Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario Bros. Version 2.3

This mod is defo the main pick if you wanna play as Mario. Those old mods using the superstar saga dx sprites aren't nearly as good as this coding masterpiece. It's great to sit back and just play "Spot the Mario refrence". The powerups work so well with the levels, and it just, well, doesn't feel like SRB2 to me anymore. This mod did to me why HL Alyx did, it spoiled my taste in SRB2 mods.

It's a damn shame this mod doesn't work well with Pipe Towers / MKB revamped. The mushrooms that give you shields don't exactly tell you what abilities Mario's gonna get.

0/5 can't blj.
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Guess who forgot to do this after playing the Mario's game.

Simply an outstanding add-on, up there with the likes of SMS and Skip/Jana. Mario just feels right at home here, especially with Pipe Towers being a thing. The entire moveset is flush and relies on the terrain around him, just like the other 3D Mario games.

The music is just icing on the cake. The Speed Shoes theme morphing into the Mega Mushroom theme especially hit me like a tornado.

And I can't even BEGIN on the power-ups! Fire/Ice(!)/Golden/SUPERBALL(!!!) Flowers are just awesome, Mini Mushroom is just slippery enough, P-Balloon was an unexpected surprise, CAPE FEATHER RETURNS BABYYYYYYYYYY-, Metal Cap also is just awesome, Kuribo's Shoe also makes a great return, and of course the Mega Mushroom and Super Star are right at home as Speed Shoes and Invincibility respectively.

Overall, a 99/5 mod, would YAHOO again.
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While there are a few other mods on this board that can match the incredible level of polish and effort that went into Super Mario, none of the mods of that caliber produce a character that fits so naturally into the vanilla game's level design.
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Speaking completely honestly here, this mod is so good that I feel like it deserves to be included in the base game.

Mario's moveset fits right at home here and genuinely feels like an official 3D Mario game, it flows extremely well when playing good. (not to mention the beautiful sprites!)

The powerups, GOD, the powerups, I've never had so much fun as when flying around with Cape Mario, and the Mini Mushroom's floatyness feels really nice to control

The only issue with Mario that I have is that the spin can sometimes be inputted on accident, but that's a really small problem (also, although this isn't an issue by itself, it would be really nice if there were a properly function BLJ that let you zip backwards)

I look forward to all future project from the development team, and hope the Mario mod gets the recognition it deserves!
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This mod is absolutely phenomenal, up there in quality with the likes of SMS and Samus. His sprites are a direct translation to the SRB2 style, which makes him fit right in with Sonic and the gang. His movement feels almost 1-1 to an official 3D Mario game, making him easy to pick up and play right from the get go, and, when mastered, his multiple jumps, ability to swim, dive, hammer, crouch/crawl and ground pound, as well as his most powerful ability, grabbing ledges, alongside his powerups allow him to take literally every possible path in SRB2, whether they're Knuckles only, Fang only, or :insert character here: only.

His powerups are all incredibly well made, each offering a unique and fresh take on his gameplay, changing what paths or moves the player would opt to use in most situations. The selection of powerups he has is also incredible, some powerups never being seen in a 3D Mario game or even never being seen again after their debut. My only complaint with powerups is that the ones that shoot projectiles completely remove his ability to use his hammer, replacing the "attack" button outright. Perhaps the mariomenu could have the option to change what button powerup specific moves are used with in a later update?

Despite how incredibly accurate he is to official titles, I do feel like he's missing at least one thing. The ability to pick up certain objects, such as Koopa shells, the balls you stand on to traverse lava, or statues/gargoyles that can be freely pushed around by players. This ability would feel right at home for Mario, as most 3D Mario games allow him to pick up objects and move them around freely. It would also make certain puzzles much more entertaining and less of a hassle to do.

All in all, Super Mario is easily one of the best mods ever made for SRB2, introducing many new mechanics and gameplay possibilities not seen by any other character. If you're for any reason on the ropes about trying him out, your only regret will be not giving him a shot.
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Genuinely one of the best character mods in this game so far. I've always been a fan of characters who can use multiple options to maneuver around the environment AND use the environment to their advantage, and Mario is a prime example of this.

Mario causes you to reimagine how you play SRB2 in general, and with some tweaks, *this* is along the lines me and others want to see SRB2 go down: Many ways to use the environment to their advantage. It also, funnily enough, fixes the slippery issue many newcomers to SRB2 experience due to the accel curve of Mario starting off at a higher speed but taking longer to get to top speed.

You, Dirk and SMS Alfredo and others, have done well. Good job.
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i fucking love it is my favorite mod and i play it every time this thing reminds me to my old days with m64 now i remember
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Very rarely does a character shake up the overall playstyle of a game as Mario has here. From the unique playstyle forcing players to think of new routes, to the abundence of many solid power ups, Mario is without a doubt one of the most polished modded characters for SRB2!
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This is amazing! I love how it goes back to actual mario games' roots, from powerups to even the score system. My only bug is with using mario in multiplayer gamemodes, like match, e.g. In there, the mega mushroom is VERY overpowered, and you get 1000 points everytime you get a powerup. I really really love this mod, so if you could just fix that minor bug then I would really love that.
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amazing addon but how are you expected to move the hand in the mariomenu without just moving the camera side to side
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It's almost perfect! My only issue is that you can't use models for Mini, Mega, or Kuribo's Shoe.
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To put it simply, this mod is phenomenal. The movement is fun, fluid, and not too dissimilar to 3d Mario games. Not to mention the packaging of power-ups from other Mario titles.
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an amazing mod, everything about this mod is great, asides how it conflicts with models, but that's not really a big issue at all
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Mario Joins the Battle! Great work on this mod!
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This mod is great for people who like Mario. The best mod EVER!!!!
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the mod's great the mario skin is good
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this mod is brilliant!
i love doing blg's randomly for fun ( also do it on stair sectors for some fun!)
i like smol mario
and the secret is funny!
oveall best mod!
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This mod is AMAZING I love all the references and power ups and the sprites too! Its just so good he is my brand new 23/7 363 main
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1 word P e r f e c t
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WOW this is simply epic bro the codes are super good and the powerups mechanic IS EPIC please i need luigi
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