Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario Bros. Version 2.2.1

To put it simply, this mod is phenomenal. The movement is fun, fluid, and not too dissimilar to 3d Mario games. Not to mention the packaging of power-ups from other Mario titles.
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Literally the best character on the message board in my opinion due to a multitude of reasons.

Movement - You have so many different movement options that are extremely fun to use with each-other. Making good use of the several moves at your disposal is very rewarding. Triple jumping into a wall jump into a dive, there's such a high skill ceiling with this character and so many awesome things you can do with him, it's amazing.

Visuals - The sprite-work here is BEAUTIFUL. Amazing work, I love it. And it fits perfectly in with SRB2 as well. The rainbow-effect on Mario when he gets a star as a homage to Galaxy 2 also looks amazing.

The attention to detail here is astonishing, the fact that Ground Pounding deals twice the damage as a normal move is awesome, being very useful for taking out bosses quicker.

Powerups - The powerups are awesome, with the Cape Feather being the best one in my opinion because flying with him feels REALLY GOOD, and allows you to get to so many places so fast, especially being able to cancel your dive with the cape-spin so that you can float normally and wall jump, just the movement options are extended so much. Not to undermine the usefulness of other powerups, its just the cape offers so much that its hard to not say anything about it. All of the powerups are really solid in my opinion.
I also like how the powerups replacing the item-boxes makes sense, for example it makes perfect sense for the Cape Feather to replace the Whirlwind Shield.

I also like how faithful it is from the original series, for example the Giant Mushroom awarding 1ups for destroying a certain amount of enemies is really fun.
The Super Mario Galaxy health bar,
and of course the coins replacing rings just like in the actual games.

If you get a Star Powerup AND a Giant Mushroom you can get like 20 lives extremely quick, a bit broken but I LOVE it!

Him being able to grab ledges is really useful, how his move-set offers great height and great speed when used properly is really nice, everything here is solid as a Block.

I haven't even mentioned the amount of extra stuff here added that isn't necessary but is greatly appreciated. His SRB2Persona support is AWESOME. I didn't even know you could do action commands in SRB2Persona but you put them in and I love you for it. I love the Super Mario RPG and Paper Mario series and you did them, i don't even know if justice is the right word, it's so good and cool.

The main seller with this character for me is you can do things with this character that no other character can do, he's easy to play and harder to master, when you do a trick to get up to a high place you earned that. Speed-running with this character is amazing.
The fact that you can do so many things with this character makes him my favorite, and I genuinely believe he's the best character.

The amount of effort, work, and love put into this character is extremely high. Thank you so much for allowing us to "a-play-a your game", y'know since playing as this character actually makes me feel like I'm playing a different game, he operates so differently from the vanilla characters, he's so unique and special in the best ways.

I feel like even after a long time, and a ton of more great character mods show up on this message board, this will still be the king. <3
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FINALLY, I can play Pipe Towers the way god intended...
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What an incredibly fully-featured character! The special SRB2-style music for the Mega Mushroom, all these power-ups, the enormous moveset that somehow doesn't make Mario completely overpowered(Maybe the cape a little, but that's always been OP, and Tails exists), the menu and customization, game-revamp for boxes and coins, all these little details....I'm blown away, and I didn't even discover everything yet. Definitely one of my favorite characters up there with the likes of Skip!

It takes a bit to get some comfortable controls set up, but do take that effort, because it is SO worthwhile!
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This is amazing! I love how it goes back to actual mario games' roots, from powerups to even the score system. My only bug is with using mario in multiplayer gamemodes, like match, e.g. In there, the mega mushroom is VERY overpowered, and you get 1000 points everytime you get a powerup. I really really love this mod, so if you could just fix that minor bug then I would really love that.
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Speaking completely honestly here, this mod is so good that I feel like it deserves to be included in the base game.

Mario's moveset fits right at home here and genuinely feels like an official 3D Mario game, it flows extremely well when playing good. (not to mention the beautiful sprites!)

The powerups, GOD, the powerups, I've never had so much fun as when flying around with Cape Mario, and the Mini Mushroom's floatyness feels really nice to control

The only issue with Mario that I have is that the spin can sometimes be inputted on accident, but that's a really small problem (also, although this isn't an issue by itself, it would be really nice if there were a properly function BLJ that let you zip backwards)

I look forward to all future project from the development team, and hope the Mario mod gets the recognition it deserves!
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Dang, it took a long time, but that sure is-a him alright! He's got just about every move you could ask from him. A splendid representation of the Jumpman himself!
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Absolutely making work!! Great job Dirk and SMS Alfredo!!!
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Nice job guys!, This gets the Mario feeling great!, His Abilities his Sprite work is splendid!
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Mario can now become Super Mario
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A wonderful mod. Mario is incredibly fun to play as, and his sprites are gorgeous as well. He plays exactly like youd imagine him to. My only small gripe is that how to go super goes unexplained, and having to crouch jump and then press spin midair is a bit counterintuitive. Otherwise, I loved every second i played this
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Spritework is phenomenal amd Its moveset is just like other games of the franchise. Hopefully nintendo doesnt do what it usually does with fan made masterpieces like this.
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An outstanding craft that absolutely radiates with the effort put in by all parties involved. Mario is filled to the brim with simple yet gorgeous eye candy, and plays LUDICROUSLY well.

All emeralds collected multiple times over, go play him RIGHT NOW. Bravo to Dirk and SMS Alfredo.
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Absolutely perfect. Even though I barely managed to play much with him before writing the review, the idea of Mario games being easy to pick up and play really shines here; even without knowing the controls I got the hang of it quickly.

That's not even talking about any of the references and extras to be found here, which is honestly amazing. Only real "issue" is that any time you want to go into Mario's custom menu, you have to type the command in or bind it to a key instead of it already being bound to say, Custom 3 or something. That would be a niche but nice feature to include in case someone forgets the command for any reason, although you could accomplish that with a bind anyway.

No real complaints here, this mod deserves the title of Super. Great work to everyone on board with the project!
PS: This man's like 2.2; took about five or so years to come out but was well worth the wait.
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A very good mod, one of my favorite characters to play as in SRB2.

He feels very much like Sandbox/Odyssey Mario with some touches from the 2D games. Odyssey Mario is honestly one of my favorite game characters to control, and SRB2 Mario definitely comes close. The power-ups are also very fun to use, but I do think some could benefit from a tutorial (like the Cape Feather).

My one big complaint about this mod that keeps it from being five stars is the dive. I really don't like it being mapped to the same button as attacking, it just makes things tedious, like when I try to hit a boss with my hammer but I accidentally end up diving. I think the dive should be mapped to a different custom.

Other than that, this is a very good mod, and definitely one of my all-time favorites when it comes to SRB2.
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Lets-a-GO! Mario is finally in SRB2! Man-o-man have I been waitin' for this! Nice mod! Been waiting a long time for this, glad to see that its finally out!
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Yes, Amazing. I just love flying with the cape trough the level.
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this mod is brilliant!
i love doing blg's randomly for fun ( also do it on stair sectors for some fun!)
i like smol mario
and the secret is funny!
oveall best mod!
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This mod is great for people who like Mario. The best mod EVER!!!!
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Mario Joins the Battle! Great work on this mod!
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