• Combined the altanim version of the pack with the base animations pack for a better looking run cycle.
  • Similar to the altanim version, most characters will now have two run speeds depending on how fast you're going but without the downside of the unnaturally slow walking animation of the altanim pack.
  • Achieving running animations for all characters has been made easier by lowering the speed requirement.


    Also not having to keep up with a vastly less popular version allows me to make changes to the pack more efficiently.
  • Added compatibility with srb2chars's followmobj (tails wont lose his tails and metal wont lose his fume when srb2chars is active)
  • Code has been rewritten to not mess with the base simple animaL lua.
  • Compatibility between other simpleanimaL creations
  • Reverted to old tails jump animation
  • Bug fixes for metal sonic and tails followmobj (no more error messages in the all characters pack)
  • Removed Bonus Characters for now so i can rework them too
  • Fixed weird ball afterimage that occurred after tricking
  • Fixed many tails and metal animation glitches
    • Tails not changing animation after trick fail
    • Tails breaking when paragliding and tricking
    • Tails's tail distance fixes
    • Metal sonic fume fixes
  • Added srb2char's follow mobj code to allow tails and metal to have a more game accurate appearances.
  • Tails's tails and Metal Sonic's fume are now separate objects rather than them being combined into their sprites.
  • Better effects and sounds for Metal Sonic's dash mode
  • Fixed compatibility with tricks
  • Updated Metal Sonic's top speed animation
Finally fixed everyone's palette


Subtle but makes a big difference.
  • Fixed Junio Sonic having engine sounds
  • Added Pointy Sonic to bonuschars
  • Metal Sonic (Finally)
  • Tweaked Fang's stats and removed duplicate sounds
  • Fixed mod completely breaking if you switch between characters after finishing race

  • Cool!
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I seem to keep finding stuff wrong with this pack :devastation:
  • Fixed regular animation sonic and me sonic still having dynamic animations
  • Universally slowed down super sonics standing animation
  • Added Junio Sonic in the new bonus characters folder
  • Addons now packaged neater
  • "Dynamicanim" renamed to "AltAnim" because it's shorter
  • Cool!
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