1. SloppySlowpoke

    What characters from comics/spin-offs would you like to see in official Sonic games?

    Me, personally? I'd love to see Tangle, Whisper and Surge in official games. I love them.
  2. light dasher

    Whisper the Wolf 1.2.1

    Whisper the Wolf Whisper the Wolf, sneaking in from the Sonic IDW comics, with her Variable Wispon in tow makes it to SRB2! Whisper is a very versatile character, with many tools for a variety of situations, perfecting each of her tool allows you to traverse maps with relative ease! So...
  3. Yo-So-Ku

    Kit the fennec (pixel art?)

    Introducing kitsunami the fennec otherwise known as kit the fennec. isa a character from idw comics desieghned after tails by doctor starline also is backup to surge the tenrec ive been trying to make this guy for so long and this is all i could do . No point in keeping this to myself
  4. light dasher

    Surge the Tenrec! 1.3

    Surge The Tenrec Surge the Tenrec is bolting in from the Sonic IDW comics straight into SRB2! Surge is rather skilled with her powers of Electricity, allowing her to charge herself up to enhance herself and her moves to clear zones faster and/or easier. Be mindful of water though, that'll...
  5. light dasher

    Tangle the Lemur 1.0.2

    Tangle the Lemur! Well well well, here we are, finally, after all this time, did you know this was the first mod I started working on coming back to SRB2? Because of that the sprite quality is a little poorer compared to my others, but I'm sure you can overlook that c; Tangle the Lemur is an...