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Running Sonic - Blast Away!

Sonic, but he ditches the kart!
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This is modification of
Feet Sonic by Sz_, so you can expect most features present in their mod.
Notable modifications are:
  • Spindash drifting animation
  • No extra moves such as spindash and jump
  • Srb2 v2.2 Sprites for sonic...

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Proof I received permission from Sz_
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Those don't even play differently than a normal character.
This mod is just Feet Sonic but with different sprites lmao
That is exactly what it is. I asked seezee for permission to make a sort of updated version. I also put a disclaimer that these do not play differently than regular karts. Not that I have the coding skills to even attempt what srb2chars accomplished, but trying to make them play differently would be useless because srb2chars exists. If you want that experience, use the srb2chars mod, but its disingenuous to compare this mod, feet sonic, or kartless chars to that mod because they’re obviously trying to accomplish different things.
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This was also made permission with Seeze, which means that theses 2 will play like a kart character but with SRB2 v2.2 sprites. Technically SRB2Chars exist so this may be useless but worth it.
While i love srb2chars, I liked that feet sonic was atleast sort of fair in regular races. I just thought it was a shame that it was abandoned so I asked seezee for permission to update it with new sprites and fixes, such as the top speed animation playing on maps with mobjscales that aren’t 1. I wouldn’t say mods like this feet sonic and kartless chars are useless, because they’re not trying to do what srb2chars did.
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Make sure to load acrobatics before sonic tails and knuckles
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im gonna include that on the main page because I can see this being an issue many people have encountered
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