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This is a port of the SRB2 v1.09.4's Light Dash, that was scrapped in 2.0 alongside Adventure Mode.
To be exact, I translated some of the C source code to the 2.2 Lua language.
Currently, it tends to lag the game a bit because of how the original code worked. Also, if you bump into a solid object while light dashing, you can get stuck, I will need to fix that (i tried to fix it before, but it just generated more bugs).
This is meant to be a clean port currently, meaning that I did not change the effect, I did not fix the player's angle, etc.
I plan on making a EX version later, which will fix the lag, angle, make a new effect, and various other improvements.
Still, have fun! (trust me, its so fun light dashing everywhere)


Thanks to Monster ɪestyn for helping me understand both the C code and the Lua language while making this.
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It's welcome to releases, but I've noticed in software move, it tanks the framerate... is this normal?
It's because of how the script works. It checks every single object in the game every frame just to find a ring, which takes too much framerate. I will need to change how it detects rings, hich would require me to rewrite a lot of the script, and so I decided to first release the clean port, and later on make a improved version...
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