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In Sonic CD, one of its main selling points was the ability to time travel. Whenever I play a map, I can't help but wonder... Wouldn't it be nice for this map to have some sort of alternate version? Then this came to mind.

With that, I present to you the Time Warp signs from Sonic CD!

How do they work?
Very simple, really: time-travel signs will start to spin when you walk into them. From there, you'll glow blue (if going to the past) or red (if going to the future). From there, all you have to do is RUNRUNRUNRUNRUNRUNRUNRUNRUNRUNRUNRUNRUN and eventually, if you're going fast enough when the sign stops spinning, you'll travel through time!

(note: gif is outdated)

It is a good system for making Sonic CD-like levels.

To set it up:
  1. Load the addon file into your map.​
  2. Place at least one Past Sign and/or Future Sign on your map.​
  3. Create 2 other maps - one for the past, and one for the future.​
  4. Use "Lua.pastmap" in your level header to specify the map to travel to when going to the past. Use "Lua.futuremap" in your level header to specify the map to travel to when going to the future.​
  5. Make sure that there is a lot of space to run around next to the signs - sufficient speed is required to activate the time warp.​
  6. Make sure that all of the maps that are to be linked by time warp signs are the exact same shape and size, and in the exact same position - differences are allowed, but if the maps don't have the same boundaries and/or position, the player might end up outside the level upon time-traveling.​
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This might be great for players who wanna make a past/future level, infact, it will make players wanna do them whenever this mod is around. Welcome to Releases
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