Intro inspired paper sprite peelout animation

[Reusable] Intro inspired paper sprite peelout animation 1.3.1

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Just a simple paper sprite peelout, which gives sonic dashmode to show it off in action. Use it for whatever you want! Thanks to amperbee for helping with angle math!
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Latest updates

  1. 1.3.1

    Added dash frames for super made by Icezer!
  2. 1.3

    Resprited the peelout frames. That's all
  3. Version 1.2

    - Fixed Peelout not flipping in reverse gravity (Thanks Inferno!) - Added an alternate version...

Latest reviews

this is great! the peelout is my favorite moves in sonic history. but can you make it compatible with 3d models?
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I Need a little help about switching the sprites name,because when i load it with the sprite switched,game crash,so how i can fix this error using this peel out?
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This mod is pretty good, I love it! I like how you nerfed the thok, it isn't powerful but is still strong enough to take sharp turn while keeping it. My only problem is when you reach max of the dash mode when the hologram appears, it doesn't show the peelout legs. Otherwise this is a great mod!
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I Honestly like this one better, Good work!
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Very cool of a mod, but the problem I have with it is that every time I use it on SRB2 Uncapped, there's another layer sprite with the dash effect
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As a guy that has always loved this Style of Sonic this hit me a in a very special place. I love how smooth the animation is, and it being thicker makes it so much better(that sounded wrong). Really loving it.
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Ok, I want you to forget the review I posted before, this looks AWSOME!!
Even though sonic still has 2 peelout animations on both legs I like how you moved it a bit and it has the third dimension now so keep up the great work.
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this is a really cool mod, but it seems to nerf the thok which i dont really like all too much.
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I've been waiting for this ever since 2.2.4 and WOW, the wait was worth it, it looks amazing!
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After seeing the update, now it looks REALLY good! It's really got that extra third dimension now, and I really dig it!
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