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Now, when the guys at Sega decided that Sonic couldn't swim, everybody knows they were wrong. Nobody stepped up to stop them, though.

Except me. I came up with the greatest idea ever, and I worked hard, day and night, to make sure that I was able to get it out.

And what, you ask, did I end up doing? It is the greatest thing anyone has ever given Sonic and Amy in the longest time of EVER:

They float on water.


Sure, Sonic and Amy floating on water are revolutionary for a Sonic game, but there WILL be times when you actually want to go down into the depths of the ocean. In these cases, holding Custom 1 temporarily revokes this blessing and makes Sonic and Amy drop like bricks into the water. To bless Sonic and Amy with buoyancy again, just let go of Custom 1.

The only problem is: Water has no friction, so you can't spin, jump, or use your hammer on it. On the bright side, Deep Sea Zone seems a lot less scary now!
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Thinker: Hedgehogs Can Float On THZ Goop And Water XD
Nice Mod!
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A really useful and funny way of navigation using water. Waterfalls pretty much become Faith Cannons as Sonic, and if their top can be stood on, it can be a really niche hiding place in Tag or a sneaky sniper's spot in Match/CTF. Can also introduce some new speedrun routes in stages like Deep Sea Zone, not to mention the Azure Temple.

But you CAN disable watercannoning with the new variable, limiting the speed at which you rise at. Perfect for competitive settings.

And yep, it no longer behaves weird with THZ goop, awesome :awesome:

Overall, neat tool.
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i was gonna say this in the discussion tab but i couldn't find it on this so the star rating is kinda false because i havent been able to try it cause it wont work for some reason i have the latest update and im on the latest version of SRB2 and it just wont work for me and i dont know why.
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funny mod 11/10
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Well, it does what it says on the tin!
I do find it kinda funny that due to SRB2's water physics, you can end up getting some insane height from even a puddle of water though.
Welcome Aboard!
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