's quite consistent, no matter which way you face, if the angle it hits the floor is close enough to parallel it will bounce in that one particular direction. If this happens, it also seems to get stuck to the floor, so it starts following the slopes downward and whatnot.
The walls, meanwhile, like sucking up the laser beams. Going up against a wall and aiming even somewhat parallel to the wall tends to suck up the shot. If the wall is even somewhat onscreen, you can be sure your shot's being eaten.
Trying to aim down a cliff is also a bit hit-or-miss. You have to move so far forwards to prevent the shots from bouncing upwards, and combined with the recoil moving you backwards it becomes easier to just jump off before firing... before EVERY shot.
When in maps as platform-focus as the main game it's at worst an annoyance. In Chaos Mode's toughest difficulty? It's a nightmare. I swear the laser's hitboxes are bigger than Whisper herself. I hate it. All these issues combined make aiming and firing the lasers way more difficult than it should be, which oddly enough hinder Whisper's ability to actually snipe things. Mostly from above, which is where you get a good view of anything grounded, and thus would be otherwise the best sniping spots.

The rockets are... also hit-and-miss performance-wise. Often, the double-damage and the AOE is a wonderful combo, but the homing is kinda... weak. If the enemy the rockets target move even just a bit away it will likely miss. In addition, the rockets keep trying to home into things it can't actually swerve towards. That, and trying to aim at distant targets (like Badnik spawners) will often just result in the rockets targeting, say, the nearby Eggman monitors instead. Ow.
This means it's sometimes easier trying to blow up a specific target from close-range. Which... considering how you can hit yourself with your own rockets explosion... is a recipe for disaster.

For some reason (performance?), you're only allowed one laser at a time, but no limits on how many rockets, which sometimes makes rockets quicker regarding quickly dispatching distant targets, despite homing issues.

Being totally honest, I haven't tested how practical the Spike attack is at close range too much. To be somewhat fair to myself, I was trying to play like a sniper, and getting closer into danger seemed like a bad idea. Also I just forgot to consider it every time enemies were in my face. That said, I do remember thinking "damn it stop going over the crabs". Also, when I tested against Crawlas, it went over them too, and then I got hit, so I don't think it's effective against grounded robots in general.

The Cube hammer, meanwhile, is one I HAVE tried to use. Believe it or not, but it wasn't too helpful against enemies as agile as Chaos Mode Badniks, mostly because, for some reason, adding the Chaos Mode mod makes it so you bounce off enemies. Oof. That, and there's a lot of airborne foes, so it can't help too much there.
Also was messing around when somehow I got hurt from the basic Crawlas when I landed on it with the hammer? Both before and after adding Chaos mod? Though it's tough for me to re-produce this. It seems super inconsistent. Even tried using Objectplace to help test, and it's safe to say I have no idea why I very rarely just get hit.
ALSO also I don't think the AOE bit has any upward range limit other than "enemy not in air", which means you can cube enemies way above you on a cliff.

Honestly, I mostly want the laser beams changed the most. Aside from fixing the strange direction change, I feel like I want the same change for them as I want for Metal Sonic's Energy Blast in Battlemod: Make its hitbox smaller for terrain while adding a second larger hitbox that only hits players/badniks/stuff. I feel it should be possible, I've seen people add the Insta-Shield. Do something like that, but for a projectile, and make sure the projectile disappears like normal if the bigger hitbox hits a Badnik/player.
I must admit that Metal Sonic is very difficult to deal with Whisper, and it would be useful to have a target aim to make Laser more useful.
I would also suggest making Spike deal damage againts bosses, so that it would be much more useful.
I must admit that Metal Sonic is very difficult to deal with Whisper, and it would be useful to have a target aim to make Laser more useful.
I would also suggest making Spike deal damage againts bosses, so that it would be much more useful.
...but spike does deal damage against bosses?
If you're referring to how Spike doesn't do anything to Metal Sonic until he dodges, then I guess yeah. It always bugs me when a projectile doesn't hit Metal Sonic just because he doesn't recognize it as an attack he's supposed to dodge.
I also find using Laser against Metal Sonic easy. In both first-person AND third-person. Honestly, I had more trouble figuring out how to hit him with the rockets.
Ive Beaten the game with her, and here how it has gone
greenflower zone, nothing much, altho i realised i probably wont use the hammer and hover combo because the timing is way too hard, got 5 emeralds
techno, i went through the upper path and i realised she has big speedrunning potential, got all emeralds, techno 2 is when i tested her super, its awesome
deep sea, went through pretty fast, her hover serves as a one and a half jump, really fast, deep 2 was when i used her water hover ability to go through
castle egg had me skip half of the stage with her hover, i skipped the collapsing bridge with super, castle egg 2, that backyard with too many springs was skipped with the hover, but i fell in the spikes, and realized she can hover above spikes, neat
arid canyon was pretty nice, skipped so much from the stage with the hover ability, arid 2 was again skipped
red volcano zone was the real test, she got through with flying colors, hover, hover, hover, not much to say,
egg rock was skip
metal sonic race was really funny, skipped the lava part as a whole, she isnt that fast tho
now for the bosses, the rocket is so powerful it breaks the game, those buttons at castle eggman 3 remained unpressed in the end because i realized the explosion from the rocket did damage even with the gate, and fangs 2nd fase was broken because the double damage didnt break the walls, final boss was a joke
on a side note, i inserted a sonic model in the models.dat file and he was weird cuz of the 2 objects, but since tails had 2... things? he worked, it looked like he had magic tails, his super works fine too
Its an awesome mod that has so much potential, light did a great mod once again

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