srb2 frontier <<canceled>>

srb2 frontier <<canceled>> 1.0.6

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this mod features levels from the original sonic frontiers with the original path and exclusive new side path
and level from other sonic game later original level .

we are at the Demo 1.0.6

4 levels are disponible :

CyberSpace 1-8
-it's inspired of Green Hill act 2 from Sonic Mania-


CyberSpace 1-12
-it's inspired of Press Garden act 2 from Sonic Mania-


CyberSpace 1-1
-the main path is almost similar i deleted the loop at the middle and the end-


CyberSpace 1-2
-the main path is kinda the same the original level have a lot of gride and i couldn t impliment them some you have slope instead-


-Each level have 3 emblem if you collect 8 , it will unlock a secret level (precisely a beta the level is not finish)

CyberSpace 1-11
-A recreation of Tropical Ressort-


That all for now i will try to add something each 2-3 month

you should add those mods these add something relevant for the gameplay :

- -if you play with modern sonic try this :
- - -

Finally the addon thats i use :

- (not yet used)
- - - - -
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Latest updates

  1. Cancel

    just to inform that the mod has been cancelled. Unlike the beginning of development, I have a...
  2. add emblem hint and

    nothing special just a emblem radar
  3. minor fix

    Small fixes for cyberpace 1-12 and 1-8 if you find bug report it on discussion

Latest reviews

This update was way better than what was presented before, the levels feel big and open. No longer feeling cramped and boxy, with the five levels that are available I gotta say I'm impressed.

While it may not be a 1-to-1 recreation of Frontiers it definitely gives off that feeling. Now with a much simpler hub world as well. Makes it easier to actually play stages, keep up the good work!
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This is a really good pack, but there are 2 issues.
First of all, in the Press Garden Cyberspace (1-12 iirc) it's easy to get lost as the main path leads into a dead end and requires backtracking on first playthroughs (although this might me just me lmao)

Second (and more importantly) is the Emblems and Emblem radar. I'd list all the issues with the hints but it's way too long for a review, plus I don't want to spoil all the emblem locations. Let me know if you want me to point out them in discussions. The radar has a simple but very big issue, it's not possible to unlock it. It simply isn't an unlockable.

All that aside, the maps are some of the best maps I've seen recently, especially for characters who can go ridiculously fast. Big open areas allow for experimentation for speedrunning each stage, while also allowing for time to recognize hazards, platforms and more dangerous situations safely for first-time players. There's plenty of paths, ramps and other things to allow for smooth runs of stages.

So, overall, this is an extremely solid map pack, and it has huge potential. If the emblem problems get cleaned up and maybe add a path at the Press Garden dead end that merges back into the rest of the stage it'll be damn near perfect. Keep it up, you're doing amazing!
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Going into this, I was expecting simple maps. I was simply blown away by the secret paths, design, and faithfulness, all in one package. If you are going to continue making a more faithful recreation, at least keep your own routes in, like the branching paths of 1-1 and 1-2. Tropical resort was also amazing to explore, with shortcuts galore. You should make original maps someday, with unique themes and layouts (like tropical resort's layout), because I found the originality to be a great part. Keep going!
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Nice work...the remake of Tropical Resort is my favorite in the pack. Some areas of the levels seemed a little short on enemies and obstacles.
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Wow more levels to play amazing
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this is an ok mod pack but it needs accurate version it's just sooooo different to the actual game what I would make an accurate version in the downloads or something
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i personally find kronos island as the worst part of this level pack, like i wanna play the levels not search for hours on end for them, and there was this time where i found a portal and i was so happy, ONLY FOR IT TO BE A WORK IN PROGRESS GRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH (the cyberspace levels themselves are great though)
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This pack has a lot of potential, the maps I were able to find look good and seem to play well, if not being a little tight in spots.

However, I could not seem to locate Mirage Saloons and Windy Valley. I found six portals, but one led to a quick placeholder room for a WIP stage and the other was a slightly edited repeat of Green Hill. As a result, I have not played those two stages yet. It would help if there were some directions built into the level design and maybe a clue as to what theme you are going to transport into.

The only critique is that even though there is supposed to be a cyberspace theme, it is easy to fall to your death even in the levels intended to be played earlier. The difficulty curve could use a little tweaking in that. There are also a few missing textures (particularly that one wall that causes a large HOM in the first level) and there is a slight mismatch between the water level in the skybox and the bottom of Khronos Island.

Overall, keep up the good work and I hope this is one of those packs that gets done.
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it was pretty fun me and my sister had some fun though some death planes werent assigned so you can get stuck sometimes and windy hill and mirage saloon could not be accessed with co-op so when we went to their portals they just kicked us back to kronos island. but other than that this isnt perfect but its a pretty good start im excited too see what else is in store.
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This is one of the most fun level "pack" i have played on a while, good job! i cant wait to see if you have any more of this planned, it was very fun, but there were some visual glitches on the first cyber space you start in, where the walls bug and repeat the texture, that did hurt my eyes a lot, but other than that it was a very fun experience
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