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Inspired by the "randomizer game" craze, this mod aims to randomize as much in the game as possible while still maintaining playability. This includes the order you'll play levels, what character you'll play as, enemy types, monitor types, emerald token locations, ring/blue sphere layouts, and even aesthetics & music. If you add custom levels, characters, monitors, or enemies, then those will also be automatically added to the randomization pool. Should also be net-play compatible. Try it out if you want something to spice up the campaign, if you want to test your map knowledge, or if you just want some chaos.

Quick start guide
  1. Add the randomizer, and whatever other mods you want
  2. Type "randomizer_setseed [seed]" in the console to start the randomizer (can be anything, leave blank to generate one)
  3. Select "Sonic & Tails" if you'd like a random bot with you, otherwise any other character
  4. (optional) I recommend adding this mod to be able to play the randomized Special Stages in single-player
  5. Type "randomizer_help" in the console for more information, every option & setting is documented there

  • Ported to SRB2 v2.2.
  • Added an extensive help command to give detailed information on each variable. (randomizer_help) This means all of the information you will need on how the mod works and its options will be contained in the mod itself from now on.
  • Added sky and weather randomization. (randomizer_skies, randomizer_weather)
  • Added light level randomization. (randomizer_light)
  • Added skincolor randomization. (randomizer_skincolors) Due to vanilla limitations preventing modifications to base skincolors, this will only modify custom skincolors, so this is turned off by default.
  • Added a toggle for total ring count randomization. (randomizer_ringcount)
  • Changed how enemy randomization works by default; it now randomizes enemy types, but keeps the number of unique enemies per level the same. All of the old options still exist.
  • Character color randomization in SP is now on by default.
  • Improved random value scrambling. Seeds should now feel a lot more distinct from each other.
  • Music randomization is properly synced for joining players. Now you'll be certain you're hearing the same thing as everyone else.
  • Added blue sphere randomization for classic Special Stages -- uses the same randomization options as rings.
  • Rings can now spawn as a trail for springs and gas jets.
  • Added even more ring patterns.
  • Ring randomization has slightly faster load times, thanks to R_PointInSubsectorOrNil being added in 2.2.
  • Current seed & hash of current settings is now displayed on the rankings/scores HUD. There is also an option to show it on the gameplay HUD. (randomizer_alwaysshowseed)
  • Fixed the character randomization being set to "Random" letting you switch character manually mid-game.
  • Fixed a ring pattern that had messed-up positions.
  • Removed NiGHTS randomization. It wasn't very good, and I couldn't improve it any further due to hardcoded limitations.
  • Heavily revamped ring spawning. Rings now are much less likely to spawn in weird places, and can now spawn on top of FOFs. This makes the initial level load time much longer, but every sequential reload from dying will be faster than before.
  • Added an extra ring pattern type.
  • Fixed netplay desync related to modifying object spawnpoints.
  • Initial release.
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Played this in V2.1, still quite the fun.
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