Multi-hit enemies (An enemy HP modifier)

Multi-hit enemies (An enemy HP modifier) v1.0.0

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A simple script that adds more health to enemies when they spawn. Nothing else has been changed. Enemy health is modifiable too! Let's talk about mechanics!

Enemy health is multiplied on spawn adding an artificial "extra challenge" to the game. Most enemies naturally have 1 health. By default, this script multiplies enemies' health by 10, which adds+10 extra health to enemies such as Crawlas.

Obnoxious? You bet! But, if enabled, your movement speed determines how much damage you'll do to an enemy upon impact! (Eg. Every 10 increments of speed does +1 damage to an enemy). Try thokking to do a lot of damage!


What's included?
  • Only a few Lua scripts! No other sprites or graphics!
Helpful Console commands
mh_debug [Yes/No] [Default: No] - Enables the display of some debug information.
mh_speedmod [Yes/No] [Default: Yes] - Enable/disable speed impact modifier. If enabled, Your speed determines how much damage you'll do to an enemy upon impact!
mh_enemymod [1-99] [Default: 10] - Enemy health multiplier when an ordinary enemy spawns.
mh_bossmod [1-99] [Default: 5] - Boss health multiplier when a boss spawns.

Bugs, or other oddities?
  • While this script aims to not modify behavior outside of health, Eggman bosses may misbehave after being hit.
  • Otherwise, If there is anything that would cause this code to behave irregularly, or stop working, please report it!
Special Notes
  • Thanks for reading until the end! If you intend to use this for your own purposes, all I ask is for some credit.
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