character: whisper the wolf

  1. Grigri

    What do you all think of Whisper the wolf?

    i really like her personally, i may even be getting a plush for her on my birthday but im noo 100% sure about that lmao. anyway i really like her design and her character, its interesting to read about and her backstory is also one that has me interested in it.
  2. AAC Plus

    my weird problem with the Spike Wisp from the Whisper the Wolf mod (light-dasher)

    I am relatively new to using and installing mods, especially in srb2. I decided to add a whisper mod since I already had the accompanying tangle mod (for reference I'm using the mods made by Light-dasher and their team). after messing around with it for all of 5 seconds I encountered a weird...
  3. light dasher

    Whisper the Wolf 1.2.1

    Whisper the Wolf Whisper the Wolf, sneaking in from the Sonic IDW comics, with her Variable Wispon in tow makes it to SRB2! Whisper is a very versatile character, with many tools for a variety of situations, perfecting each of her tool allows you to traverse maps with relative ease! So...