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The classic gameplay style of Tron's Light Cycles makes an appearance in SRB2.

You're constantly moving forward, you don't stop once you enter the game. Your goal? Outmaneuver your opponents as you move in a maze like pattern. Try to force the enemy into walls and even your own jet trail, while simultaneously avoiding their own trails!

Be careful though, you can die by your own hand as well.


  • Custom Game mode, separate from Match, CTF, etc.
  • Abilities have been disabled for the most part. No spin rolling, flying, or climbing, etc.
  • No weapon ring firing, however you can use the weapon rings in other meaningful ways! Full list of ring replacements below:
    • Auto Rings - Hold this button to give your character a temporary speed boost. 2 rings are drained per second.
    • Bounce Rings - Passive ability. Gives you a "Safety" shield so you can collide with the wall and other player's trails and not take damage.
    • Scatter Rings - Hold this button to widen your trail with Phantom objects. Like the Auto Ring replacement, 2 rings are drained per second.
    • Grenade Rings - Press this button to spawn two Trail objects that orbit your character and function similarly to that of an extended shield.
    • Explosion Rings - Press and hold this button to "Charge" up a Kamikaze explosion that kills you and other players around you. You must charge this ability for 3 seconds before you can use this ability.
  • You're constantly moving forward. You spawn a jet trail behind you that can harm both you and your opponents.
    • Opponents running into your trail with net you 100 points, self inflected kills (and running into walls) will subtract -50 points from your total score.
  • Rings serve a special purpose in this game mode. Please refer to the v2 changelog below for the full list of changes.

  • Everyone is locked to a control style similar to that of the Snake game concept. Turning is dictated internally with the sidemove button command. Pressing left will turn you 90 Degrees to the left, pressing right will turn you 90 degrees to the right.

What's included?
  • Custom TypeOfLevel options - This mod features a custom TypeofLevel "Tron" that you can give your custom map to give the above listed features to a map.
  • Custom Maps
    • MAPTN - Made by Flame
    • MAPRR - Made by Nev3r
  • Custom Music - O_MAPTNM

Custom Map support?
  • Yes! Simply add a custom TypeofLevel "Tron" to your level header.
  • If you intend to make custom maps made for this gametype please prefix your level with a Tr_* for "Tron". Eg, "Tr_MyTronMap-v1.wad".
  • When making custom maps, please keep your objects as perpendicular as possible to one another. See the reasoning in Issues, problems, bugs?

  • Fixed the Kamikazee explosion from not functioning as intended if a player's 'mo' object spontaneously disappears, or is not present at the time of a distance check.
  • Fixed slope collision. You will no longer collide with slopes the same way you would collide with walls.
  • Adjusted Height offset for a Scatter Ring panel in Rumble Rock Zone.
  • Additional check for MF_SOLID objects that wasn't present before.
  • MF_SOLID objects are now treated similarly as if you hit a wall.
  • Adjusted respawn timer so players can better react out of spawning in a level.
  • Tron Trail objects size doubled to accomodate for players wildly passing through them.
  • New Map: Rumble Rock Zone, by Nev3r. He had a version of Tron in the works, and it was something I only found out recently! He gave me permission to release this.
  • New Asthetic Changes:
    • Respawning now has a fancy delay. Thank you to Kart Krew VelocitOni for allowing me to use your graphics!
    • Removed ring pickup invulnerability. Red rings now have no special purpuse currently other than providing ammo to your other weapons.
    • Removed SF_DASHMODE for characters that posess this ability; Thinking to return it in a later release.
    • Pressing the Spin key will also allow the use of the weapon you currently have selected.
  • Weapon Ring Revamp! Save for red rings, weapon rings now have a purpose in Tron! Additionally, there are new Graphics for the below Weapon ring changes:
    • Auto rings now grant a temporary boost forward with a quarter of a second of invulnerability. Hold the attack button down to go further.
    • Scatter rings have been replaced with phantom player objects to widen your trail. Hold the attack button for the wider trail to last longer.
    • Bomb ringshave been replaced with a Kamikaze function. Hold the attack button for a few seconds to blow up and affect those in your range.
      • The Kamikaze will net you -50 points for a self-inflicted kill, but any other player kill will net you 100 points each.
      • Additionally, any player currently "Charging" their Kamikaze attack will alert any nearby player in his/her range. Run away if you can!
    • Bounce Rings are a passive! You cannot fire these by default. Collecting a Bounce ring will act as a "Safety" and bounce you off a wall if you were to collide with one. Bouncing off a wall drains one ring and bounces you 180 degrees from whichever direction you're facing!
      • Bounce rings also act as a passive for passing through enemy Tron Trails. These drain one ring and one one ammo upon collision and grant temporary invincibility. If you have no rings however, this won't work!
    • Grenade rings have been replaced with an orbiter shield. Get people to collide with an orbiting obstacle you can produce!
    • Rail rings have NOT YET been replaced yet. But hopefully I can replace them with something better in a future update.
  • Kill counter has been implemented! (Hidden from normal Player view)
    • Kill players, and your trail shrinks for the number of kills (Max. 3 kills) to help level the playing field with a bigger number of players.

  • Initial Release

Issues, problems, bugs?
  • The code that is used for wall collisions doesn't detect you colliding with a proper "Line" if moving at a 45 Degree angle towards the wall. The code detects that you're colliding with something, but that something isn't necessarily a "wall" or a "line". This is most prominent in the vanille Thunder Citadel map.
  • I haven't seen any other functional problems that would cause the code to suddenly stop working. However, if you do find anything that causes the code to behave erratically, please report it. including what you were doing at the time of an error helps me in finding out the source of the problem.

I hope you enjoy playing this as much as I did making it.

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