Shadow Android v1.3 can now Speen under certain circumstances

[Reusable] Shadow Android v1.3 can now Speen under certain circumstances 1.3

Mass produced Shadow Androids are invading SRB2!


Although the Shadow Androids have a homing attack, it's strictly a mobility option that can't kill enemies. They won't damage enemies by jumping on them either. So how do you fight badniks?

Your gun has a very high range and firing rate, but some bullet spread. You can move while shooting, but your accuracy will go down when you do.

On some weirdness with this release:

Shadow Android was created as an experiment to see how quickly I could make a not-terrible-looking character WAD using prerendered sprites and an established workflow.
It turns out the answer is "disgustingly fast." Truth be told I kinda felt like I was cheating. Most character mods are made by hand over super long periods of time by crazy skilled and passionate people, and here I am cynically automating the process. This next to Inazuma's crazy-polished-but-still-unreleased Shadow mod was supposed to be the punchline of the whole experiment, but it just kinda made me feel like an asshole instead.

Still, I thought it was fun enough to be worth playing, so I originally released it under an alias on a different website. I then noticed just how shady that website was, and quickly took it down- though not before getting some valuable feedback on discord. I can provide the judges with screenshots of my rendering workflow if they need proof that I'm the author.


V 1.1

  • Initial MB release
  • Made it so that you can't jump while shooting- though you can still shoot while jumping.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause your fire rate to skyrocket when used on a ledge.
  • Made the homing attack set and check PF_THOKKED like you'd expect
  • Bouncing off of enemies only overrides your momz during a homing attack, and for a split second after. This means you can crawla bounce like a normal character now, but still don't get tons of free height just from a vertical homing attack.
  • Added a small cooldown to homing attacking the same enemy, to make it a little less silly.
  • Fixed the offsets on a couple frames before realizing how massive a task its' going to be and giving up for now.
V 1.2

  • Implemented a minor improvement to the running animation by SuperPhanto.
  • The full name now actually fits on the CSS screen and i have no idea why it wasn't before, so I finally fixed that old baked-in nonsense.
  • Shadow Android will now spindash when there are no enemies nearby to shoot. DSZ2 is now beatable.
  • Androids who are eaten now taste as edgy as they should.
  • You can no longer slide around like a beautiful ballerina by holding the spin key.
V 1.3

  • Shadow Android is no longer green on the CSS.
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Shadow Android is a great character! I never though I needed him in SRB2 before but you've changed my mind. He is fun to play as! The idea of a homing attack used only for movement is an interesting and creative one! Shooting enemies while on the move is fun and super satisfying! His sprites look very good but they look a bit off to me. They seem to be styled differently then the environments and other characters but that is just a minor gripe. This is one of my favorite SRB2 character mods and it deserves a lot of love and support!
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