This mod is kinda good i will give it unilimited/10 (also don't download the shadovv mod)
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Having snap and homing attack on the same button completely ruins the mod.
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Perfect. Most fun I've had playing a character so far. Easter eggs both had me laughing my ass off.
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BRUH YOU SCARED ME WITH YOUR "SHADOVV" CHARACTER AF, I THINKED MY HEART WILL EXPLODE, WHAT THE HECK IS THAT? =( also i will not do a bad rating because of that, but i seriously thinked i will die now because of "heart attack"
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Tried this character out for the first time today; after completing an all-emeralds run, I feel confident in saying that this is one of the most fun custom characters I've tried.

The sprites and animation are excellent and fit right in with the vanilla art style. I played with music turned off today, so I really appreciated the skating sounds. No complaints in terms of visuals and sound design.

Having played through the standard vanilla 2.2 campaign, I can safely say that Shadow's moveset is both fun and well-balanced for the game. There are some pretty wild shortcuts you can take, but they require some mastery of the chaos snap, and in standard gameplay, the chaos snap feels neither overpowered nor underpowered.

I'd say the chaos snap feels like a more controllable (and cooler-looking) thok, particularly since you can snap backwards or upwards to recover if you overshot your destination. (And I'm saying this as someone who's actually become decently skilled with Sonic's thok.)

The ability to aim your snap upwards when not holding a direction is a good way to squeeze multiple actions out of the limited button set. It reminds me of how the spindash and peelout work in the Genesis games.

There is one issue, though, and it's the reason why I can't give this a perfect rating. The chaos snap would often end up bonking me into a wall/ledge with an inaccessible monitor nearby, due to its homing ability. I don't know how feasible it would be to implement (I've noticed that Modern Sonic has similar issues), but stopping the snap from homing into objects you can't actually reach would help a lot here.

I commend the choice to limit the character to vanilla-style controls (only jump and spin buttons being used), and in general, I think it succeeds at that with flying colors. The unwanted homing bonks are just a little too frequent for my taste.

(Yes, I am aware of Shadow Plus, but I am rating this add-on as its own thing.)

Overall, this is an excellent mod, and if I were to compile a list of must-install add-ons, you can bet that Shadow would be included.


I'm really glad I didn't read the reviews beforehand; the easter egg caught me by surprise, and I must admit: I laughed. I'd have to disable that before letting kids play with the character, though; I wouldn't want them to start quoting it!
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one of the most popular and vanilla like characters of all time. it does warn that he is difficult to master which prevents me from giving a 4
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This version of Shadow I had a lot of fun with. Animations are in character, and its abilities are fun to use!

+ Fun abilities that allow Shadow to fly through levels
+ Super Shadow! (I have yet to test him out, however.)

/ Not very beginner friendly, but Shadow tends to be a more experienced level character anyways.

The easter egg I found also got a good chuckle out of me. I wont say what it is here (But people will most likely find it themselves), but I love small gags like these!
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I think the homing attack should be set to spin (like surge), as it clashes with his chaos snap.
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Excellent Spritework, innovative ability, and attention to detail make for an great character.
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This creation is Ultimate. It makes me so happy and turns this fan game (which mind you... is the s**t) into literally one of the best sonic games ever made. I cannot thank you enough! Certainly a dream made true considering Sega likes to keep my favorite Ultimate Lifeform from most of their titles. I have always wanted to play Shadow where his Chaos Control abilities (chaos snap) is readily used. If you like Shadow; I can guarantee you will be at Awh!
If only I can find even 1 damn chaos Emerald in this game... 😂 But, being new and learning the stages still- I find myself saying "Where is that damn spilt ring" more often 😅
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He says "Damn", 10/10 but for real, this character is really good and neat
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This should be a character in 2.9 or Srb3
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love it fun character
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First, I love it.
Second, how the heck does the motorcycle work? This thing sucks to control.
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Three stars as character
Two star as laugh by
Damn chaos emerald bike and shadovv
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fun mod
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Almost perfect, only one issue: Please make a Homing attack on Spin! sometimes it gets really frustrating when I try to Teleport with Chaos Control, but spin into tnt XD. Creators of Surge did it, and it feels great, so please!
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The homing attack is a game breaker for me, i think it doesn't make sense for a character which ability revolves around mobility just for this mobility to be completely against you when there's an enemy or a monitor, especially when they are under you (since the HA range is huge below Shadow) it's super annoying when you wanna snap but you HA on something that you can't even see or that is under a bridge, it limits the character potential and it's also super annoying when you die because of something completely out of your control (ie you wanna do a skip but a spring below you completly ruins it, it happened to me and it's annoying).
I think it's better to either put the HA on a different button or just removing it, in fact i have more fun in general with disabling Shadow's HA true SLADE (i did not host it online don't worry about it) than with the current version, i think the HA worked for old shadow because he didn't have as much mobility as he does now.
Anyway the sprite work is great and the easter eggs are fun, pretty good mod
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There is GOOD REASON this is one of the character mods with the most ratings.

Let's just get the visuals outta the way and say they are excellent, especially the chaos snap animation.

Speaking of chaos snap, this is one of (maybe my #1) favorite ability I've ever used in this game!
Having 2 per jump just feels SO cool, being able to hold spin and go down super fast (but not bounce) is so sick... It's an incredibly stylish, sick ability and I would love it even if it didn't retain momentum.

but it DOES retain momentum.
That is... so, so cool.

I just... cannot praise chaos snap enough. I'm in love with the implementation and how it adds to gameplay. On a minor note I kinda wish I couldn't snap straight up just because I feel like the level design in this game is based on having to earn your elevation (besides tails who is ez mode like in the classic games), but honestly the ability is so cool and fun that I can forgive that and let it slide. Heck, it's still less broken than tails flight because if you snap up you can only move a little forward.

Unfortunately, my intense love of chaos snap is at odds with the existence of the homing attack. When I first got my hands on shadow I would try to snap all over taking into account my momentum only to find I had snapped right next to an enemy and now I'm homing attacking when I didn't want to.
If homing attack or snap were on a different button so I could choose which one came out, that would be the best of both worlds.
The ability to homing attack built into a kit isn't really something I'm a fan of, as I feel like the devs locked it behind the elec shield for a reason. But I'm ok with it being in Shadow's kit, as it adds to how cool he feels.
My problem lies in being forced to homing attack when I want to snap, or being forced to just drop because I rather not homing attack. Just kind of kills my flow and vibe.

I WILL however give credit in that if you have 0 snaps left and homing attack, it refunds a snap. That's super cool, and feels really good! I say go even further with this train of thought and really intertwine the two.
Let the Homing Attack also refund if you used one snap, putting you back at two. I feel this would lessen the sting of being forced to either drop in the air cuz I don't wanna homing attack or forcing me to homing attack instead of snap.

Or as suggested earlier, just put snap on a different button and everybody wins, it's all the same to me.

I wish I could give 4.5 stars because the mod really is amazing and even with the homing attack problem I have loads of fun with this character, but they don't let me give out half stars and I want my score to reflect my feelings so I'm rounding it down to a 4/5, but do NOT let that fool you.

This is one of the BEST character mods, period. Thank you so much for making this, it's so cool.
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