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Multiplayer Ultimate Mode

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Remember that mode from a secret input for single player? Its back in Multiplayer

I introduce to you, Multiplayer Ultimate mode

This mod features two custom gamemodes
Ultimate Co-op: You have no rings and only one life, and when everyone dies, you restart the current level while adding one to your attempt counter.
True Ultimate Co-op: Same as Ultimate Co-op EXCEPT when everyone dies, its back to the first level. This mode features a Loop counter, which goes up only when you finish the game without dying.

ResetAttempts - Reset the server attempt/run+loop counter
JoinTimeLimit - Default 5 - Set how long (in seconds) until new players have to wait till the next level to play

Plans for future versions:
Perma-Death mode: Players who die will stay out
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Michael The Neonvali
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