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Here's the first release of SRB2Xtreme, a project I ended up starting with a port of Jade Gully Act 1 (which is the main feature of this demo), with the namesake of planning to have levels from Sonic X-treme; the cancelled Saturn/PC Sonic game that never came to be, but that we got some glimpses from these years.

The current plan is to have two acts per zone; the first act being a port of the original level, and the second one being almost brand new, but based on the first one with the assets, some layout/building patterns, and of course the distinct theme it has; like an X-treme level except more fleshed out, finished, and extended than the original maps.

Fresh from new year 2020, the Jade Gully Demo 1.5 features an playable Jade Gully Act 1, straight from Sonic X-treme, with some extra details added that weren't there in the first demo, the ability to double-jump with Sonic, an (currently work-in-progress) lobby map for stage selection, the X-treme HUD, an ring emblem on top of the 5 emblems for JGZ1, and a secret level (which is currently unfinished in this version)

NOTE: Due to the cumbersome process and reported issues regarding the X-treme camera usage, I've decided to retcon the previous information about that here; and would advice to not use anything inside the X-treme camera folder in the archive (which should be removed in the next proper update).

(NOTE: The following footage is from an indev version, so it may or may not be outdated to the current version)

Jade Gully Demo 1.5
-Unfinished Crystal Frost Act 1 added as an unlockable extra level
-Changed leftside text on titlecard to "SRB2XTREME"
-Fixed X-treme in logo going offscreen in 320x200 and 640x400, and there's an HD logo for highest resolutions
-Removed conveyor property from water in the highest area
-"Good Job!"
-Fixing that the end has an small area where you can fall off
-Fixed an non-translucent bridge FOF on the highest part
-Extra foliage and textures
-Slightly lowered/raised most bridges to add depth
-New stage clear jingle!
-Fixed an untextured linedef somewhere
-Raised walls and the sort in highest area
-Made space behind starting area larger
-Raised Blue Sonic emblem
-Relocated the Red Diamond and Pink Heart emblems
-Still need to fix another HOM/linedef
-JGZ1 now plays Quartz Quadrant Good Future JP
-X-treme HUD added
-Work-in-progress lobby/stage selection map added
-Record Attack now needs you to have completed Jade Gully 1 to unlock
-Dithered Jade Gully sky texture
-Replaced Whirlwind Shield monitor with Elemental monitor
-Fixed missing/underground rings
-Added Ring emblem
-Added some more unlockables

Jade Gully Demo 1.0
-Initial release

Known issues and things to-do:
There aren't any Time emblems yet
Titlemap has some misaligned dirt and mushrooms :(
Add more to the lobby map (and to you-know-what)
Change Sonic's character select entry to reflect his double jump

MrMystery: Looping OGG for Space Queens
Skye: Assistance on creating the custom tree object
Dead: Idea for using X-treme's Options music in SP character select, and assistance on unlockables
Everyone on SRB2 Discord and Sonic Team Junior staff for all their assistance, feedback and tips in there
Matthew Callaghan: Creator of SX Engine Level Viewer, which I used for reference
sanik: Creator of level viewer for X-treme files that I used for MORE reference
Andrew75: POC footage for Jade Gully (take care!)

I hope you enjoy this release! This one took me some more in the process of doing bugfixes and the extra stuff, so I hope that it was worth the wait for you guys!
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