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Sometimes, you're walking in the middle of the street. You're walking DOWN the middle of the street as cars swerve to avoid you and end up crashing. Suddenly, you have an epiphany. You realize that you have a lot of ideas for a bunch of Lua scripts, but... there's one problem. They're all too small to be their own add-ons. Then, you test them out together and realize they work surprisingly well when loaded together!

And so those Lua scripts became the Crazy Modules.

As of v1, there are 9 modules:
Eggman has coated the planet in an invisible toxic gas. Smaller critters cannot inhale enough of the gas to harm themselves and are perfectly immune to it. Larger life forms, on the other hand, would need a greater source of energy to survive the gas... like the Chaos Emeralds!

Realizing this, Sonic grabs the Emeralds just as he begins to choke, turns Super, and breathes in the air as his airway opens once more. He's gonna have to keep his Super form all the way to Eggman, or else life on Earth as a whole could end.

Pretty simple: you get all the Emeralds, 50 rings, and turn Super when you spawn in, and you die if you run out of rings.
superordie - Toggle the Super or Die module.
In a world where the economy has collapsed, Rings are the only remaining items of value. If you have no rings (like most other people), you are powerless, fruitless, and easily killed. On the other hand, if you have a lot of rings (like... sigh... EGGMAN), you are a powerful being capable of destroying the world with a single snap.

You're also really fucking big.

Your size is determined by your ring count. More rings means a bigger body. You'll instantly shrink down if you get hit.
ringscale - Toggle the Ring Scale module.
ringsize - Set how much of a fracunit of size should be obtained from rings. Default: 10
default_ringsize - Set how much of a fracunit of size you are at your smallest. Default: 2
Monitors are actually hydras in disguise, so when you hit a monitor, it multiplies.
*blue screen of death*

When you break a monitor, more monitors of that type will spawn in. Enjoy BSODS!
multimonitor - Toggle the Multi Monitor module.
multimonitor_count - Set how many monitors are spawned from breaking one monitor.
Super Sonic requires rings to remain Super, due to the immense amount of energy it requires. However, if Super Sonic stacks up a large enough amount of energy, he could theoretically transform into a powerful (albeit weakened) Hyper Sonic!

In this basic Hyper form, anything that doesn't kill you instantly can easily be breezed through. Drowning and suffocating are also not sources of concern in this form!
hyperform - Toggle the Hyper Form module.
hyper_rings - Set how many rings are needed to enter Hyper form. Default: 500
Yep, Hedgehogs Float is back for more, so I'll just...
Now, when the guys at Sega decided that Sonic couldn't swim, everybody knows they were wrong. Nobody stepped up to stop them, though.

Except me. I came up with the greatest idea ever, and I worked hard, day and night, to make sure that I was able to get it out.

And what, you ask, did I end up doing? It is the greatest thing anyone has ever given Sonic and Amy in the longest time of EVER:

They float on water.

Sure, Sonic and Amy floating on water are revolutionary for a Sonic game, but there WILL be times when you actually want to go down into the depths of the ocean. In these cases, holding Custom 1 temporarily revokes this blessing and makes Sonic and Amy drop like bricks into the water. To bless Sonic and Amy with buoyancy again, just let go of Custom 1.

The only problem is: Water has no friction, so you can't spin, jump, or use your hammer on it. On the bright side, Deep Sea Zone seems a lot less scary now!
hedgehogsfloat - Toggle the Hedgehogs Float module.
hedgehogsfloat_faithcannon - A common and funny bug in the original release of Hedgehogs Float was that Sonic and Amy could skyrocket out of waterfalls. Use this to toggle that behavior.

Eggman is fed up with Sonic and his friends spoiling his plans. Then, he has an idea - why not just challenge them and give them a time limit? If Sonic truly is the fastest thing alive, this should be no problem for him... or will it be?

Every level gets a time limit. When that time limit runs out, every player in the server dies. The timer can also do other things when it runs out, such as remove friction, swap Super states, lower the sector brightness, and a bit more.

