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A small mod idea I've been playing around with for multiplayer games: MMO style nameplates that display players' names over their heads along with the last chat message they sent. Optionally it can also show players' ringcounts. Players can choose what colour their name is. It displays on the HUD so it is not blocked by objects in the world, but there is a line of sight check so you can't use it to see people through walls.

All you need to to is load the script and start a server. It includes both server- and player-level options.

Server console commands (can only be run by server admins):
  • shownames on/off (default: on) - show names over players' heads
  • showchats on/off (default on) - show the last chat message a player said over them
  • showrings on/off (default off) - show the player's ringcount over their head
  • flashrings on/off (default on) - flash the ring counter if player has no rings
  • flashnames on/off (default off) - flash the player name if a player has no rings
Player console commands:
  • namecolour [colour] - change what colour your name displays as (see list of colours below)
  • shownamedistance [number] (default 1500) - how close you need to be to a player for the nameplate to appear
  • showownname on/off (default off) - show your own nameplate
  • showbotnames on/off (default off) - show nameplates for bots

The colour options are pink, yellow, green, blue, red, grey, orange, sky, purple, aqua, peridot, azure, brown, rosy and black.

(for Americans the command namecolor also works)

It looks a bit wonky in first person but I'm not sure how to compensate for that.


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Latest reviews

Well good addon.

But for me with my pc it's ultimate pain...
Don't wait for me in battle
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perfect! i love nameplates! they're great!
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Very cool, although it looks off with my usual 1366x768 res. Had to switch to 1280x800. Still, it works very well.
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Pretty cool and unique. Only thing I don't like is that non-green resolutions currently appear broken, but I'm sure it could be fixed eventually.
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Really unique and interesting mod that adds a nice layer of depth to hosting servers.
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