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[Reusable] Super Debug for 2.2

Super Debug... for version 2.2!

Differences between the original and the port:

When the camera is following the attached object, custom buttons 1 and 2 rotate the camera since the camera turn controls have been removed (analog mode hasn't, however).

the command "debug_showinstructions" shows the debug controls on the HUD dependant on the screen being shown

when attaching an object that isn't a player or when in the object spawner screen, the object's sprite is shown on the screen (NOTE: not always displays it properly), said sprite reflecting it's current scale.

object/player attachment makes a sound, and for players, both sides are notified in the chat

For some objects in the spawner menu, some text/reference sprite is used instead, to help the player identify what it is. one example is the minecart in arid canyon zone. (fun fact, spawning them on functional tracks actually makes them work, plus you can even reverse the starting position by spawning them in the opposite direction)

The old player attachment let you see the player's normal and super face. Due to code changes, this instead shows the player's name.

The music player is completely nonexistant in this version due to the new music naming system.

To toggle this debug state, use the new command "superdebug".

Other than that, use this to your heart's content to debug some stuff or use it to help with your future mods!
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