Snolf the Golfball

[Reusable] Snolf the Golfball 2.14

This update fixes some multiplayer issues. The biggest of which is I learned how to use the NetVars hook so now Snolf settings are synced to clients when they join games, which makes them safe to use in multiplayer games. An issue where players could get stuck on each other was also fixed.

I also fixed the issue where Snolf was getting stuck on the edge of conveyor belts.

A non-bugfix gameplay change: Snolf can't use shield abilities after bouncing and in Everybody's Snolf mode other characters can't use air abilities (like thoks) after bouncing.

And finally, there's some cosmetic changes, including (and most importantly of all) a new end level signpost.

The biggest new feature of Snolf 2.10 is a shot guide that can be turned on to you help you aim shots more easily. You can also hold forward when taking a shot to charge the vertical meter first instead of the horizontal one. There's also a few changes to help Everybody's Snolf mode work a bit better and a few misc fixes.