• Reverted back to old, faster animations
  • Added file for dynamic animations from last update "DynamicAnimRunningChars"
I did not mean to release v2 early, but with 2.1 the overhaul is officially done!

As the name suggests this update is a complete overhaul of the original mod with Togen's Simple AnimaL lua.

This overhaul includes many animation changes, additional animations, and bugfixes.

Also Amy and Fang are now here :wow:
  • Knuckles added
  • Spindash revs up at the start of race
  • Sonic unleashed drift sfx plays when drifting
  • Fixed bug where running animation would play after death animation
  • Fixed RunningsonicME (sorry about leaving that broken last update)
- Map icons no longer bigger than every other racers'
- Spring panel now plays jump animation instead of spring animation
- Fixed rotation in character select for launchers that have that option
- Probably last update for a while (fr this time🙏)

The og update had a glitch where sonic would spin weirdly at the start of the race
- Standing and walking animation for super and hyper sonic
- Tails's roll animation changes direction depending on the way he's falling
- Fixed victory animation overriding superform
-added Tails
-added file for master emerald super form (RunningSonicME)
  • Disables hyper form on invincibility.
  • Super form only for master emerald power
-added drifting animation for super and hyper sonic