The Games Factory Sonic (AKA Earless HD)

The Games Factory Sonic (AKA Earless HD) 1.1


The Games Factory Sonic is back, hailing from the distant past of the late 90s! He should play just like you remember him playing way back then!

-Situational Higher Gravity-
TGF Sonic has higher gravity when he jumps, but ONLY when he jumps. If he walks off a ledge, or uses a spring, his gravity will be normal.

TGF Sonic can either roll in place, or roll into badniks to destroy them. I wouldn't recommend doing that though, because of...

-Killing Dead-
TGF Sonic has a 1 in 3 chance to get hurt from killing enemies, and he cant collect the rings he looses. Better grab those shields!

-Near instant acceleration-
TGF Sonic is very challenging to control, so tread carefully!

So what are you waiting for, get Robo Blasting like it's 1998!
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  1. Version 1.1

    I done goofed and misplaced the super sprites in the pk3, so now they display properly!

Latest reviews

This is a pretty neat recreation of SRB1 Sonic, I like it! Though, it'd be nice if you could also bring back Super Sonic as he was playable in SRB1 Xmas, and had Earless sprites. If so I think his color should be on the sprite instead of as a super color [to match how his colors were animated in the original], as well as transforming with Jump instead of Spin, with no animation or music.
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This is truly a rtx on moment for earless
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Excellent recreation of SRB1's gameplay. His janky gameplay makes him really interesting and challenging to play. Though, doing a full game run will turn each stage to "How many lives can you get" to prepare for the boss fight. Though I personally find that fun, so it's not much of a negative in my book. Only suggestion I can make is to make his rings collectable, as hard as they can be able to get. This would make boss fights a lot easier.
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This dude is just, so goofy to play as, I love how the jump physics and instant acceleration emulate the movement from the TGF games, the killing dead thing is a nice touch but the lack of a recovery option means bosses can be a pain to deal with even if you don't get hit by attacks, since you may die from simply hitting them instead. Either way, he's a fun character in his own way, and you've done a good job at recreating that 1998 gameplay.
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When the killing dead is on! :flushed:
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It's So Bad It's Good
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Welcome to releases!
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