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"Snolf" turns Sonic Robo Blast 2 into a golf game. Instead of controlling Snolf like a normal character, you must shoot them across the levels like a golf game
timing your power meters.



Swing: Aim with the camera and use the Jump button to time your shots' horizontal and vertical power. You can also hold the forward button when you press Jump to charge vertical power first.

Mulligan: Hold the Spin button to undo your last shot. Use this if you get stuck.

Tip: If the camera is getting caught on a wall use first person view to aim.


Control rebinding

The mulligan button can also be rebound in the console with the following:

  • snolf_mulligan_button spin
  • snolf_mulligan_button jump
  • snolf_mulligan_button ca1
  • snolf_mulligan_button ca2
  • snolf_mulligan_button ca3
  • snolf_mulligan_button off

Boss mode
When fighting a boss Snolf gets some extra leeway. Against a boss you can take a shot after touching the ground (even if you bounce or roll), after hitting the boss or after getting hit by the boss. Bosses also drop six rings when hit. These features can be toggled off if you prefer (see commands section below).


Everybody's Snolf
Snolf isn't just for Snolf. With Everybody's Snolf everybody can snolf. Use the everybodys_snolf command to get everyone in on the fun. It even works with characters from other addons, but I can't guarantee it won't break anything.


Shot guide
If you want some help with aiming your shots you can use the snolf_shot_guide command to enable a targetting system.

Save states
To help even more, if snolf_save_states is enabled then you save and load the player state with the custom action buttons. Custom action 1 saves the current player state, custom action 2 loads a state and custom action 3 undoes the last save state. The player state includes the player position, momentum, ring count and shot charge. This is not a full save state like you would have in an emulator. It only affects the player and can't be used between dying and respawning.

In addition to the ones mentioned above there are many commands provided to let you customise Snolf. Generally commands can be toggled on or off by calling them without any argument or can be called followed by on or off.

In multiplayer games these settings affect all players, can only be used by admins, and are announced in chat when activated.

Commands listed have their default value listed after them in square brackets.

Boss settings
  • snolf_shot_on_hit_boss [on]: Take a shot immediately after hitting a boss
  • snolf_shot_on_hit_by_boss [on]: Take a shot after getting hit by a boss
  • snolf_rings_on_hit_boss [on]: Bosses drop rings on hit
  • snolf_shot_on_touch_ground_when_in_boss [on]: When fighting a boss Snolf can
    take a shot immediately after touching the ground
  • snolf_shot_on_touch_wall_when_in_boss [off]: When fighting a boss Snolf can
    take a shot immediately after touching the ground

Everybody's Snolf

  • everybodys_snolf [off]: Force all characters to control like Snolf.

    Other gameplay settings
    • snolf_hud_mode [on]: Alters the life count section of the heads up display
      to reflect if infinite lives is enabled and alterters character names if
      Everybody's Snolf is enabled. Can also be set to 2 in to disable the life
      counter entirely.
    • snolf_inf_lives [on]: Extra life is refunded on death
    • snolf_fire_shield [on]: Protects from spinning fire jets in Red Volcano
    • snolf_shot_guide [off]: Display a shot guide to help aim
    • snolf_save_states [off]: Enables save states with the custom action buttons
    • snolf_inf_air [off]: No drowning in water or space
    • snolf_inf_rings [off]: Ring count forced to 999
    • snolf_ground_control [off]: Enable steering on the ground
    • snolf_death_mulligan [off]: Return to last resting place on death
    • snolf_air_shot [off]: Shots can be taken in the air

    • Thanks to Dr. Melon for the original Snolf hacks for Sonic 1, 2, 3 and CD that inspired this.
    • Character portrait by Mike Tona.
    • Made using the Sonic Robo Blast 2 Custom Character Preset by Blu The Hedgehog.
    • Life count icon from Mario Golf: Advance Tour.

    Other addon integration
    There's some stuff



    • Fixed some issues with Kirby's Golf ability

    • Made changes to accomidate X Momentum
    • Added X Momentum faceplant sprites
    • Added Kirby copy ability to Snolf: Golf
    • Added Milne dancing sprites
    • Snolf physics no longer interfere with Nack's bounce or Gemma's slam
    • Golfing characters are forced into a roll state less often
    • Reworked some features to only apply to Snolf, even in Everybody's Snolf mode
    • Golfers no longer bounce off walls while on a waterslide
    • Save state system now saves and loads object and player flags
    • Added onscreen hint about using a mulligan if the player hasn't been able to take a shot for ten seconds
    • snolf_inf_lives is now reflected in the life counter in the head's up display
    • Renamed command everybodys_snolf_name_override to snolf_hud_mode
    • Added snolf_mulligan_button command to let players set their mulligan button
    • Fixed Everybody's Snolf mode still allowing normal movement sometimes
    • Fixed bug with input handling
    • Fixed roll animation playing too quickly

    • Improve compatibility with mods that alter character stats like X Momentum

    • Sync variables when joining multiplayer games
    • Fix issue where Snolf players could get stuck on each other
    • Fix issue where Snolf would get stuck on the edge of a conveyor belt

    • Shield and air abilities (thok, etc.) can no longer be used after bouncing
    • Change text highlight colours on character select screen

