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While holding Tab (or whatever your Game Status button is), acquired Chaos Emeralds and Tokens (in form of the wireframe Chaos Emerald in the next Chaos Emerald's place) now orbit the player instead of showing up directly on the screen. The Token count is still shown on the bottom.


Also works in Special Stages. (The Chaos Emerald from that kind of stage that orbits you normally is also present, however. Yeah...)


If you're able to turn Super (mid-jump, all 7 Chaos Emeralds and 50 Rings with a character that can turn Super), the seven Chaos Emeralds spin faster than usual. They spin even faster while you are Super.


NOTICE: This add-on does not work on mobile releases of the game.
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  1. omfg why am I like this

    I literally did not check Player 2's inputs properly wtf me
  2. Version 2 - The KeyDown Update

    ...Why didn't I think of this right away? Anyway- CHANGELOG This thing deserves a rename...

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It's a good idea. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to work on the MacOS v2.2.11 either.
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Cool idea but i had to put it out there, when I am using my gamepad just pressing the button doesn't make the emeralds apper but if I spam the button they apper and they are staying because after that no matter what I try they never disappear

I didn't test the mod yet on my computer because it's on the mechanic or whatever your English speaking people call it so I only used the mod on mobile
The add-on does not work correctly on mobile (yet!) because it uses the KeyDown hook to detect whether you're holding down the Scoreboard key, which is known to not be supported at all by mobile. Unfortunately, I don't think this is going to be addressed in v2.2.11 officially as the mobile port was discontinued. There's a next fork by Lactozilla on GitLab, however, so we'll see.
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T H E O R B I T Jokes aside, this is really good, reminds me of Mania in a way!
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Great Mod! Why is 8 Mistakes of Colors, Colors was supposed to be v2.2.5
Not v2.2.0-v2.2.4
The colors are all intentional. As explained in the Alt Sonic thread, and I quote,
"The colors are "incorrect" since the color mapping of some of the hue shifted emerald colors doesn't look too good on the sparkle graphics. Lots of areas that are usually colorful and vibrant become too bright to discern what color it's actually supposed to be, which is rather unfortunate."
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Its welcome to releases, but you completely fail to mention this only works when holding tab/holding the scoreboard button. Not that this is a bad thing (wouldn't want them displayed the entire time), but its an odd detail to just not mention.
It IS named "Rank/Scores HUD concept" for a reason (since Scoreboard button brings up the Rankings/Scores HUD), but I will update the description for those too dumb to understand (No offense, D00D.).
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