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[Reusable] Roll the Dice Deluxe

RTD... But Deluxe! All the features of 2.1's Roll the Dice, now in 2.2!

Major Differences between RTD and RTD Deluxe include:

- Forced Rolls! 2 New commands have been added. Some people requested this feature, and I decided to implement it... this also counts for debugging any new rolls before release!

Usage to get a roll name:
RTD_GETROLL [<global/skin name>] <roll number>


rtd_getroll global 1


rtd_getroll 1

Return roll: Invincibility

Usage to force a roll (same restrictions apply):
RTD_FORCEROLL [<global/skin name>] <roll number> [<player node>]


rtd_forceroll global 1


rtd_forceroll 1

Rolls: Invincibility for yourself.

rtd_forceroll sonic 1 1

Rolls: Dark Super Sonic for player 2 (node 1) [Provided they are Sonic and they're ready to roll]

- Holiday looks! (rtd_holiday) Change the look of the dice icon with these themes. Defaults to 0 (normal)
Values are:
0 - Normal
1 - Christmas (aliases: Xmas, Yule, Yuletide)
2 - Halloween

- New Form for Sonic: Full Power Super Sonic - nullifies ring drain. FP Super Sonic also supports custom monitor's hyper mode without overriding it.

- Fire Sonic's shoes don't change and his abilities are different.
= Custom 1 (Grounded) - Blast jump (costs 5 rings, can't do it under 6 rings)
= Custom 2 (Can't do under 4 rings) - Short-range Flamethrower (no ACTUAL fire properties, so it can be used underwater). This ability cuts your momentum entirely.
= Custom 3 - Aura Toggle. The aura burst damages enemies. Having aura on boosts speed and Blast jump height, but at the cost of increased ring drain.

= NEW in V2.0.0 - The ability to finally set either custom 1, 2 or 3 to roll the dice! (Spin removes the custom button bind). To access this feature, hold Toss Flag to access a mini menu (obviously will go away if you let go of the button). With the menu up, press the custom button of what you want to roll the dice with (or spin for none)

RTD now reminds you how to roll the dice each time a level loads.

Some incompatible rolls have been removed/disabled.

The Spectator bug curse has finally been lifted! Phew.

RTD auto-gives all 7 chaos emeralds in singleplayer/co-op for.. obvious reasons. (super form can't function without it, for example)

- Mastered Ultra Instinct uses a different theme to UI Omen.

- F-Sonic related forms are moved to Vanilla Sonic.

- Various Roll Adjustments and Cooldowns are different.

- Other minor or major updates.

Other than that, the rolls are pretty much the same. Have fun!

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I use to roll the diceeee,nah,just joking,exelent mod!,sometimes breaks the game and you have to reset but out of that,is amazing!
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