Obligatory 'my first map' preface.

My background: I speedrun almost exclusively with Tails (I branch out a little bit doing 200 emblem runs), so making this map was kind of an experiment to see just how ridiculous the fox can be.

It ended up turning into a mirror image of a Team Fortress 2 jump map; meant to exercise exactly one thing, and exercise it well. The 'thing' in question here is Tails' ability to retain his insane spindash speed across very long distances, aka the spinfly.

As a result of my inexperience in making maps it may certainly be rough around the edges, and it certainly isn't that aesthetically pleasing (something to look forward to for later updates), but I believe it serves its purpose at the moment.

I'm also aware that I am probably the worst playtester of this map because I can almost spinfly in my sleep, but through several sporadic netgame testing sessions I've seen a decent number of people progress slowly through the levels, so I am reticent to hand out any nerfs.

Featuring nine spinfly challenges, and two 'springfly' challenges. At least.

Obviously, only Tails can beat this map.
Maybe less obviously, this map is very difficult by design. It also expects you to use mouse for camera controls (in theory you could jack up the camera sensitivity way up but I haven't tried).
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