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Hello, today I am pleased to announce my first srb2 mod (besides my first time programming and I am literally risking my grades by doing this), peedster Sonic (or Sp.Sonic). This character has many abilities that refer to both classic games, adventure games, and modern ones (and even Super Mario and Metroid games).

-- Important! --

Next I will show you the abilities, but first I wanted to tell you that, for my taste, I prefer not to say much about what it has to offer, because although it is important to know what it does, this makes you lose that essence of discovering something new and telling your friends what you found (kind of like what happened in the 90's). So, I prefer a thousand times that you get that surprise than that you directly know everything, so I am not going to post here everything it has to offer. Having said that, let's see the skills!.

A, one more thing... Sorry if the gifs look bad or speed up out of the blue, it's not a recording error, it's just that my pc is old and doesn't handle gif recording very well. A and I don't know English very well, I speak Spanish so I used the google translator.

-- Ring energy --

This energy is expressed through a bar (megaman style) that is above the life counter, if you use an ability it will spend a specific amount of energy. If you fill it completely, it will start blinking blue (it should be noted that it is not a rush mode like modern sonic).

-- Abilities --


Smooth Spin: It is not a skill in itself. It gives you the possibility that while you are spinning you can change the direction of the spin much faster than normal, if you press "Spin" while you are spinning, this effect will go away (this is for better precision).


Light Dash: If you charge the spindash for exactly 3 seconds, you will be able to use the light dash, if you release "Spin" you will start to fly very fast and if you get close to a ring, you will quickly grab it (it is the one from sa-1, not the one from the 2, because it's very cool).


Drop Dash: This is an already well-known skill. Just jump, press and hold "Spin" in the air and upon landing, you'll spin out with a not-so-strong boost.

srb20069 (2).gif

Recull: This ability allows you to spin while falling without spinning, but limits you when using skills.



Spin Recovery: Gives you the ability to jump while you're spinning and you're falling, as the name suggests, it's so you don't kill yourself while spinning.


Homing attack: Press "Jump" near an enemy and you will move quickly towards him, it should be noted that it is a more imprecise version of the conventional Homing Attack, since if you use it and the enemy is fast, you will not follow him. And finally, it doesn't work against bosses (for metal sonic, it's too fast).

Insta-Shield: Another well-known ability from Sonic 3, use "Jump" in the air and this ability gives you a chance to be immune to any attack for a few milliseconds (any attack, seriously). Another thing, if you have a shield, you have invincibility, or you are transformed into a super, it will not work.


Insta-Boom: If you press "Jump" very close to an enemy, it will take double the damage from normal, but you must be extremely close to the enemy for it to take effect.


Shield Abilities: If you have a shield and try to do Insta-Shield, you will do a new ability (for example, an explosion when you have Armageddon Shield). Of course, not all shields have special functions yet, currently only 2 shields have abilities.

Custom 1:

Super Peel-Out: Press and hold "Custom 1" without moving to charge it up, depending on the charge, you will shoot out faster.

srb20052 (2).gif

SemiBoost: Press and hold "Custom 1" while running to activate SemiBoost mode. If you hold it for two seconds, it will activate Boost mode (like the P meter in Super Mario Bros. 3).

Boost: When this mode is activated, you will gain abysmal speed. But be careful, as activating it will take away a considerable amount of energy, plus every second you spend using the Boost, it will decrease.

PD: I've seen people having problems with Boost, so in the patch I included that if you're already using Boost and you drop "Custom 1", it stays on.


Custom 2:
Insta-Stop: This is an extremely useful ability, since if you press "Custom 2" while running you can easily stop. It allows you not to crash into enemies, not to fall down ravines, etc; and it can even be used in the air!, so it's a very important skill for parkour (it holds certain secrets).


Custom 3:

Transformation: Press "Custom 3" to transform.

