kart krew

  1. JasonPlayz333

    I found the ancient shrine...Now what? (Dr. Robotnik's Ring Racers)

    I found the ancient shrine in City Escape for the challenge, but I don't know how to play the melody to complete the challenge. Please help as soon as possible
  2. BlooBoi

    [Open Assets] Sidebuggy Template! 1.0

    Just another kart template for those who want to make a mod for kart! Everything should be within the zipped folder.
  3. Harald SRB2

    Stickman (Pencil Painted finaly here! v1.1.0

    if you painted a stickman, and wished that it could drive, then you're in the right place! description: a tiny stickman has escaped the paper! he wants to race. join him and play as your little artwort you made as a 4-year-old kid! how cute!
  4. VelocitOni

    SRB2Kart 1.6

    Kart Krew™ Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/WJmqDtN -------------------------------------------- SeventhSentinel--err I mean, Sonic explains the v1.1 patch update gAqQ68-Cx0wNGAj9YjaV2M -------------------------------------------- Now without further ado, in Sryder's own...
  5. TehRealSalt

    Kart Krew's Smart Tether 4.0

    KART KREW PRESENTS... Smart Tether A goofy disaster stream showing off the improvements made for v3. Inspired by Knuckles' Chaotix and Sonic Classic Heroes, this addon ties players together so everyone can experience the levels together, and adds some fun momentum shenanigans. Take a few...