Sonic Lost World-styled Homing Attack

[Open Assets] Sonic Lost World-styled Homing Attack 1.0.0

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It's another Homing Attack. What did you expect?

While you're close to some enemies, a marker will appear over their head. This means they can be homed in on. Use your ability button (Eg. Thok) while in the air and take out a group of enemies in one fell swoop.


What's included?
  • The .pk3 contains both a Multi-target and a Single-target variant. Only the Multi-target variant is used at this time while the Single-target variant is unused.
Bugs or other oddities?
  • Due to the nature of how this homing attack functions, you may end up on the ground before the Homing Attack action ends. While this should reset the homing timer used to home in on enemies, sometimes you'll end up in a 'Ball state' on the ground for a few seconds. I tried mitigating this as much as I can.
  • Also due to the nature of how this homing attack functions, SpringShells (Or those THZ1 Turtle-like enemies), cannot be killed if you're approaching from a vertical angle. Due to the nature of how collision works, you will instead bounce off their spring for a few seconds. Try killing them from a more horizontal angle!
  • Feel free to report any other bugs you may come across!
Special notes
  • This ability replaces the CA_THOK, CA_HOMINGTHOK, and CA_DOUBLEJUMP abilities by default. Flying and Climbing are unaffected.
  • If you intend to use this for your own purposes, please reach out to me. All I ask is for some credit.
  • Additional footage of this Homing attack can be found on my twitter here. Consider giving me a follow!
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Latest reviews

I was looking for a regular homing attack for Sonic, but this will work! Also, found a bug while I was using Buddy Bot and Shadow. Shadow will use Sonic's homing attack on enemies sometimes. Please fix this whenever you can. Overall, good job!
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It would be very nice if you could thok after doing the homing attack so you didn't have to wait to touch the ground to continue moving, but other than that, it works as expected. This is a must have!
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Pretty great, only issue is that it doesn't seem to work on bosses, which is odd
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Absolutely awesome! It controlls very good. Tho you dont get to carry your speed its very satisfying to hit multiple enemies. I suggest to play Sonic`s Nightmare where a lot of enemy spam is present.
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I'm not too familiar with how Lost World's homing attack was but this a cool recreation of it. Even with the enemy combos.
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