-- Skills that require more than one button --

Drop Thok: This is an ability similar to the common thok but when using it, you will shoot out with a speed greater than the default thok, and you can also break weak walls with this ability (it is as if you were using the spin), but for it to emerge effect you have to be a bit far away before activating it. Speaking of activating it, it is activated by holding "Spin" and pressing "Jump" afterwards.


Bounce Jump: It is the same as in Sonic Adventure 2, only to activate it you will need to hold "Spin" and press "Custom 2". If after using it you try to use the Drop Thok, you will use the Secondary Thok, which unlike its counterpart, it will give you a vertical boost, but its horizontal boost will be affected.


Apart from these skills there are many more, so I invite you to try this character. Thank you very much for reading it, it took me 6 months to program it.

-- Credits --

Many thanks to Delf, for helping me with:

The ring detector (for the Light Dash): https://mb.srb2.org/addons/1-09-4-light-dash-port.2813/

The smoothing effect: https://mb.srb2.org/addons/smooth-spin-trail.2908/

The rotating direction: https://mb.srb2.org/addons/ffoxds-lua-dumpster.1429/

And also many thanks to AurumMighty for the wind effect: https://mb.srb2.org/addons/speed-effects.3940/

A set of sprites for future updates

-- Postscript --

I have to clarify that a few days ago I met a mod called SMS, or Super Mistic Sonic, which has the same ability to run as my mod, I really didn't know it and I thought that nobody had thought of that.
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  1. First bug fixed...

    Well, as I mentioned before my pc is old, so I found out about this error thanks to a video...

Latest reviews

les goooo speedster boi is here. good mod.
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Another Sonic that takes the theme of complicated controls but with extremely useful results when used well.
My only issues, however, are as follows:
The gameplay is really okay, but many abilities seem like they lack a lot of potential and power to be really useful (like the dropdash for example).
The three icons above the Ring Energy seem useless at the moment (unless I am missing something), so I don't see the reason to leave them.
Super Sonic's aura is cool but a bit weird (at least for me), although when used in conjunction with XMomentum Hyper, it looks pretty cool with the aura changing the color of it.
Also speaking of XMomentum, the character doesn't turn to do tricks, and ends up coming at the center automatically during the jump, causing confusion.

Outside of these little errors, the character is really fun to use when played correctly.
I'm looking to fix the issue of powers, as you say, the abilities lack power and have great potential, but I still don't know what to do exactly and as for the three extra slots that are at the top if they have a function, I just haven't Said what it's for, this character has many more things that I haven't mentioned so I recommend you experiment with him to see what he's capable of doing.
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Very Good! Sonic is finally at his actual speed. Although, can you make a command that removes the ring meter so we can use the abilities all we want?
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me gusto mucho tu mod esta muy bien echo/i like very much this mod is amazing!
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the drop dash is not very useful, but if you made the drop-thok work by only pressing spin, replacing the dropdash that would be great, and maybe the homing attack have momentum if you hold jump. other than that, this is a great mod, i love mods that make sonic go something truer to his actual speed
Good idea, I'll think about it.
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i like the mod but the bounce is a little weird can you make so when you jump and then spin you bounce
I will incorporate it for the next update. Thank you very much for your suggestion!
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good! great! awesome! outstanding! amazing!
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Man made an entire SMS 2
That will be my goal.
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Pretty impressive for a first mod!
The visuals are super cool, I adore the full boost effect with the energy circle particles. There's certainly a real high skill ceiling that I kinda suck at even scraping, but it's still fun to blast through levels.
My issues moreso lie on how some abilities work that kinda makes them uncomfortable to use (in my opinion). For example, I think the speed up mechanic should be a passive instead of having to hold down C1... in my case, holding down that button cripples my movement plenty so I can barely use it unless there's enough room to use it in. There's also the lightspeed dash that you have to charge for way too long imo.

Even still, fantastic work as a first mod! Excited to see where you go from here, Welcome Aboard!
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