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[Open Assets] Tricks (kl_tricks_v1.2.pk3)

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I'd recommend trying out Angular's Acrobatics instead of this.

Pretty simple; press BRAKE/DRIFT/CUSTOM1 (BRAKE by default) to do a s i c k trick when going off a slope...

..and you get a nice little speed-boost when you land!


  • t_trickspeed: Changes the type of speed boost you get from landing a trick; can choose between BABYBOOST (the default boost) and STUPIDFAST. (t_trickspeed babyboost or t_trickspeed stupidfast)
  • t_trickreminder: Toggle the little reminder that shows up at the start of each race. On by default.
  • t_trickeasy: (Applies to players who have DRIFT as their trick button) If on, a trick will be automatically performed for you as long as you're already drifting (so drift storage + trick combos). Off by default.

  • t_trickbtn: Change the button used to perform a drift (t_trickbtn DRIFT or t_trickbtn BRAKE or t_trickbtn CUSTOM). Trick button is set to BRAKE by default.



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v1.0.1: Made the script a bit more netgame safe (variables weren't set when a player joins in the middle of a race)
I must admit, I like this Lua mod. Although it is a shame that right now, you can only trick once per ramp - I would possibly had liked it if you could try and trick again to increase your boost - but if you land mid-trick, you won't get a strong boost compared to if you didn't trick that extra time.
Huh this is neat, i assume it gives you a speed boost too?

v1.0.2: Fixed dumb oversight; added spectator checks

These spectator checks are broken. They should be like the following:

if(p.specator) then continue end

This way, it just skips them, unlike yours where the if a player is after a spectator, they can't trick.

v1.0.3 (hopefully the LAST): Fixed the dumb oversight fix (thank you Latius). Don't panic patch at 5am in the morning <:)
(Overdue) CHANGELOG:

* Fixed dumb resynching/desync issue when loading mod in netgames
* Added console variable, toggletrickspeed, changes the type of speed boost you get from landing a trick

* You can now press DRIFT instead of stinky CUSTOM1 to perform a trick! (s/o to Darkybenji for bringing this up)
* Buffed the boost you get from landing a trick ('babyboost') just a tad
* Reminder that shows up at the start of each race informing players how to perform a trick, which can be disabled with the console variable, 'toggletrickreminder'. (More info in original post)
* New console variable, 'toggletrickeasy', more info in original post (thanks Purpsky)
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Personally, I prefer BT_BRAKE, as in many cases, you drift over ramps and hold the drift the entire time. Brake has literally no function in the air, so it is perfect for this, and I'ts what I run on my server. Would be appreciative of an option so I can run it on a public server.
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* New console command, t_trickbtn, can change your preferred button to perform a trick.
* Default trick button changed to BRAKE instead of DRIFT, can be changed with the aforementioned console command, t_trickbtn.
* Refactored console commands to help differentiate them from other mods (read original post for more info)
Hey dude. I want to say, you got me and my friends annoyed that you changed the default command to break. those of us using controllers are very annoyed by this change. I personally feel that setting it to drift would be the closest to mario kart controls, which a lot of us would be already used to. Or custom action 1, as people who have used your mod from the beginning would already be used to.
Hey dude. I want to say, you got me and my friends annoyed that you changed the default command to break. those of us using controllers are very annoyed by this change.
Then use the console command to change the button, which was also added in that update.

* Can once again use CUSTOM1 to perform a trick. (t_trickbtn CUSTOM) (I thought custom bindings were "eh", but people seemed to prefer it?)
* Fixed minor bug
This is cool
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This sometimes doesn't work for some reason. When i activate it it can work but after it doesn't wanna activate if i do the command
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