This might be the most customizable module in this pack, so sorry if bugs.
eggwatch - Toggle the Egg Watch module.
eggwatch_time - Set how much time (in seconds) the Egg Watch is set to. Default: 200
eggwatch_punishment - Set what happens when the Egg Watch times out. Default: 1 - Everyone dies
eggwatch_event - Set what happens when the Egg Watch times out on setting 3. Default: 1 - Everyone switches skins
eggwatch_name - Set the name of the Egg Watch. Purely cosmetic. Default: "Egg Watch"
Sonic is suffering from claustrophobia. Still, that won't stop him from defeating Eggman! Unfortunately, Eggman knows about Sonic's claustrophobic tendencies, and won't hesitate to use them to his advantage.

The ceiling and floor of all sectors will contract. FOFs will get thinner and thinner and will eventually appear to invert themselves.
claustrophobia - Toggle the Claustrophobia module.
claustrophobia_factor - Set how many fracunits the ceiling and floor contract per tic.
Sonic has had it. All through his life he's been:
  • Falling into nonexistent pits by going too fast
  • Being flattened to the ground by moving blocks and not being able to move
  • Falling from above the clouds
  • Being run over by a car
  • Being run over by a big-ass truck
  • Being eaten by a giant Chopper (or Chomper, I forget)
  • Burning up in lava
  • Falling 16 stories onto a spiked roof
  • Falling into poisoned water
Where do you think I got those deaths from? Anyway, Sonic one day finds an ad in the newspaper for a special strand of DNA made by Tails that, supposedly, makes you virtually immortal. Instantly, Sonic called Tails and asked for the DNA strand. After an agonizing surgery, Sonic is confident that he cannot be killed.

  • If you touch a damaging object, it will be destroyed.
  • If you fall into lava, you will burn your ass and be launched upwards. Hold Jump to get more height out of this.
  • If you are electrocuted, you will leap out of shock. Hold Jump to get more height out of this.
  • If you are crushed, you will be flattened, drastically reducing your height. Press Fire to return to normal.
  • If you fall into the abyss, it will shoot you back up.
  • If you are nuked, you will be launched in one direction.
miraclehog - Toggle the Miracle Hog module.
Sonic has, sadly and unfortunately, come down with a very serious case of scarlet fever. To make matters worse, Eggman knows this, and has decided to start his evil plan NOW! Sonic needs to stop him, but he's too sick to do anything. Tails has determined that Sonic WILL recover from scarlet fever (Hooray!) but Eggman's plan will have succeeded long before that happens. (!yarooH)

Knuckles is too busy guarding the Master Emerald to interfere with Eggman, and Tails is too busy trying to sell the aforementioned DNA strand. Luckily, Tails has an idea! He decides to build a sort of sentient living organism that can stop Eggman in Sonic's stead. Ideally, the figure would look and act just like Sonic.

Tails realizes that he has no organic material to build the organism out of, so he resorts for ice. Yeah, ICE! Once the organism is sentient, molded to look like Sonic, and knows the task it needs to do, the last thing it remembers is Sonic saying "Please... go stop Eggman... I know you can do it... I believe... in you..."

As time passes, you will gradually melt. If you melt completely, you will die. You'll turn red when you are about to dissipate.
Grab rings or submerge yourself in water or a water-like substance (including lava, because Red Volcano Zone) to recollect yourself. Don't worry - you're made of ice, so water is your air and your friend.
melting - Toggle the Melting module.
melting_factor - Set how much of a fracunit you melt away per tic (assuming 1 fracunit is full size) Default: 450
melting_rainchance - Set the chance of reconstituting when standing outside in the rain. Default: 25

These modules can be customized and toggled at will to create an entirely new gameplay experience!
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step 3: turn egg watch on
step 4: watch the world burn

the eggwatch has so much potential i think it could have been it's own mod
but the fact that it comes with various other ridiculous bonuses is great
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I like srb2 lua mods that give you lots of silly mods to try. perfect if you want to have fun in srb2, to be honest i like the metling module
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Crazy is a good way of describing these for sure. Chaotic too. Some of these are pretty fun, while others seem to outright break the game if you tinker with them too much, but I do think they can be interesting to play around with.
Great work here and Welcome Aboard!
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