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SRB2 Rollout Knockout v1.1.1

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SRB2 Rollout Knockout
Version v1.1.1

Rollout Knockout is the imagination of Mario Party's Bumper Ball minigame in SRB2. If you're familiar with that Mario Party minigame, or bumper cars, you'll get feel for this game mode pretty quickly.

You spawn in a random area of the map. You're automatically rolling on a Rollout Rock every time you spawn. You can't jump off the ball. Bump your opponents off the map to win! There's also a Smash Bros. element baked in as well!

Every player's Rollout Rock has Smash Bros-like percentages! Surely I don't need to explain how this works, right?
  • Basically, the more damage you take, the easier it is for you to fall off the map..​
  • Also pictured, if you've taken enough damage, your Rollout Rock will start emitting "smoke"
  • Additionally, if you get bumped, and get sent flying into someone, your momentum will carry to their rock!​

  • WASD to move​
  • Jump button to Dash forward (3 second cooldown)​
What's included?
  • Stock and Time Game modes
    • Like Smash bros, play a stock-based match.
    • If you're not into stock matches, there's also a time-based mode for point attrition!
  • Beautifully animated sprites and fades​
    • There are even some included graphics that didn't make it into the initial release.
  • Custom TypeOfLevel options​
    • This mod features a custom TypeOfLevel "ROLLOUT" that you can give your custom map​
    • Add the following if you want your Rollout Rock to float in water! Otherwise your Rollout Rock will sink when it touches water
      Lua.rockfloat = true
  • Custom Maps - Both in Large and Small size flavors
    • Large sized maps
      • MAPRI; Azure Temple by Ice Face
      • MAPR2; Rocky Coastline by So2ro
      • MAPR3; Pristine Waters by Kanna
    • Small sized maps
      • MAPRH; Collision Chaos by Ice Face
      • MAPRI; Techno Silo by Dead
      • MAPRJ; Molten Rock by So2ro
      • MAPRK; Freezy Fight by So2ro
      • MAPRL; Primordial Arena by So2ro
      • MAPRM; Desert Dash by Flame
      • MAPRN; Greenflower Mountain by happyalm
      • MAPRO; Gusty Garden by happyalm

Helpful Console commands
rk_respawn - Respawns the player in the event something horrible happens
rk_setlives - Manually set the lives in Rollout Knockout Stock matches. (1-99) [Default: 3]
rk_percentview - Manually change your viewing of percentages. (Off, Closest, or All) [Default: All]
rk_defaulttime - Manually enable or disable the setting of the default timelimit in matches. (Yes/No) [Default: Yes]
rk_enablequake - Enable/disable various camera shaking effects in Rollout Knockout. (Yes/No) [Default: Yes]

Problems, bugs?
  • Custom characters that have custom abilities are unsupported and may produce unintended behavior.​
  • Everyone knows that SRB2's collision is a joke. Occasionally you may find yourself stuck on another opponent's Rollout Rock. I've attempted to mitigate this to the best of my ability (Re: Bump count in a certain timeframe). It's not perfect, but I'm open to suggestions!​
  • HUD Improvements
    • When viewing in-game rankings with the TAB button, spectator players and players that have just died will be transparent instead of not visible.
  • Force Level end if exiting ticker reaches 10 seconds. An attempt to fix this reported issue.
  • Improvements to Rollout Knockout-specific Gamestate.
    • If enough players are present (2 or more) in a game upon Map Load, it should not prompt that "All players in-game are present" after every level and reload the current map. It will simply load straight to the game and not have to reload the level.
  • Regarding Camera shaking
    • Slightly decreased the intensity of camera shaking
    • Additionally, set a threshold to the camera shaking intensity. What does this mean?
      • This value is based on double MT_ROLLOUTROCK's speed value (Currently set at 50*FRACUNIT). If Rollout Rock collision exceeds this value, it will reference the MT_ROLLOUTROCK's speed value.
      • For reference, the player death animation uses a value of 40*FRACUNIT for the intensity.
  • Console command changes
    • Added console command rk_enablequake (Yes/No)
      • Enable/disable various camera shaking effects in Rollout Knockout.
  • Fix divide by zero error with RK.hud.gameSET being called.
  • Made cooldown bar one line larger.
  • Also fixed cooldown bar alignment.
  • Time/Stock/Lives-based game mode logic changes
    • Stock/lives-based game mode now has an automatic 'freeplay' mode. What does this mean?
      • In Time/Stock/lives-based game mode, if you are the only in-game player (Not a spectator + Player with a positive lives count) in a map, you will enter a freeplay mode where you can freely roam the map.
      • If 2 or more players enter the game, Freeplay mode will end and the current map will reload into an actual match.
      • If enough players either leave the server or become specators to the point where there's one in-game player left, Freeplay mode will engage until enough players join again.
  • Console command changes
    • Removed rk_spectatoridle
      • Previously used to gauge how long a spectator can be idle for before being counted as an inactive player.
    • Added rk_defaulttime (Yes/No)
      • Defaults to Yes.
      • In stock/lives-based game modes, allow the player to have the option to disable or enable the automatic configuration of the default timer once Freeplay mode ends.
      • Gives the option of automatically setting whether or not stock matches should last forever, or have a custom timelimit with the "timelimit" console variable.
  • Initial release

Special Thanks
Ice Face

Thanks for reading until the end!
I hope you enjoy this as much as I had fun making it!
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Man that gametype is good, 10/10
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