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The largest grouping of community made textures to be made in SRB2's history. This thing's larger than srb2.pk3!

This pack also includes many custom objects you can use to spice up your levels. Include ones with custom lua added to them!


This pack is ENTIRELY reusable. In fact, I encourage you to explore the textures and texture sets included in this pack. I'd love to see what you all can create using these new textures.

I ALSO encourage anyone reading this to send me your own textures. Anything you can create! I'd love to see how large we can make this. Made any textures? Send 'em over! I'll add you to the credits list.

-- "Community Asset Pack v5" --


-- "Compilation and Management" --
Compilation and management of entire Asset Pack by "Dave Lite" and "Kwiin"


"Dave Lite", "KamiJoJo_" and "MotorRoach":
- Pipe Kingdom Assets

- Koopa Code

"Dave Lite":
- SRB1 Remake assets and code, Cosmic Valley assets, Shine assets,
Classic texture patches, Misc Textures, Archer resprite,
Turret resprite and Deton resprite

- Tempest Shrine, Amethyst Star and Void Vortex textureset

- Cloud Citadel textureset

- Acidic Alpines+, Marble Bridge, Leaf Midtextures, Primordial Abyss,
Chrysopoeia, Frozen Hillside patches, Shit, and some miscellaneous textures

- Egg Rock and Legacy Special Stage texture replacement

- Tidal Palace and Metallic Madness texturesets

- Sakura Sunset, Foliage Furnace, Robotnik Winter, and Hollow Hill texturesets

- Azure Paradise textureset

"Sanic Hodgeheg":
- Botanic Space, Polycrystal Mercury, Neostardust Speedway, Mine Maze,
Polygnial Pasture, Red Starlight, Hidden Palace, Dust Hill, CEZ Alts,
Disco Casino, and Rock Grotto texturesets

- Texture recolors

- Caustic Crater textureset

- Cyan Heights and Cold Zone texturesets.

- Oasis Palace textureset

- Updated HAZARD and PATH textures.

- Custom fire brick and triangle brick textures.

- Custom emblem sprites
- Jade Coast textureset

- Aqua Planet, Nightlit Woods, Ante-Station, Heaven Pass, Storm Station, and Aqua Planet texturesets.
- Corresponding objects
- Custom Skies

- Hollow Hill Old textureset

-Jade Gully and Frigid Caverns texturesets.

- Equinox texturesets

- Custom emblem sprite

"Logan McCloud"
- New crystal objects.



To use these textures in your levels you must load this pack in Zone Builder as a resource.

HOWEVER. You shouldn't make people have to load this to play your stage! To fix this issue, take the textureset folders you're using, and put them in your own pk3.

You could theoretically do this with the entire pk3 if you wanted, but that'd be bloated as hell so don't xd.

-Public Release

-Added Tempest Shrine textureset by Raze
-Updated Krabs' miscellaneous textures.
-Cloud Citadel flats are... less buggy.
-Removed large corrupted textures
-Heavy reorganization of pack

v3.1 hotfix
-Removed corrupted png preventing mod from loading

-Converted all .raw textures to .lmp. This should solve the hundreds of ZB errors some of you were getting.
-Fixed errors regarding thingnum overlap
-Renamed patch names to be more readable
-Added Oasis Palace textures by So2ro
-Added Cyan Heights and Cold Zone textures by PencilVoid
-Added Emerald Hill / Hill Top textures by Dave Lite

-Updated Classic Textures by Dave Lite
(includes Angel Island Textures)
-Reorganized CREDITS txt
-Credited Lat' in the CREDITS txt for lua thinker work

v4.2 hotfix
-I included an outdated folder from Dave accidentally :earless:

v5 - The Mega-Update
- Updated usernames that have changes since the previous release
- New City of Forever and Welcome to the Machine texturesets by Dakras
- Updated Cloud Citadel and Sakura Solstice textures
- New massive CD texturesets from Kanna
- New Custom fire brick and triangle brick textures. by Biggy-pi
- New Jade Coast textures and custom emblem sprites by DirkTheHusky
- New Aqua Planet, Nightlit Woods, Ante-Station, Heaven Pass, Storm Station, and Aqua Planet texturesets by Twins'R'Epic
- New Hollow Hill texturesets by Spectorious and Inazuma
- New Lime Gully and Frigid Caverns texturesets by DaJumpJump
- Shadow of Atlantis, Shadow of Aztlan, Shadow of Artemis, and Equinox textures and skies by Akirahedgehog
- Custom emblem sprite by Flareguy
- New crystals by Logan McCloud/Hyperchaotix
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the textures are amazing but im having problems with the objects... they make the game crash wich blows...
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Hey, there is some overlap with the objects resource, you should fix that. Aside from that great job!
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Great pack! It's really nice to have more textures available to use besides the vanilla ones. I think more people should contribute to this collection!
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