    • New signpost/save file sprite
    • Changed character select colour scheme
    • Snolf now leaves a dust trail when rolling
    • Updated the on death hook to only run for player objects
    • Check for SF_MACHINE flag when calculating character weights

    • Added shot guide that can be activated with snolf_shot_guide
    • Added the ability to charge vertical shot power first by holding forward when
      pressing jump
    • Disable jump inputs while taking a shot so other characters abilties don't
      interfere with Everybody's Snolf
    • Adjustments to how names are set in Everybody's Snolf
    • Prevent mulligan points from being set when moving on a coveyor belt
    • Fixed sounds not playing from the right source
    • Fixed Snolf being able to take a shot after bouncing on the ground with no
      horizontal momentum

    • Player state is no longer forced to S_PLAY_ROLL in NiGHTS mode, if player
      sprite is set to SPR_NULL or for non-Snolf characters during death animation

    • Egg Colosseum throws rings further than other bosses
    • Fixed jump being enabled when taking a mulligan

    • Bosses only drop rings if a player is playing as Snolf
    • Snolf is immune to spinning flame jets (toggleable with command)
    • Infinite lives is enabled by default
    • Added save state system
    • Commands print to the normal console again as well as the multiplayer chat log
    • Added Metal Snolf
    • Fixed boss mode triggering on Egg Rock Zone Act 2
    • Fixed not being able to turn off snolf_shot_on_hit_by_boss
    • Fixed Snolf being able to jump while bouncing off the ground

    • The angle of rings dropped by bosses now depend on where the boss is facing
    • Added NiGHTS sprites
    • Adjust weight assigned to certain characters for collisions
    • Added sound effect when players bounce off each other
    • Remove quick turn from custom action 1

    • Snolf can jump off rollout rocks again
    • Bosses drop rings when hit
    • Changed boss mechanics to work for any level that contains a boss object, not just hardcoded levels
    • Added commands to toggle Snolf boss mechanics
    • Allow commands to be called with arguments "on", "off", "true" and "false"

    • Allow Snolf to take a shot after getting hit by a boss
    • Allow Snolf to take a shot after bounching off a wall when in a boss level
    • Changed mulligan point to be set whenever the player is at rest regardless of
      of current player state
    • Level music resumes when enabling infinite air command while drowning

    • Allow Snolf to take a shot immediately after hitting a boss
    • Allow Snolf to take a shot after bouncing off the ground when in a boss level
    • Allow Snolf to take a shot after skimming over water when in a boss level
    • Restored spindash behaviour for charging shots

    • Fixed Snolf bouncing off steep slopes like quarter- and half-pipes instead of going off them as expected
    • Changed how characters with 0 jumpfactor are handled in collisions

    • Fixed commands displaying an unhelpful error message instead of the correct help message if used with the wrong arguments
    • Fix everybodys_snolf_name_override help message displaying for all users instead of just the user trying to use the command

    • Complete rewrite of Lua script using coroutines, metatables and instance methods to streamline the code
    • Large second rewrite of Lua script when I realised that coroutines, metatables and instance methods were incompatible with netplay
    • Snolf players can now collide with each other
    • Snolf can skim along the surface of water
    • Time it takes to mulligan reduced to one second
    • Replaced modifier input method with console commands
    • Added air snolf command
    • Replaced Everybody's Snolf WAD with a console command
    • Removed idle animation sprites
    • Stopped Snolf bouncing on the ground when doing the death animation

    • Adjusted alignment of constellation sprites
    • Shot charge rate is doubled in certain maps

    • Super Snolf can take shoots mid-air and has a doubled shot charge rate
    • Super Sneakers double shot charge rate
    • Snolf can take shots mid-"air" when in space
    • Snolf can take shots mid-air in certain maps
    • Shot charge rate is doubled on a certain map

    • New character select art by Mike Tona
    • Fixed errors with spectator players in multiplayer
    • Taking a mulligan adds to the shot total
    • Shots and mulligans while free roaming after finishing a level in multiplayer
      are not counted towards total
    • Shots HUD element is disabled after completing a level in multiplayer
    • Modifiers are announced in chat
    • Renamed cheats to modifiers in readme
    • Added warning about conveyor belts to readme
    • Removed Super Sonic and NiGHTS sprites from WAD

    • Fixed Snolf breaking netplay gameas

    • Changed how Snolf mode was being checked to fix potential error messages when
      using Everybody's Snolf
    • Added new continue icon
    • Added constellation sprites
    • Copied rolling animations over walking animations so that Snolf is
      distinguishable from Sonic in the multiplayer character select screen
    • Copied rolling animations to continue screen animations so Snolf is still in a
      ball on the continue screen
    • Added controls and known issues to readme

    • Added infinite rings cheats
    • Added flag to allow other skins to be forced into Snolf controls
    • Added small mini WAD to force Snolf controls on all characters
    • Added description of cheats to readme
    • Added tip about first person view to character select screen
    • Mulligan point list is cleared on death (unless return to mulligan point cheat
      is enabled)
    • Mulligan point list is cleared on map change
    • Shot is reset on death, map change or while touching a slide
    • Moved shots tracker under the ring count and styled to be similar
    • Made new HUD elements display consistently on different resolutions
    • At-rest check now checks vertical momentum as well
    • Teleport sound no longer plays if resetting to last mulligan point on death
      with cheat

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